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West Reading, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF

West Reading, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF
Band Pop Rock


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"February 2008: Interview @ Millennium Music Coference for"

Go here to hear the full interview:

- Crazy John Kerecz of

"July 2009: Skope Magazine Review of"

From the moment I pushed play on the CD player, I could tell one thing right away: this girl can sing! I could also tell something else and that is that Valerie Nicole definitely sings from the heart. This record is full of love, pain and everything else in between.

Valerie Nicole handles vocals, keys and guitar on the album while three other players round out her band: Keith Privigyi on lead guitar, Jon Rossi on drums and Derek Mauldin on bass guitar. The entire group folds out nicely and I have to say Valerie on the keys gives the whole record a nice/classy touch-up. The keyboard/piano playing definitely contributes to the whole feel of the album by adding that extra layer.

Valerie has music in her blood as she started singing in choirs at the young age of six, playing piano at seven and then flute by the age of eight years old. Music has to be running through her without question. What an appropriate title then in From The Heart as it stands to be true for Valerie Nicole.

Nicole's singing voice is very impressive with a sweet 'n' subtle touch to it. She seems to have a genuine charm about her when she sings. From The Heart is heavily influenced by the concept of love and everything that is lovey-dovey. You get a sense of a warm 'n' toasty sensation and even that happy-go-lucky-sort-of-feeling when listening to Nicole pour her emotions out. There is even a sense of motivation, determination and strong will power on certain tracks.

On the opening song, "Misunderstood", Valerie Nicole is singing for all the confident women out there. "Just because I'm cute doesn't mean I'm stupid" and "I'm not just a play thing" all signify Valerie's determination to overcome stereotypes. She sings in such a pleasant fashion with soothing harmony while adding in a nice dash of piano. Her angelic tone ironically enough doesn't match up with the overall message, which makes "Misunderstood" a special moment. Nicole decides to veer off track and end things on a serious note. The song is titled "Demons" and it's about running from the demons from your past. The stories unfolded here are quite sad with an immense feeling of pain/hurt. Valerie Nicole, by the end of this record, really seems to have come full circle.

For more on Valerie Nicole's sheer beauty From The Heart, SKOPE out

-written by Jimmy Rae at Skope Magazine - written by Jimmy Rae at Skope Magazine

"July 2009: NeuFutur Magazine Review of "From the Heart album""

"Misunderstood" showcases a strong female presence on the vocals, allowing for a blending of country, alternative, and pop music. This means that "Misunderstood" is a track that all can appreciate, and it is done with a skill that will ensure that listeners stick with the disc throughout all ten tracks. Valerie Nicole can literally go anywhere with "Naïve", "From The Heart"'s second track, and settles into a unique sound that touches just as much on seventies country as it does on sixties pop.

"Livin' In The Moment" allows the instrumentation to take a prominent role in the overall feel generated by the track, but this instrumentation does not drown out or otherwise hinder Valerie Nicole's heavenly vocals. Rather, the arrangements on "Livin' In The Moment" allow Valerie to take that next step forward, making an already solid track into something that is truly memorable. The title track for "From The Heart" starts out slow but gradually picks up steam. At all points during this track, Valerie Nicole provides a smooth and calm demeanor, allowing the widest swath of listeners to pick up on her own special form of music. "Wake Up" is another fun track, calling forth the alternative rock that opened up the last decade.

In this track, Valerie Nicole's vocals actually take on an additional duty; instead of only forwarding the lyrical content of the song, Nicole's vocals add substantially to the harmony crafted by the rest of the band. Each track on "From The Heart" provides a little bit more in the way of information about Valerie Nicole, and by the end of "From The Heart", listeners will find that they honestly care about her music in a way that few current artists can elicit. Go and pick up "From The Heart" and see her and her backing back whenever they may play live. They are located in the eastern side of Pennsylvania, but I can't imagine that they will remain rooted for too much longer, especially when more listeners get wind of what is truly a beautiful album.

