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Valentin Marx

Brooklyn, NY | Established. Jan 01, 2012

Brooklyn, NY
Established on Jan, 2012
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"Indie rockers Valentin Marx grapple with social norms in new single "Made Up""

Brooklyn indie rock trio Valentin Marx is premiering here a brand new single, titled “Made Up.”. This band has certainly reemerged with an enlightened new perspective on this track, exposing more than just their collaborative talent. “Made Up” offers a bold look at the modern social landscape (and all zombifying apps that come with it), voicing the afflictions of forming relationships in the digital age—and it does it with style. Starting with an airy dream-pop feel, the song’s smooth jangly guitars in the opening are met by lead singer Andrew Kissel’s slacker-ish vocals, forming a tension that is all too fitting for this track’s lyrical context. Being just the first taste of this band’s upcoming releases, “Made Up” gives a relatable, jam-worthy preview of the new material that can be expected in the new year. Check out Valentin Marx’s newest single below and stream their earlier music on Bandcamp. - Rebecca Carroll - The Deli


We are excited to premiere the new single from Valentin Marx called “Last Time” today. Gentle and melodic guitar notes start off the expansive tune and then we hear a pristine, but seemingly wounded voice start to sing. We listen intently as a kick-drum adds drama and depth to the powerful and candid lyrics that float above the lush instruments for the rest of the track. It’s the type of song you want to immediately press play again as the complex structure of the track demands it.

We look forward to more music from this talented NYC band and will keep and eye on local dates, in the meantime if you’re in the LA area on February 15th, be sure to check out their set at Hotel Café.

“The song is basically a reflection on how aggressively I was alienating the people around me who cared the most, a common consequence of the type of lifestyle I was living. These days, being in a much better place, the song has taken on a much more positive note, as I’ve fortunately been able to mend a lot of those fences. But part of what makes living a different life possible is staying in touch with where you have been. So far, the song has really resonated, and I love that so many people can see themselves in a struggle that at times seemed like only my own. It was written during a really dark period of my life, buried deep in drug abuse and a wealth of personal problems.” – Andrew Kissel - Pancakes and Whiskey

"Valentin Marx"

Ed interviews this power trio from Brooklyn, with a very unique writing style, shaped by their life experiences. The band introduces us to their latest singles, “Last Time”, and “Made Up”, prior to setting up for their show at LA’s Hotel Cafe. - KX 93.5

"Valentin Marx Drops Effervescent New Single With “Made Up”"

Brooklyn-based band Valentin Marx made up of guitarist/vocalist Andrew Kissel, bassist/vocalist Travis Pinkston, and drummer/percussionist Brian Yurachek, have released their latest single titled “Made Up.” The song talks on the topic of modern-day relationships and how human interaction can become the cause of frustration within them as well.

The song gives the listener a view into this issue by how Valentin Marx uses sound throughout. They begin with a strong pop melody that is the overtone, giving the song a veneer for the relationship to the outside world as something that is happy, yet hints towards the sadness through the deeper melody that plays alongside it. The vocals also represent the struggle that the singer faces within their relationship as well, straining his voice at the last chorus to show that their partner’s mind is “made up” though he knows they could’ve had it all together.

Check out Valentin Marx’s single “Made Up” and their social media platforms as well.






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Currently comprised of Andrew Kissel (vocals, guitar, piano), Travis Pinkston (bass, vocals) and Brian Yurachek (drums, percussion), the New York-based indie rock act Valentin Marx originally formed in 2012. Shortly after their formation, they wrote, recorded and released their debut EP, which lead to shows at a number of renowned indie venues across town — including Piano’s, Arlene’s Grocery, Berlin Under A and Pete’s Candy Store and others. Since their formation, the band has gone through a lineup change while retaining the sound that first won them attention locally.

Interestingly, the lineup change has resulted in a much more collaborative approach to their songwriting and recording, utilizing the skills and life experiences of each of the band’s members. Their new single, the jangling and anthemic “Made Up” recalls 120 Minutes-era MTV but as the band notes the song is rooted in the frustration and disappointment surrounding modern relationships. Despite the fact that we’re all constantly connected to each other with Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter and online dating sites, no one is actually having an authentic and meaningful interaction. - The Joy of Violent Movement

"Review Fix Exclusive: Valentin Marx’s Andy Kissel Talks Creative Process And More"

Review Fix chats with Valentin Marx’s Andy Kissel, who discusses the band’s origin, goals and creative process.

