Valentina Mitzkat combines piano-heavy compositions influenced mainly by Sarah McLachlan and Elton John, with a big voice often compared to the likes of Celine Dion. Whitney Houston's former manager, Rick Blaskey, has described her as the "female Bruce Springsteen, but with a bigger voice".


Music is what I do. I started singing around age fourteen on accident- I just wanted to beat Anna Watson out for the lead role in 'Bye Bye Birdie'... I've been writing songs on the piano since I was a fetus. The two skills naturally came together around three years ago, when I had finally gone through enough 'artist turmoil' to come up with lyrics that adequately captured my 'pain' at the time.

I believe music is an extension of emotion that we can not express any other way- and that there is nothing better than when you hear a specific lyric or chord progression that speaks to you. I want to dedicate my life into supplying this feeling to as many people as possible.

I am currently in the studio, recording my debut album.

*Because of the constant mockery I have had to endure for admiring the miracle of Celine Dion's voice, I have unfortunately buckled under peer pressure and am hesitantly giving the rest of the list to make up for it. I guess it doesnt matter that 12-year-old Valentina learned how to sing by listening to her albums... oh well; Elton John, John Lennon, Ben Folds, Billy Joel, Tenacious D, Styx, Smashing Pumpkins, Sarah McLachlan, Rufus Wainwright, Damien Rice, Coldplay, David Gray, QUEEN, Michael Jackson, Pearl Jam, Pat Benatar, Goo Goo Dolls, Kansas, Journey, U2, Johnny Cash, Danny Elfman, Jon Brion, Frank Sinatra, Ray Charles, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Eva Cassidy, Sting, ELVIS, Electric Light Orchestra, David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen


Allergic To Your Reason

Written By: Valentina

Your mother gave her own life to give you chance
Justifying sacrifices for a glance
Of who she knew you could be
What's the point in failing her for
Repeating history?
There's no reason
That's the reason

You're the kind who needed proof
I'm on my way
I'm on my way
I'm on to when you don't approve of
What I live for
Leave me out
Wearing me down
Allergic to your reason

When you read your memories you blame change
I'm lacking the ability to breathe that way
I needed you to see what
Inspiration could lead you to
I needed you to complain
About reason
Thats the reason

Why I Stayed

Written By: Valentina

Night lights, blindin' me
Cold, under the sun
Lightning, stealin' sparks from the
Rightful ones

Suddenly, lost belief
I was only goin' for a week vacation
Now I'm findin' false reasons for my longer duration

I, I know I stayed here for love
I'm not ashamed anymore
Cuz I realize who I am
And I swear I will not hide this side again

Night sky, chokin' me
Hot, snowflakes in hand
Too long, voice is way too loud for them

Magic hides, alone I die
Left to make a long overdue observation
Now I'm leavin' those behind who got lost in translation



*"Allergic To Your Reason"- The Matthew Irvin Show (radio)- July 2006
*EP- "Practical Immortality"- released on iTunes, November 2006

Set List

(all originals, all about 3 to 4 minutes long)

just leave
lie to me
keep you here
allergic to your reason
when i'm gone
cloud's journey
never there
practical immortality
new methods to feel
last chance
older now
my watch
why i stayed