Top Tracks: Misunderstood, Livin' In The Moment

Rating: 8.2/10

-written by James at NeuFutur Magazine - -written by James at NeuFutur Magazine

"January 2008: Ticket Magazine insert in Montgomery Newspapers"

Birdsboro's Valerie Nicole is really making the rounds: From open mics to Down Under to Steel City Sessions

Check out the full article at - Craig Ostroff - managing editor of Ticket Magazine

"December 2008: Ticket Magazine insert in Montgomery Newspapers"

Birdsboro songbird Valerie Nicole Exspresses herself in Douglassville

By: Craig Ostroff - Managing Editor

Valerie Nicole's new CD will be released at a special concert party at Exspresso Yourself Cafe in Douglassville on Friday, Jan. 9.
Her first full-length CD took a little longer to release than originally expected, but you won't hear Birdsboro native Valerie Nicole complain about that.

As a matter of fact, she believes the extra time helped make "From the Heart" a much better album.
"Everything always takes longer than I think it's going to take," she said in a recent telephone interview. "The first time I planned was the beginning of September; suddenly it's August and we're not even halfway done recording, so we push it back to October and that didn't work, push it back to November ... It was frustrating at the time, but at the same time I'm glad we took our time and made it as good as it is.
"I'm really excited about it. We put a lot of work into it. I think the songs are a lot more developed, the instrumentation behind it is a lot more developed as well."
Among the key differences between this and her debut EP, "Soul Searching," are that Nicole had an active hand in the production of the CD, and she feels she's progressed and improved as a songwriter.
"On the first CD, I came and added my vocals to the music they created," she said. "For this one, I was there for the recording of the drums and bass guitar. I was able to put more of my input into it and it came out closer to what I had originally imagined it in my head.
"On this CD, I think the lyrics are catchier, melodies are stronger. As a songwriter, you grow the more you write, and I think my songwriting has improved a lot and I hope it keeps going in that direction."
Nicole points to two songs on the new CD of which she is particularly proud - "Demons," which features only acoustic guitar and cello to back up her vocals, and "Misunderstood," a tale of love gone wrong.
"'Misunderstood' was inspired by a guy I was dating," she said. "It didn't work out and I kind of used that to my advantage and a really good song came out of it.
"With 'Demons,' I had written a bunch of songs focused on falling in love or searching for love or being hurt, so I wanted something a little bit different, and the premise of 'Demons' is about karma - somebody does something bad; in the end those demons catch up to them and something bad happens to them."
A few of her new songs appear on her Web site ( and MySpace page ( and she's been playing them for quite some time. And they'll all become available to fans on Jan. 9, at a CD Release Party at Exspresso Yourself Café in Douglassville.
"I'm really excited for this. I've been wanting to do this since September," she said. "I've got a lot of things planned for it - we'll have the first 10 people get a free T-shirt; there's going to be some free, catered food. It'll be me and my backup band, performing for two hours, mostly original stuff with a few covers thrown in. We'll probably have door prizes, things like that. And at the end, a CD signing."
The CD Release Party will mark the beginning of what Nicole hopes will be a year in which her musical career moves onward and upward. Her music will soon be available on iTunes and CDBaby; she's planning her first music video (likely for the song "Misunderstood"); trying to book shows in Philadelphia with an eventual goal of performing in New York and other East Coast cities; and she's looking to take advantage of what has become a huge opportunity for independent artists by getting her music on TV or in films.
"TV and film licensing is a really good opportunity; a lot of TV shows are turning to independent music," Nicole said. "It's easier for them to pay an independent artist than paying Rihanna for one of her hit songs. And it's great exposure. There are a lot more opportunities for independent artists out there right now."
She's also got her regular gig hosting open mic nights at Exspresso Yourself, and has booked gigs at coffeehouses and clubs around the Reading area (she's also booked two shows at Chambers 19 in nearby Doylestown for Jan. 24 and May 1), and is already writing and refining new songs for a third CD, which she's like to start recording this year.
And while she's happy with the progression of her musical career in 2008, Valerie Nicole is looking forward to an even more successful 2009 ... and working hard in order to make it happen, both onstage and behind the scenes.
"I definitely think I've come a long way," she said. "I only started doing my own gigs toward the end of 2007. Now I have places where I play regularly that re-book me.
I've done all the booking myself. I call places, go to places, do all my own marketing.
"All that did myself, but I still have a lot more I want to do."