Review Fix: How did your project start?

Andy Kissel: The project started when I had amassed a bunch of like minded songs and decided I needed a band to make it all happen. I had been performing as a solo acoustic artist, but these songs definitely needed the full band treatment.

Review Fix: How did you get involved in music?

Kissel: My older brother is a guitar player, and I started playing the drums around the age of 10 in hopes of being in his band. From there I just started adding instruments, and over time guitar and piano became my main focus and passion. Songwriting started picking up around 14, and I’ve been chasing the dragon ever since.

Review Fix: What’s your creative process like?

Kissel: For me the riffs and groove always comes first. I may have a lyrical hook or phrase that attaches melody to the progression, but usually the song itself is fully formed before I write the lyrics. Once I have the basic structure, melodies, and lyrics, I bring it to the other guys and we craft the song further.

Review Fix: What inspires you?

IKissel: ‘m inspired by other artists in a big way. I have a deep respect for visual artists, a skill in which I personally have never excelled. However I work to try and create a landscape for the audience so that they can get lost in the music, create their own reality and memories with the song. We recently released our first single, and the artist Alex Unger made the art for the release. His visual response to the music was hugely inspiring for me. Seeing what the song made him feel made what I do so much more meaningful.

Review Fix: What makes this album special?

Kissel: The songs on the upcoming EP are several years in the making. I’m really excited for people to hear all the hard work and love that has gone into the process of making this music.

Review Fix: What’s the standout track?

Kissel: First single Made Up is a personal favorite. It was a total collaborative effort from all the guys in the band, and I’m really proud of how it turned out.

Review Fix: What’s on your musical bucket list?

Kissel: One item on my musical bucketlist is to play drums on Helter Skelter with Paul McCartney, somehow someway. - Review Fix

"RELEASE RADAR | New Single from Valentin Marx"

Valentin Marx is a staple in Brooklyn's indie rock community. In their latest single, the trio laments the increasing reliance on social media and the decline of person-to-person connection. - Pop Dust

"Valentin Marx – Made Up"

Brooklyn has always good form in all things indie over the years, the fact that indie rock band, Valentin Marx are another chip from a perceived ever-giving creative block. The trio’s new single, ‘Made Up’ is rooted in the frustration of human interaction, particularly modern relationships. ‘Made Up’ offers a look at the modern social scatter-typed habituals and all that it can entail.

Parcelled in a upbeat indie styled guitar-vocal weave, that’s a throwback forward step, with enough emotion, fizz and musical edge, clean and sanitised they’re are refreshingly not, so gap from record to live show is no mindset gulf from over-produced auto-tuners.

Made Up is a healthy proportioned single, as always at this time of year, please remember the single is not just for the festive season, confident that Made Up will sound as good in the spring of 2019, as it does of now. Valentin Marx get a thumbs here, least to us an impressive introduction, 7.8/10


"Valentin Marx release their new single “Made Up”"

Brooklyn-based indie-rock band Valentin Marx have released their latest single “Made Up”. Comprised of Andrew Kissel (lead vocals/guitar/piano), Travis Pinkston (bass) and Brian Yurachek (drums/percussion), the band originally formed in 2012 and recently underwent a line-up change before releasing their latest single. The band tell listeners that the song is rooted in the frustration of human interaction, particularly modern relationships. “”Made Up” offers a bold look at the modern social landscape …an airy dream-pop feel, the song’s smooth jangly guitars…slacker-ish vocals, forming a tension that is all too fitting for this track’s lyrical context.” You can follow the band and stay up to date with all new music and tour dates via the links below. Check out the audio video for “Made Up” below. - Stitched Sound

"INTERVIEW: Valentin Marx"

Hi Andy, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

Thanks for having us! Things are going great with the band right now. Between promoting this new single, planning future releases, and booking shows things have never been better.

Can you talk to us more about your latest single “Made Up”?

Made Up was the first song we all recorded together after several years away, and with a new lineup. The excitement behind all that comes through in the song, a new sense of focus and creative energy.

Did any event in particular inspired you to write this song?

The lyrics for the song were really inspired by a frustrating relationship I had just gotten out of at the time. Social media interactions and just the overall technological disconnect that is so common nowadays was a real drag, and I was just more confused and annoyed that anything. So I changed some things around to protect the innocent, and just kinda vented about how I was feeling.

