Burbank, California, USA

Winner of the "Best Instrumental Album of the Year" at the IAMA awards.


Vahagn "Vahagni" Turgutyan was born into a family of Artist's, father Sarkis Turgutyan, Guitar soloist, Mother Satenik ShahNazaryan theatrical Actress, and Uncle Artur Shahnazaryan Ethno- Musicologist. Influenced and nourished by remarkable talent, Vahagni's musical development began to take center stage at the ripe age of nine. He soon showed a great interest in Flamenco Music and began to journey frequently to Andalusia, Spain.

Under the guidance of world famous Flamenco guitarist Paco Serrano, Vahagni spent over two years mastering his craft, and participating in several music festivals in Andalusia. During the “Cursos Superior del Guitarra Flamenca" held in Malaga, Vahagni was given the opportunity to perform for his childhood idol and Legendary Flamenco Guitarist, Manolo Sanlucar. It was Vahagni's original and unique sound that impressed the Maestro, which led him to a rare offer to study as a disciple of Sanlucar.

Upon returning to the United States, Vahagni recorded his first self produced album "Short Stories". The album features well regarded musicians Jimmy Branly, Carlitos Del Puerto, and Luis Conte. Vahagni's talent as a guitarist has taken him on several world tours, music festivals, clinics, and appearances on television and radio shows.

Aside from performing, Vahagni also teaches guitar at the College of the Canyons and writes a column for Finger style Guitar Magazine called "Flamenco-ology.

Recently, Vahagni was the winner of the "Best Instrumental Album of the Year" at the International Armenian Music Awards (IAMA) and nominated for "Best Flamenco Composition of the Year" at the Just Plain Folks (JPF) Music Awards.

Vahagni is currently endorsed by La'bella strings, Godin Guitars and Andres Dominguez Guitar.


Short Stories ( available on i tunes and CD Baby)

Set List

The Vahagni set list can change or be modified depending on the stylistic requirements of the event, festival or concert.

Vahagni provides a very large and versatile repertoire which consists of original compositions and re-workings of music from around the world.

Genres include: Flamenco with the adaptations and influences from Jazz, World music, Funk, Latin, Folk, Back Beat and hip hop.