Vagabond Society

Vagabond Society


Our music isn't content to sit in only one genre, but strives to tap into different kinds of alternative, indie, and punk fair that we all grew up on as socal kids. Most of our music has been said to be relaxing, but is also frequently off the beaten path. Its digestible, yet different.


Vagabond Society was founded by Kiel Bowman, and Elaine Lee is the first supporting member. All of the music thus far has been written by Kiel, and the influences are far and wide. He grew up on a diet of Californian punk, like the Offspring, AFI, and Green Day, as well as some alternative music along the lines of Incubus, but ultimately grew into an appreciation of San Diego's local indie scene, showcasing bands like Pinback or the Album Leaf. Throw in a mix of the music of the maple leaf country, Canada, who boast groups like Broken Social Scene or Wolf Parade, and you end up with a wide variety of conflicting influences that nevertheless inform the creation of new music.

Our band is different from others in that it frequently does not utilize common song structure, and does not utilize the common guitars-bass-drums-vocals band structure. Its not that standard conventions have been avoided, but other things have gotten in the way, resulting in a musical outfit that stands apart from the normal coffeehouse singer-songwriter fair as well as the typical conventions of punk groups in the local all ages club. We believe that this has resulted in a more interesting and rewarding musical premise.


No extant Discography, although the first discs will be released in the first quarter of '09, most likely a LP and an EP. Songs stream on our myspace at

Set List

Our "typical" set list entails however much time we're granted, from 10-30 minutes usually. We play almost exclusively original tunes, utilizing an instrumental cover of Gnarls Barkley's "crazy" occasionally. Our songs differ in length from under 2 minutes to just over 5, with an average of about three and a half minutes per song.