Any plans to release a video for the single?

We are still working on a video right now, but we have lots of great ideas and look forward to getting something out there.

How was the recording and writing process?

This song really came on fast. It was the first thing we wrote and recorded together with Brian as our drummer/percussionist. His energy and influence played a major role in the total vibe of the song. Travis and I have worked together for years and have a pretty seamless musical relationship, and adding Brian just gave it that much more excitement.

What role does Brooklyn play in your music?

This band really cut its teeth over the years at my Rehearsal space in Bushwick, and now our spot in Gowanus. Also, the recording of these new songs goes down in Greenpoint, so the Brooklyn vibe is always in the air whenever we write and record.

How the new lineup has influence the band’s sound?

To kinda go back to the previous question, Brian has been a super positive force in the band. He’s definitely had an palpably large impact on every aspect of the band.

Does the new single mean we can expect a new material – how’s that coming along?

We are in the process of recording a bunch of new songs, and also have a new single on the way.

Any tentative release date or title in mind?

We are looking at releasing our next single in early February, so definitely be on the lookout for it!

What human crisis and struggles will you be exploring on this new record?

While most of the songs I write are super personal, I usually have an editing process where I really strive to open up the narrative, so that the listener can move around in the song and find their own place in it. So to answer the question, the themes of isolation in an ever exposed social landscape, and the struggles of finding and maintaining strong and balanced relationships and endeavors is a major theme in our music.

Any plans to hit the road?

Right now we have shows coming up mostly on the coasts.
Some February dates in LA and some NYC shows in the Spring. But stay tuned, we are definitely looking at a possible summer tour. - VENTS Magazine

"Valentin Marx Unveil New Single "Made Up""

Brooklyn-based indie rockers Valentin Marx have just unveiled their brand new single Made Up, a song rooted in the frustration of human interaction, particularly modern relationships. I am really enjoying the energy of this song and the jangly guitars and groovy percussion. Andrew Kissel's vocals give the track a dose of attitude and grittiness that makes this quite an addictive piece of indie rock music. Made Up is a perfect track to be played live and if you are a fan of Indie music you will love it. Check it out below! - Caesar Live and Loud

"Song of the Day: “Last Time” Valentin Marx"

Valentin Marx, a Brooklyn based indie rock band, have released their new track, “Last Time”. It is the follow up to their previous released track, “Made Up”.

Andy Kisell, vocalist, says to listeners, “The song is basically a reflection on how aggressively I was alienating the people around me who cared the most, a common consequence of the type of lifestyle I was living. These days, being in a much better place, the song has taken on a much more positive note, as I’ve fortunately been able to mend a lot of those fences. But part of what makes living a different life possible is staying in touch with where you have been. So far, the song has really resonated, and I love that so many people can see themselves in a struggle that at times seemed like only my own. It was written during a really dark period of my life, buried deep in drug abuse and a wealth of personal problems. “ - The Girls at the Rock Show

"Unsigned Spotlight: Valentin Marx"

Please list all of your band members and their roles in the band.

- Andrew Kissel (Vocals, Guitar, & Keys)

- Travis Pinkston (Bass)

- Brian Yurachek (Drums, Percussion)

For starters, what bands were you guys a part of prior to Valentin Marx. How long has the band been around?

(Andy) I was in a band out of Lawrence Kansas called the Volunteers from 2004-2009. From 2009-2012 I have been working on iterations of this group, which was first called Milk Toast. It had a totally different line-up. I was also in a couple of bands in NYC from 2009-2014, most notably Into the Sun and a local musician named Todd Baker.

(Travis) I’ve been in a lot of different bands over the years, as everyone needs a bass player lol. I was with the ska/punk band Bulletproof Marshmallows from 2001-2003, and then the funk band St Adonis from 2006-2010. Andy and I began playing together when I moved to NYC in 2012. We’ve been friends since we were kids so it came right together, and Brian’s addition to the group rounded it out.

(Brian) I have a consistently played with a Brooklyn based indie pop rock group called Gillian for the past 6 years. Other than that, I've been playing music with friends since 1997. See below for a band timeline:

Gillian: 2013-Present

Valentin Marx: 2014-Present

Wasabi (Wedding Band): 2010-2011

The Winter Squash Band: 2002-2003

The Red Limit: 1998-1999

Plug 23: 1998-1999

Phly: 1997-1998

What’s the origin of that name and have you changed the band’s name before?

