Detroit, Michigan, USA

"Darkness Meets The Lt" has the sound of Linkin Park, The Used, and 30 Seconds to Mars, thrown together into a giant stir-fry. Every element is good by itself, but when they come together as a whole, they create something greater. There's the combination of melody and hardcore, singing and screaming, and a hint of electronics that tie each song together. The great alternative rock sound that has been inspiring up and coming bands for years with some pop and R&B flavor added in.


VAIRON (vair-in) is an alternative rock band from Detroit, MI that formed in 2007. They quickly gained notoriety by competing against hundreds of bands from Michigan and emerging as the winners of 89X radio's first ever "I'm with the Band" contest (, 88.7fm Windsor/Detroit). Shortly after, the band released their first EP titled "Indigo Skylines", which included their single, "First Time". After countless shows, a few lineup changes, and a brief intermission; VAIRON is back and releasing their new EP, "Darkness Meets the Light". Band page:


VAIRON - Darkness Meets the Light EP

VAIRON - Indigo Skylines

Set List

Darkness Meets the Light
Here In My Heart
Brittany All-Star
Here I Am
No Matter What
Don't Go Away