Vacationist League

Vacationist League


We are a lyrical, satirical, and empirical acoustic duo, playing folk-rock art songs with varying instrumentation and arrangement. Our approach is simple, and our songs reward careful listening. Like any good minimalists, we don't show all our cards at once.


Vacationist League is organized around songwriter/singer John Tilson and multi-instrumentalist/composer Brandon Beavers. Vacationist League began in 1995 as an acoustic duo, playing highly original, lyrical songs. VL has recorded and released 4 CDs of original music: Pleasure Map (1998), Unjust Intonations E.P. (2001), Feed The Kitty (2006), and Bypassin' The Barroom (2009).


Faith Leads On

Written By: John Tilson

This could be a song about a boy who meets a girl
falls in love,and calls her on the phone.
Conversations with her brother, mother, father, sister, other brother
she’s never home.
Is he a fool to keep calling for you?
Faith leads him on... leads him on
Faith leads him.

This could be a song about a woman, all alone,
growing old in a run-down family home.
Has her meals delivered. Nurse comes by to see her.
Boy next door mows her lawn.
Is she a fool to keep waiting for you?
Faith leads her on... leads her on.
Faith leads her.

This could be the song about the man with a guitar
playing music with and for his friends.
Without conditions, with few ambitions he writes songs; songs make demands.
Is he a fool to keep playing for you?
Faith leads him on... leads him on.
Faith leads him... on.

Sydney O'Hare

Written By: John Tilson

I keep your picture on my hard drive
your messages, too
but the breathless sighs
of your quick replies
bring me no closer to you
So I’m clicking on every link
searching for a smile
I light a candle to my dark side
it’s all I can do
after too many drinks
eating over the sink
and going crazy for you
Now I’m holding on
for my dear life
to anything
that moves.
Let it fall away
when you come home to stay
from Australia to Chicago
I’ll be waiting there
Miss Sydney O'Hare

My whole body starts to tingle
as you come into view
But it quickly goes numb
and I’m struck totally dumb
as your eyes head for your shoes
and are you just too tired
or also uninspired
to squeeze me when we hug
Let it fall away... etc.

All through dinner you keep fumbling with the hand-woven bracelet on you wrist
and all the while I can’t stop thinking about our homecoming kiss
you know, it lacked the passion and bliss the way I’d practiced for it with other girls

Now there’s a lingering question
why did your heart miss the flight
You’d better put down that tissue
‘cause I’m forcing the issue
either make love or fight
I move in for an embrace
you block to defend your space
Let it fall away...

You have always seen right through me
when I’ve stood in your way
but now as you pack your bags
I’m secretly glad
I’ve got nothing to say
for you’re consumed with wanderlust
and I with plain old lust
we could not let it fall away
when you came home to stay
from Australia to Chicago
‘though you were standing there
and I was standing there
Ms. Sydney O'Hare

Maybe we can let it fall away
when you leave home today
to Australia from Chicago
I’ll be waving there
Ms. Sydney, take care.


Immature Scientist / Vacationist League: Pleasure Map CD (1998)
Vacationist League: Unjust Intonations EP (2001)
Vacationist League: Feed The Kitty CD (2006)
Vacationist League: Bypassin' The Barroom CD (2009)