(Andy) I was putting together a new band to play some songs that I was writing back in 2012. My brother Nate actually came up with the band name. As the story goes, he was having twins and was researching my family genealogy, looking for possible names for his little ones. Valentin and Marx Kissel were some of the first immigrants from Germany to the US with my last name. He said off the cuff that Valentin Marx would make a great band name, and I ran with it.

(Travis) It’s two names from Andy’s family lineage. He can tell you more.

(Brian) That's Andy's bag. I'll let him answer that.

Who writes your songs? What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs and do you think these topics will change over time?

(Andy) Most of the lyrics are personal stuff; just kinda wrestling with the day to day shit we all go through. The biggest challenge for me is to create fictional narratives so my songs aren't just journal entries. I've always tried to make music that people could inhabit themselves, not just hear my thoughts or opinions.

(Travis) Well, Andy writes the songs and the lyrics are always very personal in nature. I think the songs’ subject matters may evolve and adapt a bit over time but will always retain the same core of just trying to get through life and make sense of it the best we can. He’ll bring us a song and I’ll put my two cents in; add some of my groove and feel to it.

(Brian) Andy writes the songs. I'm just the drummer...

What bands are currently inspiring the music that you’re making?

(Andy) I can get musical kicks from literally any type of music. As far as current listening, I've been listening to a lot of David Bowie and Animal Collective. I'm not sure how much that informs what I write, but I have a tremendous amount of respect for artists who continued to push the boundaries of music throughout their careers.

(Travis) I can and do get inspiration from all musical styles. As far as bands I’m currently listening to I’d say Fleet Foxes, Esperanza Spalding, The Internet, and Deerhunter are all on heavy rotation to name a few. I’m not sure how much their sound immediately transfers to the music I make, but they still feed into my drive and passion to create.

(Brian) I think we all listen to different things and that makes for a bit of a musical melting pot when we get together and share ideas. If I had to pinpoint a few bands/artists that are currently inspiring my creative process it'd be Broken Social Scene, Rubblebucket, Nate Smith, Childish Gambino, Fela Kuti and The War on Drugs.

Was there a particular band/artist or concert that inspired you to start a band?

(Andy) My first major musical influence was my brother Nate. He was and still is a MASSIVE Smashing Pumpkins fan. I started as a drummer in his band playing Pumpkins covers, and I have been playing music ever since.

(Travis) I really don’t know. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when the inspiration started, but I remember being a little infant hearing “Money For Nothing” my parents’ record player and going crazy. I was a product of the 90s grunge/punk movement so it was always there in the back of my mind. I was pretty wired and had a beat in my head so when I finally did get an instrument it was par for the course.

(Brian) I was very much a drumming product of the 90's alternative/grunge era. There was no particular band that inspired me to start bands because it just seemed like the next logical step after spending hours alone in the basement playing by myself. One day a guy who plays guitar asks you if you want to jam. Then another friend learns an instrument to join you and before you know it, you're in a band and you have to think up a terrible name.

What do you do to prepare for a show? Any flexing, exercises, etc …

(Andy) Interesting question. Back when the band was first starting, things were basically wide open for me in terms of standard rock drug/booze clichés. These days I focus mostly on trying to connect with the environment of the gig. One of my favorite things to do is just really focus in on the other bands that are performing. It really gets you excited to play when you can see other great artists connecting with the audience in real time.

(Travis) Not really. I just stay relaxed and centered. Maybe a quick stretch to loosen up before game time. I used to drink a lot in the old days but now I go easy on that. I take the time to get to know my venue’s environment and spend time with the other bands. I also love watching their sets.

(Brian) For the first 20 years, basically everything you shouldn't do to your body in preparation of a strenuous, skilled 'performance.' The past few years - getting to bed early, hydrating, stretching, massaging, taking vitamins, consuming enough salt and potassium, not drinking too much...etc.

What has been the biggest highlight of the band’s career so far?

(Andy) I'm really excited about the music we are making right now. The chemistry I have with the other guys and the scope of the new songs I'm writing have me really jazzed about what is coming.

(Travis) The new release has brought this wave of energy to the band that keeps me excited. I can’t wait to see what comes next!

