Vagabond Circus

Vagabond Circus


Vagabond Circus is me John Schulz and other souls that tend to drift in and out of the band. Vagabond Circus is the musical interpretation of what I see. My life, your life, others lives, OUR lives. So come along in a world filled with ukeleles, guitars, mandolins, violins and honest vocals.


John Schulz is a young folk rock singer/songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee. From and early age, John has had a passion for writing and music. Beginning at the age of 6, John has always loved to play his guitar and sing for an audience.

In the summer of 2006, John applied to the University of Virginia Young Writers Workshop and was accepted into the songwriting program. Studying under Tom Prasada-Rao, John experienced the joy of songwriting. Critiquing John's songwriting Tom said "I love his sense of humor, and I love that twinkle in his eye when he starts singing. I've seen the way some of his songs have resonated with his fellow students. I know, if he can dedicate himself to the craft, that he will grow into something much greater than the songs he's already written."

Inspired by Tom's positive feedback, John did dedicate himself to the craft over the next year and returned to the Young Writers Workshop in 2007. While on vacation in 2007, John entered a talent show on Fripp Island, SC and won! His success at this event only fueled his desire to get better as a singer/songwriter and guitarist.

In the fall of 2007, John began working with performance coach Dave Isaacs. Under Dave's tutelage, John quickly began to improve his guitar playing and song quality. On December 23, 2007, John performed his first professional gig at Rocketown in Nashville, Tennessee. In February 2008, John returned to Rocketown and won the Battle of the Bands contest on the Coffee Bar Stage.

Building on a successful 2007, John's goals for 2008 are to continue to improve as a guitarist and songwriter and to perform as often as possible around town. He is currently working on an EP and hopes to release it sometime in the Fall of 2008.


EP in the works.

Set List

A typical set list would last 30-45 minutes and might include the following songs:

Let It Rain
Closet Poet
Bull Fighter
Fire Fly
Fall Down Angel
Refuse to be Better

Covers might include:

Damien Rice -
Old Crow Medicine Show - Rock Me Mama