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Quakertown, Pennsylvania, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | AFM

Quakertown, Pennsylvania, United States | AFM
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Country Pop


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"Sarah Griffiths - 4.5 out of 5.00"

Those of you who read my reviews frequently know that I’m really tough on vocalists in general most particularly females- I can’t help it, I’m a voice teacher and a singer myself. In fact, I don’t think I’ve really come across a female vocalist yet who truly impressed me. Valerie Borman is that vocalist. I’ll admit, I was pretty skeptical as I was reading her biography and phrases like “better than Celine Dion” and “voice that knows no limits in range or style” popped up, but this chick delivers. She actually has a powerful, voice, the kind that really does cross all genres and styles. I can see her going quite far in her career, although I think she would have a good deal more success if she exited the already over-crowded country genre and found a place elsewhere.
She’s supposedly country, but there was a good deal of pop sound, at least in the songs I heard- she’s part of what I think of as a cross-over country. As for the songs themselves, they are just okay. They have a lot of energy, a somewhat lesser amount of originality and in my opinion, a fair amount of appeal to a wide audience. Overall, I’d say the main selling point for Valerie Borman is her voice. Fans of Faith Hill, Trisha Yearwood and Martina McBride in particular will find themselves enjoying her style very much, but even those who don’t enjoy country very much may enjoy some of her more pop-oriented songs.
- Shinbone Magazine Review – March 2009

"Better Days Review"

This gal is up there with Reba McIntyre when it comes to strong vocals and soulful interpretations of a lyric. Her choice of songs is also impeccable, not to mention her back-up musicians and the production skilsl of Harry Stinson. Of the eleven tunes on this CD, there isn't one clunker. Curl up in front of a blazing fireplace and give this one a listen. You'll want to do it more than once. And once again. So wake up radio and give this little lady a play! Check it out at

Rating: Seven Stars (out of seven) - Brad Fischer - Nashville Music Guide - Jan/Feb 2010

"The NASHVILLE MUSIC GUIDE, October/November 2007 Issue"

"This girl really has the pipes to interpret the lyrics of soulful
contemporary country tunes. Her three-plus-octaves vocals can send shivers up your spine. Borman is right up there with the likes of Tanya Tucker, Reba McIntyre or Leann Rimes. Backed by some of Music City's premier musicians, the album features ten tracks produced by Art Ward for the independent Century Music Group label. The CD is a must have since radio continues to ignore new artists with real talent."
Rating: Seven Stars******* - By Brad Fischer

"Valerie Borman: In Range of Stardom"

Updated June 11, 2007

NASHVILLE – Pennsylvania native Valerie Borman has the kind of powerhouse voice that we hear only once in a great while, perhaps when we first encounter the music of Claudia Church, Rebecca Lynn Howard, or Celine Dion.

Three octaves. Twenty-four white keys on the piano. Borman, a lovely blonde with a degree in marketing from Penn State, can easily sing in a three-octave range, with a few notes to spare – but unlike some opera singers or others with a similar range, Valerie interprets a lyric in a simple and straightforward manner.

She’s not a writer. She’s an artist, and her first Nashville project – a 10-song 2003 CD called It’s Good to be Loved – led a top Christian music executive to say of Valerie that, like Reba, Martina, and LeAnn, “Valerie set a precedent that caused all other female vocalists to aspire to.”

She is humble about her gifts, and loves singing benefits. “I got this talent for a reason,” says Borman, who grew up in the tiny town of New Tripoli, PA – a Pennsylvania Dutch hamlet pronounced new tri-POLE-ee.

At Penn State, she worked in a singalong band who, insanely, felt she could not sing. “It was devastating,” she says now. She then joined a cover band called the Starlites in the Philadelphia suburb of Quakertown. The Starlites have been a fixture on the club, casino, and wedding circuit for years. But that was not the dream Valerie had.

A phone call from the veteran Nashville producer Art Ward, the result of a Web posting of some of her music, changed Valerie’s life.

She became coming here in 2000, and thru the influence of Ward met the gifted singer and songwriter Lee Gibson. Lee had a record deal with GarageBand, an indy label out of San Francisco whose Country operstaions were headed by Steve Earle, Dwight Yoakam producer and guitarist Pete Anderson, and Byron Gallimore. Gibson has written songs for Borman, and is one of her leading fans.

