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"VAINGLORY cd review"

HOLY CRAP, talk about a 100% improvement from the last album! With the addition of Kate French on vocals and Corbin King and his continued ripping guitars, this album simply Kicks your ass! Kate's vocals sound so amazingly aggressive you would never know it's not a guy like Kelly Sundown ripping it up! The production is so much tighter than the band's debut. One word comes to mind....SOLIDIFICATION. SOLID, this is so SOLID in Nightmare Records opinion were giving it a 10/10!

"VAINGLORY cd review"

Tired of all the cross-pollinating 'core bands filling the shelves at your store of choice? How about a no-bullshit, traditional metal CD that relies on blazing riffs, shredding solos, and a go-for-the-jugular delivery to make its point? You just found it in VAINGLORY's self-titled second release. Guitar beast Corbin King and monster vocalist Kate French (CHASTAIN) lead this bunch, peeling out of the gates and not letting up until all that is left is a smoldering pile of deafened metal heads.

Sixty-six minutes seems a tad long, but it is mainly because many of the songs are in the five to six minute range. Even then, instrumental excess is kept to a minimum, the riff-choked songs fairly memorable and always heavy as hell. While "Vainglory" is not propelled by the same kind of thrashy, often TESTAMENT-sounding assault of a PAINMUSEUM, there are a few similarities in the way the fire burns dangerously hot (think in terms of a heavier classic metal sound that doesn't come off dated). Once you've made it through the explosive, flaying riffs and up-tempo delivery of album-opener "Walking Dead" (featuring one of the more memorable choruses), you've got a pretty good idea of what to expect the rest of the way. Well-placed melodic leads and thunderous double-bass make "Burdened" one of the better tracks as well. A bit of early PRIMAL FEAR is heard on a song like "Face of Death", the guitars especially sharp here. The band changes up the pace nicely on a few tracks, particularly on "Undying Love", a track featuring sections of spooky light picking and dark atmosphere that still boasts plenty of riff crunch and quicker tempos. Not surprisingly, an instrumental ("Decapitation Attack") is included, the raging track fitting in just as snugly as the rest of the material. Of course, King bleeds his six-string all over the album, but the effect rarely sounds pretentious or overdone. And French's vocals are just plain nasty and full of metallic intensity.

Fans of true blue heavy metal will find a lot to like in VAINGLORY's sophomore release. It is exactly what it purports to be: an aggressive, in-your-face heavy metal album. "Hard as iron, tough as steel" is the phrase that comes to mind.

Scott Alisoglu / Blabbermouth - BLABBERMOUTH webzine (United States)

"VAINGLORY cd review"

Holy thunderfuck! Just to rephrase NBA’s favorite quote "heavy metal, I love this music"! Being a loyal fan of US metal (metalcore is NOT US metal) and neoclassical metal (the way it was defined by the early works of Yngwie J. Malmsteen with RISING FORCE) I got a huge hard on while listening this piece of work. VAINGLORYis so massive that nearly blew my speakers!

VAINGLORY has already released one more album back in 2003 titled "2050". I haven’t heard it so please don’t ask for comparisons. Line up changes occurred and Kate Fench now occupies the vocal spot. Now this gal also sang in the last (and very good) CHASTAIN album ("In An Outrage" 2005). Let me tell you this: Kate has more "balls" than many male opponents. Damn true, this lady has a soaring voice that feels like a dozen hammers doing a nasty damage on your head. Definition of US metal: bombastic, massive, rhythmical, furious metal with insane guitar parts and solo. Yeap, I manage to pin-point the sucker. Corbin King delivers an album so pumped up that gives you the impression things will start exploding every minute now. Packed with fine solos and a lot of variety: the opener "Walking Dead" is rather modern, "The Only Way I Know" is a mid-tempo dynamite while on "Midnight Hellfire" delivers a more catchy side of their music.

The production is insanely aggressive. I have heard death metal albums with less massive sound (yeah, they all came from Sweden). This is indeed a quite clever move from the band: the genre they follow has suffered a lot in the hands of producers with archeological point of view in matters of production, one of the few acts following the same approach is BRAINSTORM.

Bottom line is that this is an album that will make all you US metal maniacs very happy. I don’t know how easy is to track this baby down (since I have never heard their label before) but it’s worthy of your time.

Metal - Metal Temple webzine (Greece)





VAINGLORY is a band that features intense riffs, masterful guitar, virtuoso drumming, heavy bass, powerful vocals and thought provoking lyrics.

Based around Corbin King, this band has all the ingredients in place to be a major force on the metal market for years to come. Along with guitarist/songwriter Corbin King the band includes vocal sensation Kate French, of Chastain fame. Kate's ability to mix power, conviction, emotion, and true heavy metal singing is very uncommon in today's "metal" vocalists. Kate is veteran to heavy metal and has not only pushed beyond the normal bounds of female vocalists, but has delivered her best recorded performance to date on this CD.

The addition of a second guitarist took place in early 2005 when Corbin brought aboard guitarist John Michael Youngblood. John is a former long time student of Corbin's and through years of practice, dedication, and friendship, landed himself a spot in VAINGLORY. John was the perfect compliment to VAINGLORY with the crushing tone and tight rhythm playing.

New drummer Dan Lynch, was hired into Vainglory's ranks the same year after answering an audition ad in a local newspaper. Dan will without a doubt establish himself along side the greats in metal drumming when the new Vainglory CD hits your ears. Dan's thunderous beats, fills and footwork on this new CD is some of the best metal drumming ever laid down.

Bassist Chris Banja, found his way into Vainglory in 2005 after being recommended for the job by an acquaintance of Corbin's. Chris rounds out the band and adds his own signature bass touch to an already powerful line up. The tasteful bass lines that also tear through scales right alongside Corbin and John adds the perfect balance to this world class band.

Vainglory will be on the forefront of the metal scene, dominating you with the awe inspiring new CD and incredible live performances.