Valentine Tank

Valentine Tank


Valentine Tank play uptempo pop-rock with singalong choruses against gripping, memorable guitar riffs.


Not much happens in Allenwood, Co Kildare.
John Burke's cottage is one of the houses on the street. Usually you can hear his cats miaow from the road. It's that quiet. Suffice to say, the locals weren't too thrilled when John's house became Valentine Tank's rehearsal studio.
Sunday afternoon in Allenwood doesn't take kindly to three thrashing guitars, drums, a sax and a singer who likes to let loose.
We had a few complaints. A man in a suit with a clipboard came around. But since good rehearsal spots are few and far between we stuck it out.
At our last practice, we had four of the neighbours in to see how we were getting on, how the single turned out, if we finally got the vocals right and when our next gig was.
Turns out the music — pop-rock influenced by the likes of Whipping Boy, The Cure, Radiohead and Jane’s Addiction — goes down better in Allenwood than John's whining cats.
Who’d have thought?
Still, they were the toughest crowd to win over.

Over the summer, Valentine Tank have been laying down tracks. We recorded If That's All You've Got at a studio in Tallaght (with some expert help from producer Stephen Farrell).
As a result we've been taking a break from gigs in Dublin where we’ve played Eamon Doran's, The Hub and Voodoo since forming just under one year ago.
We hope to press If That's All You Got in the next two months and release it independently.


Right now we're putting the finishing touches to our first single If That's All You've Got

Set List

Wasted, Nothing But Blue Skies, You And I, Prisoners, The Things That We Don't Say, If That's All You've Got, Nijinsky's, All I Wanted Was You