Vagabond Opera

Vagabond Opera

 Portland, Oregon, USA

European Cabaret! Vintage Americana! Neo-Classical Opera! Old World Yiddish Theater! Weaving elements of Kurt Weil, Duke Ellington and Edith Piaf with absurdist flair, theatrics and an old world mood; songs in 11 languages, all played with exuberance and indomitable stage presence.


Based in the Pacific Northwest, yet encompassing the world, Vagabond Opera delivers passionate offerings of Bohemian cabaret. Paris hot Jazz, gut bucket swing, Tangos, Ukrainian folk-punk ballads, Klezmer and vigorous originals meet a world of riverboat gambling queens, Turkish belly dancers, and the enigmatic Marlene Dietrich.

Vagabond Opera was created in 2002 by European-trained opera singer and composer Eric Stern. Then disillusioned with the classical opera world, Stern created a new context for opera: Performance on a more intimate scale incorporating not only opera but elements of Weimar Cabaret, Arabic and Balkan forms, and the original music that springs from the ensemble's fertile creative work. This is not your granny's opera, but a visceral artistic ensemble that features powerful instrumental and vocal performances coupled with a highly eclectic and theatrical experience.

Vagabond Opera is at the vanguard of a growing popularity in the Neo-cabaret phenomenon, and through their theatrical performances, lyrics in 13 languages, and an eclectic repertoire, they liberate opera from its usual construct, expanding musical and theatrical biodiversity. Vagabond Opera has performed all over the USA and in Europe. They have been featured on NPR, in the Washington Post and Jazziz Magazine, and have shared stages and players with Pink Martini, Devotchka, The Decemberists, and the Oregon Symphony.

Vagabond Opera can provide a "Larger show" for venues that suit, featuring belly dancers, cabaret and fire dancers and a larger musical ensemble. Please inquire.

Vagabond Opera is represented by Eye for Talent. They have been touring extensively for several years and handle their own tour budget and publicity.


The Zeitgeist Beckons - New release, May 2009
Vagabond Opera - 2006
Get On The Train - 2003
whatyoudo - 2003

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Set List

Typical show is 2 45-minute sets. Repertoire is a mix of vintage standards from 1920s cabaret and Eastern Europe cultures, as well as originals in those styles. Songs in 11 different languages.