“Valerie gravitates kind of towards the Pop side, and finding those songs in Nashville can be like pulling teeth,” Gibson says. “But she’s definitely easy to work with. She’s an amazing singer.”

It’s just matter of time before Valerie Borman will find the ideal songs to launch her at Radio, likely Adult Contemporary or Pop Radio. Or maybe her debut will come in a film soundtrack, where voices of her dramatic range are often ideally suited.

In any case, the name – and the voice – of Valerie Borman figures to become very familiar within the next few months and years.
- By PHIL SWEETLAND, Music+Radio contributor, The New York Times

"Album of the Month"

Written by Robert Herndon, Curb Records
"Every once in a great while, a voice comes along that determines how good the next crop of female vocalists have to measure up to. We saw this back in the days of Tanya Tucker, Reba Mcintyre, and LeAnn Rimes. Each one of these artists set a precedent that caused all other female vocalists to aspire to. I see the same formula beginning to transpire in Valerie Borman.
Although the music selection is a tad bit weak on this project, that’s to be considered since her voice has the innate ability to rise above most material that’s out there. Some of the best songs on the project definitely have to be the album opener “Wasted On You” and “Isn’t It Raining” along with the soulful “It’s Good To Be Loved.” However, the best potential cut on the record has to be the Bobby Tomberlin penned “So This Is How It Feels.” With better production, this song could definitely be an outstanding radio single. The true character that stands out is that Valerie has the confidence in her voice that just isn’t heard that often these days. I think with a high quality producer, and an excellent selection of material at her side, I foresee a huge future for her. "
- Power Source Magazine

"Simply the Best!"

This CD is a must have. I have not heard a Country Music CD in the last 12 months that I liked as much. Not Shania Twain, or Toby Keith, not Rascal Flatts, the Dixie Chicks or Brooks and Dunn. Every track on "It's Good To Be Loved" is a winner. Valerie Borman has assembled an impressive list of songwriters to exhibit her remarkable range of vocal expression. The songs are full of humour and maturity. She doesn't rely on songs of tragity to pull our heartstrings. The music and lyrics are up beat. Her vocal delivery brings a smile to your face. You'll want to get up and dance, shout, sing along. This is a fun record. This is a great record. This is Valerie's debut CD but she has been preparing for this moment all her life.
Her vocal range is impressive. But what really stands out is the variety and honesty she gives to each song. It's only a matter of time before the name Valerie Borman is as well known as Shania Twain or The Dixie Chicks. "It's Good To Be Loved" is pure fun to listen to. - Claude Camacho, Dagwood Radio, Quebec

"Good To Be Loved"

Excellent CD packed with emotion as well as high-energy tunes, which is only exceeded by her live performance!! She is truly a pleasant and warm individual. Thank You Valerie!!! - Doreen Young


Valerie Borman has commercial success written all over her. This country-without-much-twang singer from Pennsylvania has a great voice full of strength, conviction and confidence as she covers ten tunes from other writers in her new release entitled It's Good to be Loved.

While there's nothing dazzling about this CD, it is certainly worth noting and listening to. This well-produced release allows for crystal clear vocals and solid instrumentation. It has a big, radio-friendly sound with hooky melodies and soaring vocals reminiscent of singers like Martina McBride and Tanya Tucker.

Instrumentally, the standouts are Dug Grieves on electric guitar and Dennis Wage on Piano and B-3. In fact, several of these tunes are either piano-driven or strongly feature the keyboards. "It Isn't Just Raining" and "Big Trouble" are prime examples of this. In fact, the up-tempo honky tonk of "Big Trouble" is perhaps the best sample of the interplay between the piano and Dug's guitar. Speaking of which, he gives the driving country rock tune "I'm Coming Around" some extra spice with some nice and tasteful electric slide work.

Lyrically, this is a real mixed bag. The commercial mainstream country heard on radio these days isn't exactly the showcase for great lyrics. They tell stories in everyday language and sometimes do it a tad too simply to even be interesting. However, the tunes Val sings here tend to have at least splashes of craftsmanship and interesting phrasing.