(Brian) I'd have to say I'm very excited about the new release. I'm proud of the work everyone did on this track and I know there are many great things to come with Valentin Marx. So stay tuned for the highlights!

If you could tour with any bands, past or present, who would they be and why?

(Andy) It's a tough question to answer, but I guess with where we are at right now, it would be really cool to tour with some old fashioned road dogs. I would love to open up for a band that has been touring for years and continues to crush the show every night.

(Travis) I don’t have any specific names at the moment, but would love to tour with some bands that have been around for years and still continue to give it their all every night.

(Brian) I don't know if I can really answer that because it's such a personal thing to go on the road with another band. There are lots of personalities and it's hard to know whether you'd be compatible just by hearing someone's music. You really need to spend time with another band to get to know if there is that type of fit. So, yeah, I can't really answer that.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

(Andy) Rock Chalk

(Travis) F*ing Catalina wine mixer!!!!

(Brian) Knibb High football rules! - Kill the Music

"Your Mind's Made Up"

Travis Pinkston cut his teeth on punk, alt rock and funk; Jane’s Addiction, NOFX, Fishbone, Fugazi, The Police and Sublime were just some of the bands on heavy rotation during his formative years.

Andrew Kissel comes from a 90s alt rock background of bands like The Smashing Pumpkins and Deftones but changed his tune to artists like Stevie Wonder during college.

Brian Yurachek got his hands on a Gene Krupa VHS that took his love for his first drum set, gifted to him at age seven, to a whole new level.

Together, the sounds of their influences make up Brooklyn’s Valentin Marx.

“When Andy and I first began playing together, I think my influence added a high energy kick to the mix, especially in his writing,” Pinkston said. ‘The music took a heavier, more aggressive turn for a while. That energy is still there to some degree, but it’s more refined.”

“This band has really evolved quite a bit,” Kissel added. “It started as something of a solo project, and was super unfocused. When Travis and I linked up, our mutual love of harder edged music started to take the band down that path a little bit. Now with Brian the sound has really come into its own, everyone contributing their own little piece to make something that is pretty exciting.”

“Practice often, keep the faith and surround yourself with other good musicians,” Yurachek chimed in. “You'll soon learn your place or you'll quit.”

Their latest single, “Made Up”, was the first song they wrote together after spending several years away and with their updated lineup. It was one of those songs that came together quickly and they knew that they wanted to bring it to the studio as quickly as they could.

“[It] instantly became our favorite song to play live,” Kissel said.

As far as writing in general, their songs take shape as they begin to play together. Kissel will usually have a basic template for a song, as far as structure and vocal melody. From there, Pinkston and Yurachek work together seamlessly to help Kissel establish and solidify the song’s feel. From day one they have played well together, and they use that to their advantage to create a song that best represents the three of them.

For 2019, Valentin Marx is dedicated to focusing on writing and recording as much as possible. The band has found an energy and approach that is keeping their momentum going, and they just want to be able to share it with everyone. - Black is the New AP Style

"valentin marx | december favorites"

These are the songs that are particularly inspiring to me right now. Kind of all the place, but each of these tracks have found a special spot in my soul. - imperfect fifth

"Singled Out: Valentin Marx's Made Up"

New York group Valentin Marx recently released their new single "Made Up" and to celebrate we asked guitarist and vocalist Andy Kissel to tell us about the inspiration for the track. Here is the story:

So Made Up was a song I had written about six months before I ever brought it to the band. I was just coming out of a relationship where I felt really out of touch, and the song was essentially my attempt to make sense out of a confusing situation. Social media, and all the various trappings of modern communication were really stressing me out. As soon as things with this person had really gained traction, she totally blew me off and essentially disappeared. I was amused to find out this is now called "ghosting" by the kids.

For whatever reason I really latched onto the concept and how it kinda encapsulated the whole situation, and the song was born. As much as I want to blame the failure of the relationship on technology and modern social constructs, the real issue was two people with very different worldviews and expectations. Months afterward, I ran into her at a coffee shop. She very casually offered me an apology for the situation, but also with a little twist that stuck with me: "I know it was a sh*tty thing to do, but my mind was made up so I just went with it."

My favorite part of this song is how it finally came together as a band project. I presented the finished tune to the band and we played through it a couple times. Brian stopped us about halfway through and said, "Hey, why don't we try it way faster." It totally changed the band's energy, and Travis' new bass line really pushed it over the top. So the Made Up that you hear now is at least twice as fast as how I had originally intended, and all the better for it.

