Valencia Robinson

Valencia Robinson


Vocalist-Songwriter towing the line between Soul, Modern Blues, Folk and Jazz


“Powerful...dynamic...soulful.” These are a few of the adjectives used to describe the incredible voice of Valencia Robinson. The richness and purity of Valencia’s vocals are evident after she sings just one note. Her voice has a way of warming the very souls of all listeners. Combining a soulful spirit with poignant lyrics, Valencia disarms audiences and opens their minds to the possibilities of love and life in a style described by many as “Raw Soul.”

With this songstress, there’s no need for the monotonous additives, props or smoke and mirrors to aid her talent. Just surround her with a rhythm guitar, a percussionist, and an attentive audience and Valencia will provide a lifetime of music in a single soulful performance.

Valencia’s talents have allowed her to work with such noted artists as James Cleveland, Jack Ashford of The Funk Bros. (Motown), Carla Thomas, and Edwin Hawkins to name just a few. Not one to be boxed in, Valencia has mastered styles ranging from jazz, soul, folk, opera, and blues.


Soul Searchin

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