The Valediction

The Valediction

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Trembling in Portland's underground, Valediction is set to make it's prescene felt. Using melodic hooks and uplifting crescendos their music is enchanting and commands the listener's attention. Well-crafted tales spun of Holmberg's lyrics, Valediction's music pleases listeners from all walks.


Because of the influence...

In the spring of 2003 guitarist Chris Elkorek visited his old high school friend, David Holmberg, in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The two began collaborating on songs which would eventually form the band's musical foundation. Following the visit, they decided to meet in Portland, Oregon to form Valediction.

From Under the Ice Cap...

Four months later they arrived ready to work on new material and find others to help fulfill their sound. The melodic and trembling tone that became indicative of Valediction was present in their earliest songs, such as the melodic & sweeping "Caution to the Wind" and the moody "Valediction." Despite line-up changes, Valediction began making a name for themselves in the Portland underground music scene. Their early demo album, recorded at Portland's Jackpot Records, secured local interest. The band found success playing well known Portland venues like The Holocene & Berbatis. After taking a one year hiatus to work on new material and travel, the band returned in 2007 featuring David's brother, bassist Jack Holmberg. Jack brought experience and unique character to Valediction. Additionally Ryan Mauk, arriving fresh from Ithaca, New York joined the group. Mauk's mix of rock and jazz influences added a creative and new spirit to the band.

Melodic & Trembling...

In the winter of 2008 Valediction completed it's 5 song EP, The Kidnapped Chance, on their own label, Glass Hands. Featuring a blend of their earliest and newest songs, The Kidnapped Chance is enchanting and melodic providing reflective moments and uplifting crescendos. The opening track "Something True", begins the album with an atmospheric mood of melodic tones underneath David's sincere and guiding vocals. With "Far From Now"? a driving and catchy rhythm engages and invites one to reflect on the lovely illusions of life. "Still in Remission"? captures realization and struggle with beautifully laid guitars and a tasteful mix of drums and bass. "Gone"? introduces a mix a musical influences and features percussive drumming hooks. The EP concludes with "Inspiration"?, an enchanting epic filled with moments of simplicity and powerful melodic crescendos. Following the release of the The Kidnapped Chance, Valediction seeks to begin work on a full-length album which in late summer of 2008. With summer approaching the Valediction looks ahead.


Something True

Written By: David Holmberg

Love what's happened to me
Can't find my love
Maybe you knew what
You were gonna do
But I don't think
You knew
What I was gonna do
Oh how we wonder
When its through
Cause all anybody wants is
Something True.

Far From Now

Written By: David Holmberg

Chances they touch your hands
Find you in the wood
Bury all your things
Stay away from me
Come out of the gap
Make your god wonder
To the ground uncertain
On top of the cave is where
We'll stay
Through all of the if
Our disguises love them until their
Find your story from the foolish book
Far from now for the love
Far from now for someone
Dancing in these days
Waking up with grace
Structure free, oh
Have I been arranged too
Be remembered one of these days
Far from now
And for now this world finds us


Written By: David Holmberg

What do you know when you don't know love
Upside trees, love and disease
Inspiration of a tear
Inspiration my dear
Walking backwards to her water
Watching the ground move
Don't fight with me god
Inspiration once so near
Inspiration once my dear
I know one hundred times before
Oh the snowflakes
And i'll be around
Inspiration and the remains
For the love
Inspiration you may find it in
The sand


Written By: David Holmberg

He watched the ship sit in the sand
One hundred years and that's all
He would be
Streams of secrets he kept in him
Dreams he walked on when there
Wasn't any rope
He put his arms around himself
And Watched everybody dance
Saturated by the fluids
Of all the shimmering faces
When the lions came
He showed them their dance
They laughed
It's Gone
It's Gone
Try and break her spell
But its your only friend
Under the godless ceiling of sometimes
The seasons die and you remember
Them crying
He sees the point pierce he sky

Still in Remission

Written By: David Holmberg

Rusty at this life
Son of the birds
Had to cut the sky with a knfe
Watch the barons come down
Tear apart
Time dissipates the love for two
Can't sew back the seams for you
Still in remission from all the reason
Under Thalia's way
Still in remission with all the fishes
And the marble in the mountain
Check in Check out under the blankets of glass
Going under somewhere no
Still in remission from all the reason
Under Thalia's way
Still in remission with all the fishes
And the marble in the mountain
Always searching for love
Of some kind of love souvenir
Still in remission from all the reason
Under Thalia's way
Still in remission with all the fishes
And the marble in the mountain


Demo: "The Valediction" (2006)
EP: "The Kidnapped Chance" (2008)

Set List

Set Time= 45min

Set List (All Original Material)

1. Caution to the Wind
2. Gone
3. Far From Now
4. Still in Remission
5. Adaptation in the Fire
6. Geomancy
7. My Arboretum
8. Inspiration
9. Valediction
10. Oh Dear