Val Cain

Val Cain


Val Cain is a blend of Metal, Industrial, Cinema, and Trip hop. Vocally sounds rugged, dark and even angelic at times. Really a mix of music that sounds like drama put into music notes.


Usually this is where people talk about themselves in third person or get someone to talk about them, but I'm sick of being fake honestly. I started playing music by ear when I was 5, by playing the music I heard on t.v. commercials on my grandmothers piano. In my teenage years I started listening to Nirvana and was so inspired that I taught myself to play guitar. Along with learning to play guitar I taught myself any other instrument I could get my hand on. I sang in a rock band called Angelstitch, and created half of the music but that just wasn't enough for me. Later I realized I wanted to do as one of my biggest influences did and create all of my music myself. That influence was Trent Reznor and the band was Nine Inch Nails which to this day is one of my favorite bands. The first thing I did was seek out an internship at a recording studio, so that way if I could learn to record myself then I could create music whenever I wanted and to my standards. Then while I was there I did so well that I got a job at the recording studio, and in between each session I had I recorded my first album "HIV". "HIV" was an 18 song debut that took about 6 months to record and finish, since then there has been multiple remixes and alternate version released. As of Now I'm still in the studio recording while I'm in the process of putting together a live show. When it comes to what puts me apart from other acts is the mix of influences, my influecnes go from death metal, hip hop, to classical. Also my belief in God makes me an outcast in my style of music but my detest in religion makes me an outcast in that. With the life I have lived it has left me with nothing else but God, fuck money, fuck relationships, and fuck being content. The only skill God gave me was music and that's what I will do.


HIV - 2006 album

I have 6 songs streaming online that I know of.

Set List

I usually would perform 6-9 songs.

1. HIV, 2. Kill My Hate, 3. Americana, 4. Killing Angels, 5. Love Heretic, 6. Dead Tonight, 7. Die With Me, 8. Demon City