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If Dr. Dre, RZA and Organized Noize had a bastard child, it would be VAKSEEN. Born in Athens, GA under the harvest moon on August 9, 1979 as Otha J. Davis, III, VAKSEEN has reaped an extensive knowledge of Hip Hop over the past 26 years. Now he is sowing his creative seeds by composing unique, neck snapping Hip Hop tracks that will impress any true harvester of quality music.

VAKSEEN’s talent is in high demand as he is fully producing seven albums concurrently, all to be
released in 2006. VAKSEEN Productions has four artists under its umbrella including The Shaw
Shanks, Jaxx, Melodeas and Prolifik. VAKSEEN has also produced tracks for internationally renowned
spoken word artist and slam champion, Lizz Straight, as well as tracks for Earbal Tactics, Dstruction, D. James, Debra Cassano, GBC, Season, Language Arts, Cancer Mike, and many other artists on the national Hip Hop scene. On top of producing for all these artists, he also records and mixes all of the work put out by VAKSEEN Productions.

VAKSEEN handles his tracks, whether they are 100% original or sample based compositions, as
precious art. He is known for turning out intricate melodies laced with funky keys, throbbing bass,
hard hitting drum foundations, and soul stirring guitars. VAKS can bless mc’s with grimy, street
tracks, riddled with remnants of soul and originality that has seemingly vanished from Hip Hop,. In contrast, VAKS is also known for being able to flip things up with hard hitting 808 funk or
something BIG, clean and catchy for the “radio”. VAKSEEN describes his style as “…soul fusion,
because of the many different influences behind it. Whether it be Jazz, R&B Soul, Rock, Blues, Hip Hop
or whatever…there’s diversity, but at the same time u can tell its mine cause of the hard drums and
the distinct sound and high quality. It’s time for a change in music man...” VAKS is also a songwriter,
thus an added benefit to artists in need of catchy hooks or verses.

The thoughtful artwork displayed in VAKSEEN’s production is only to be expected. In addition to
being a producer and songwriter, VAKSEEN is also a highly acclaimed artist and actor
(Conversations With the Devil, 2003, lead role).


What A Crock!

Written By: C. Myers & O. Davis III

You're full of shit, talking out your mouth
It's gonna get you beat down from a Shank in the south
Your crock's a question mark, gon unanswered
Like stopping Ted from Dancin or full white masks on the phantom

(Jaxx Verse 1)
Man! What a crock whether of shit
Or constant dub rim talk shit
To crack a crock phase takes instant reactions
One hit wonders need to be countered wit out a crock
Cause same redundant shit doesn’t jam like athletic feet in socks
Peek your box to make low frequencies stop
Spread the crock to make the shit only able to be stopped wit a mop
Pop a lock to demand drinks after 2 o’clock
In Jacksonville bars can’t drink after 2 o’clock!
What a crock, mocking mack rappers
A crock needed to stop instantly
Fuck to have a baby bitch and wanna marry
no haps, It’s comedy like dicks through ears on movies that are scary
and for hoes who what a crock to a cock
More like what cock to suck and fuck till the shit drop
hip hop instincts are falsified to floss a ride
or smoke when you can’t cope wit getting high
getting your card pulled kings it’s a suicide
self death’s a fucking crock of shit, worse to talk about it
better yet react on it


(I.Virus Verse 2)
Burning branding statements
trying to come up like late rent when bitches hit pavement
Even Frankie Beverly felt a Maze meant for king's labyrinth statements
rearrangement of your slave mentality
Leave your stomach in enslavement like Ally McB
Push more keys than columbian housekeeps with pagers that beep
Don't sleep like when other niggas mc
evidently satan tests me more than Lewinsky
I'm not a pimp it's just presidency, of the band
transport contraband like niggas switch ring hands
I'm only playing man! like the group Wham
C-Spann couldn't disband more flaw niggas than pop bands
My love is so plentiful
What a fucking crock!
butter couldn't stop drops like discman batteries drop peach schnapps
and cops drop niggas and wops, for traffic stops
Cyclops could take his glass off, putting flames to cough
monopolize Hip Hop like Parkers' Microsoft
reboot your skills and bring it back to DOS
big up to Floss B, cross me like crucifixion costs fees, greater than larceny
it'll probably be three like A.D. after disastering mc's
squeeze Off like yard fleas fucking up your knee
and Barnaby doing arsonry couldn't catch more hell than Sparks on B.E.T. and Maxi be



The Shaw Shanks-The WORDPLAY EP
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