Vacant Windows

Vacant Windows

 Baltimore, Maryland, USA

A precarious balance of electronic chillwave and shimmering guitar, mixed with a touch of melancholy and a healthy dose of sulk..


Vacant Windows is an Indie Electronic three piece based in Baltimore MD. Formed in October of 2011 from the broken pieces of Alternative rock band Face the Sun, the three remaining members, reunited with a goal to approach music from an experimental, electronic perspective. Tossing aside the comfortable conventions of traditional rock and roll, the trio waded into unfamiliar territory, initially building rudimentary beats and loops to provide a foundation for their compositions. This quickly blossomed into a dynamic mix of synthetic and analog sound. Vacant Windows has been compared to the likes of Yeasayer, The XX, and Depeche Mode. They released their first EP "The Singles" in September of 2012, available on Itunes and other popular online retailers.


The Singles EP(2012)

Set List

We typically play an all original set consisting of 40 minutes to an hour. We do have several hours of material to choose from. A typical performance would include all tracks included in our EP "The Singles", as well as new material in consideration for our forthcoming full length album.