Hearing is believing. Now that you know the story behind the song, listen for yourself right here! - antimusic

"Valentin Marx Premieres New Song “Made Up” on SoundCloud"

Brooklyn-based alt-rock trio Valentin Marx has delivered a new song “Made Up” via SoundCloud. It is their first single in six years.
The song is dream-pop sound unlike their debut EP, which was released in 2012. The track reminds us of Crowded House.
“Made Up” is rooted in the frustration of human interaction, particularly modern relationships. They vocalize their pains of feeling disconnected with the modern social landscape as a result of online dating, Instagram stories, Snapchat and others, taking the place of real personal interactions and connections.
Originally Valentin Marx was formed in 2012. This time, they have reemerged with a lineup change alongside the new single.
Currently, the band is composed of Andrew Kissel (guitar, vocals), Travis Pinkston (bass, vocals) and Brian Yurachek (drums, percussion). - PM Studio

"The indie rock flavors of Valentin Marx's EP "Slow Down Vision Zero" will carry you floating along"

The track Maria from Valentin Marx's EP "Slow Down Vision Zero" has almost island-esque / tropical punk patinas with effervescent guitar lines and soft and hard vox crooned out by Andrew Kissel. When the wimsical horns come in it gets kind of cafe dreamy but there are other flavors on this collection like the sad and sensitively drawn out Last Time that walks on the emotional tight ropes strung between Kissel's passionate lead vox (guitar and piano) and Travis Pinkston's solid bass maneuvers shaped by Brian Yurachek's drums and percussion work (his nuanced cymbal crescendos supporting the moody colors). There is the shape shifty Good Enough with a sort of avant garde indie waltz under gray edged clouds feel. The guitar is entrancing and some of the almost imperceptible nods into dissonance give it all an even sadder tone as the oooooohs and melodic vox carry it all along. The free spirited indie pop dressed Made Up is the most upbeat track on the EP. The bass stomps on the tempo with light and heavy touches and powerful downbeats as Kissel's vox and guitar picking wails. There is some more to enjoy, to float upon but that is for you to discover. - American Pancake

"Valentin Marx – Fair"

Valentin Marx est un groupe de rock indépendant originaire de Brooklyn à NY. Formés à l’origine en 2012, ils ont refait surface avec un changement de line-up et un tout nouvel album, « Slow Down Vision Zero« . Le groupe se définit par leur son, qui est à la fois familier à l’oreille dans le genre classique du rock indépendant mais avec une dimension plus dynamique. Ce qui distingue le groupe, c’est son approche entièrement collaborative de l’écriture et de l’enregistrement des chansons. L’utilisation des compétences et de l’expérience de vie des trois membres rendent la musique à la fois personnelle et universelle. - Direct Actu

""Fair" by Brooklyn based Valentin Marx strips away your real world"

Fair by Valentin Marx starts stripping away your real world right away and you get pulled into some other place and maybe some other time. Maybe it is the pearly guitar lines that play in your left ear or the vocal performance that feels passionate and free. When the drum beat burrows in and the jammy bass manipulates your emotions, you might feel like you are rising off the ground. I am shocked and dismayed sometimes when I look at the most popular pop music and how flat and simple the music is. Valentin Marx while still pushing purely indie pop sounds does so with complex, tightly would compositions. That is so nice to hear an indie pop band (there are many) whose musicality is up there. Some level of complexity is not the end all in songwriting but it is nice when intricate patterns work to further the emotion and movement of musical art.

Valentin Marx are based out of Brooklyn, New York. - American Pancake


2019 - Fair (Single)

2019 - Slow Down Vision Zero (EP)

2019 - Last Time (Single)

2018 - Made Up (Single)

2012 - All Eyes, Loose, Lies (EP)



Valentin Marx is an indie rock band hailing from Brooklyn, NY. Originally formed in 2012, they have reemerged with a lineup change and two brand new singles, “Last Time” and “Made Up”. The band is uniquely defined by their sound, which is both familiar to the ear in the classic indie rock genre but more dynamic in scope. What sets the band apart is their wholly collaborative approach to songwriting and recording. Utilizing the skills and life experience of all three members renders music that is both fully formed and universally appealing. It’s with this unified vigor that the band’s music continues to grow and evolve.

Band Members