The aforementioned toe-tappin' "Big Trouble" at first seems like a simple-minded lust song. But at worst it's cute and at best, well, kinda clever:

...Little over 18
Lookin' like James Dean
Cutest thing I've ever seen
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Tie-dyed t-shirt
Tight jeans -- gotta hurt
Boots, he ain't got none
That's ok, I'll get 'im some.

I feel my weakness gettin' weaker
Catch and release
Now, he's a keeper.

Lemme guess -- 6-2
Give or take an inch or two
Gotta love his tattoo

Bet he's got a great kiss
Make the top o' my list
He's got me where I wanna
I want him, gotta have him...

(written by Dean Dillon and Al Anderson)

Val is also quite good at staying smooth as silk when doing lyrics quickly. Another well-written tune, mid-tempo (but quickly sung) "Love, Love, Love" shows this quite well. And, again, on the surface, it seems like one of those all-too-simple tunes until you really listen:

It was obviously something more special
Than your ordinary fling
Powerful enough to change your plans
Change your life
Your name and everything

... Sure enough
Nothin' ever adds up
Countin' sad and happy tears
And the tendency to tabulate only
Make the problem more severe ...

(written by Skip Ewing and Bob Dipiero)

This Pennsylvania girl's obviously got something in her ability to choose songs and then deliver them with a strong and clear voice. Even if you don't particularly like country music, there's something infectious about this one. In fact, some tunes will actually put a smile on your face - and in your heart.
- Les Reynolds


The Sweeney Sessions - multi-genre demo - 2001
It's Good To Be Loved - Debut Nashville CD - 2003
Better Days - Nashville CD - 2009



Valerie began the year 2009 in the recording studio. With legendary producer and drummer, Harry Stinson, at the Producers helm, Valerie recorded eleven original country songs, written by award-winning Nashville songwriters for her new release, Better Days. Valerie is now performing to promote this CD, her second Nashville recording, and while the material is of the country genre, Valerie does NOT want to be labeled a country singer. Yes, she can sing country music but she can sing ANYTHING and does.

As an independent recording artist, Valerie has been successful at turning the heads of the country music industry. In fact, prior to the release of her debut Nashville CD, Its Good To Be Loved, Robert Herndon of Curb Records was already hailing Valerie as the female country singers new watermark, comparing her vocal uniqueness to that of Tanya Tucker, Reba McEntire and Leann Rimes. However, it was not until Valerie had finished recording her sophomore CD that she actually performed an all-country show.

Valerie began singing professionally as a teenager, literally growing up on stage covering the material of all the really BIG voices like Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston and Celine Dion. With a vocal range of three and one-half octaves and a belt rivaling Christina Aguileras, (check out the video!!) Valerie has sung the top-40 hits of every decade from the 1950s to the present. Valerie sings rock and R&B, ballads and Broadway she can even rap and yodel. There is no material that Valerie cannot cover and she wants everyone to remember that fact.

When promoting my independent CD releases, sometimes agents and entertainment directors confuse my choice to record country with the idea that its all I do. I chose to record country because I love the lyrics of country songs. But I love ALL styles of music, and performing in a cover band allows me to sing everything, Valerie explains.

If you do want Valerie to perform a country show she definitely can. Valeries country band is managed by singer/songwriter, and fellow Nashville recording artist, Lee Gibson. ( The groups repertoire includes a mixture of chart-topping country tunes and the originals that both Valerie and Gibson have recorded. But if you are planning a disco night, or an oldies night or just want good old party music, that option is also available. Valerie has the band and material for every occasion and venue.

One should also note, when it comes to performing live, Valerie is the consummate entertainer. Valerie understood from the first time that she stepped out on stage that being an incredible singer is not enough to create a great show. Valerie knows how to communicate with her audience and engage them in her show. She has performed for audiences of all ages and musical tastes. In 2008, Valerie performed around the globe for music lovers from just about every country in the world. From black tie to back yard, concert to carnival, Valeries audience appeal is universal.

Valerie is currently performing shows from her home state of Pennsylvania to her new home in Tennessee. Valerie plans to continue performing as a cover artist in addition to touring in promotion of her Better Days CD. For more information about Valerie, please visit her website at To book Valerie for a performance, please contact Jillian Campbell of AV Entertainment Group in Nashville at 615-948-7944.

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