Vaiping are one of the most exciting groups among Norway's underground music scene. With their German inspired polar expedition-industrial-electronica-rock, we can draw parallels with artists such as Massive Attack, Tool, Bjork, Kraftwerk and Tom Waits.


Their debut album "The Great Polar Expedition" was launched in March 2007 on Karisma Records. With this release Vaiping are aiming far beyond the Norwegian borders with their chilly Nordic sound - a sound which clearly has international potential. Visually Vaiping reinforce the industrial aspects of their music by appearing on stage dressed as oldfashioned boilermen smeared with coal and oil - something obviously outside the usual on a concert scene.
Vaiping, from Stavanger,Norway consist of four young gentlemen in their 20's. The band has existed for 7 years and recently signed a contract with Karisma Records in Bergen. Tuba Records ( Bonnier Amigo) will oversee the distibution of the album. Vaiping have for the last year been in Mansion studio in Stavanger and recorded the album "The Great Polar Expedition" which is released in March 2007.
In asssociation with the NRK Urort Spesial at Checkpoint Charlie Hard Rock Cafe in Stavanger on the 1st December 2006 the band got their chance to present their newly-madeup image as well as introduce their new guitarist - Haakon Landmark. Vaiping were handpicked from a host of possible local up-and-coming bands by NRK P3s Siri Narverud Moen who justified her choice thus:
Vaiping have convinced with their unique sound earlier, and now they are ready with an album release. Without any obvious genre comparisons, Vaiping have something of the distinctiveness which we can also hear from artists such as Rockettothesky, 120 Days, Blind Stereo, Salvatore and the other talents which make a difference in the Norwegian underground.
After a concert during By:Larm '04 Elisabeth Bie wrote in Stavanger Aftenblad:
Vaiping revealed to an attentive, listening and sitting audience that they really can make music which ensnares with it's intensity, drama and nerve. They managed to create a completely special, and distant atmosphere with their industrial,controlled noise.


“The Great Polar Expedition” Album (2007)

Set List

1. Vaiping Import
2. Vaiping On The Rocks
3. The Great Polar Expedition
4. Battle of Bastille
5. Vaiping Vaiping
6. Vaiping Export
7. Vaiping Vendetta
8. Vaiping 58"/58 5"/45
9. H.M.S. Vaiping

approximately 55 minutes.