Valentina & Sunshine Superman

Valentina & Sunshine Superman

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
BandAlternativeArt Rock

Sunshine Superman is that really cool band with an awesome YouTube channel, that hot Tuscan girl singing her heart out and the guitarist, bassist and drummer are both really good. And now they have backup singers? What?!?


There's so much "music" coming from the songs this little band from Philly performs, extremely creative yet catchy and appealing, the band has a really impressive YouTube Channel where they create all the content themselves. The quality is surprisingly good for a DIY band.

Sunshine Superman delivers high energy, highly polished performances, where you can hear all the musical influences that songwriter and lead singer Valentina gets her inspiration from: from 90's rock, to contemporary pop, from classical music to sophisticated jazz, her heartfelt lyrics will take you places and her music will accompany that journey.



Sunshine Superman has 2 EP's out and on iTunes, and is now releasing singles and youtube videos on a monthly basis.

and please look at our YouTube channel!