Houston, Texas, USA

The artist performs with a rock influenced band.


Native of Texas, Val began to play guitar and write songs as an early teen. He had been performing acoustic concerts periodically until 2008. Residing in Houston, in pursuit of his music career, the band was formed and production began. His band includes;Lace(drummer), Lead Guitarist Lenny Holmes, and Kendall "Big Body Ken" Bailey who is the founding father of the HOODROCK. In 2010, the artist recently completed his self-titled debut album"Val" with forthcoming singles"Better Days" and "Come Rock With Me". To date, the songwriter is highly noted as a dynamic messenger by peers in the industry and most of all...his fans.

The singer/songwriter is a live performing rock artist with the release of his self-titled debut album "Val". His influneces are Metallica, Kid Rock, Ozzy Osborne, Bon Jovi and HoodRock.

Set List

Better Days, Come Rock With Me, Open Your Eyes, Sins, Elvia, Broken Me, Lonely Road

The band can perform 30 or 60 minute sets.