Valerie Nicole's
CD Release Party
will take place
at Exspresso Yourself,
7 Old Swede Road,
Douglassville, PA 19518,
Friday, Jan. 9.
Info: 610-779-2942.

- Craig Ostroff - managing editor of Ticket Magazine

"December 2008: Press Release"

Contact Information:
Valerie Nicole


December 3, 2008 (DOUGLASSVILLE, PA) – Valerie Nicole will debut her first full-length album,
"From the Heart" on Friday, January 9, 2009 at 7:00 PM at Exspresso Yourself Café in Douglassville,
PA. The evening will include a great Valerie Nicole performance with a few special guests, door prizes,
catered food, and a BYOB option. The first 10 people to arrive will also receive a free Valerie Nicole Tshirt.

"From the Heart" was recorded and mixed at H.C.D. Studios in Parkville, MD by Brian Potts and
mastered by Dave Nachodsky at Invisible Sound Studios in Baltimore, MD. The album includes ten
original songs, with music, lyrics, vocals, acoustic guitar, and keyboard by Valerie Nicole. Contributions
to the album from other musicians include Brian Potts (drums), Garrett Long (bass guitar), and Geoff
Knorr (cello).

Valerie Nicole views her second album as a “more developed and artistic representation of my personal
experiences and beliefs about the world around me than the first album. I believe that my songwriting
skills have improved a hundred-fold since my last album – you can hear it in the development of the song
structure as well as the stronger melodies.” The album has a little something for everyone, from the punkrock
feel of Wake Up to the laid-back, folksy feel of Naïve and from the hopeful, loving mood of Livin' in
the Moment to the soulful, dark mood of Demons. The track Misunderstood kicks off “From the Heart”
with a powerful beat and clever lyrics that are sure to have you singing along in no time.

Exspresso Yourself Café is located at 7 Old Swede Road, Douglassville, PA. Visit them on the web at

About Valerie Nicole

Valerie Nicole began her singer/songwriter career in 2005 and has been
described as a sweet and soulful singer with a powerful edge. Valerie
lists her musical influences as Norah Jones, Jewel, Michelle Branch,
Joss Stone, Vanessa Carlton, and Alicia Keys. “I am most inspired by
independent artists who pursue their music career out of passion and
determination and aren't in it for the big record deal, but because they
love what they do.”

Valerie Nicole has performed at such venues and events as Bixler's
Lodge, Boyertown Hard Bean Café, Cornerstone Coffeehouse,
Covatta's Brinton Lodge, Crave Coffee and Gelato, The Flying Dog,
Get the Word Out, Global Libations, Goggleworks, It's A Grind Coffee
House, Kutztown University, Marie's Hard Bean Café, Max Crema's,
Millennium Music Conference, Musikfest, and Steel City Coffeehouse.

For more information, visit Valerie Nicole on the web at
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"January 2009: Channel 69 News spot"

Channel 69 News showed up for my "From the Heart" CD release party and aired a segment on January 9th's news report. Check it out here:" - Channel 69 News

"Sept 2009: Interview on"


There is nothing more exciting than a person stepping away from an honorable profession in the name of strapping on a guitar and writing pop songs. Oh the risk! Oh the uncertainty! While music was always the first love for singer-songwriter VALERIE NICOLE, she used her degree in Music Education to teach music at the elementary school-level. If memory serves, music education at that level could either be a pleasure or a punishment, but I'm willing to believe that NICOLE was an engaging teacher and not like my elementary school's music teacher whom everyone had dubbed 'MR. POTATOHEAD'. Eventually, tunes that NICOLE would hum in her head became too irresistible so she put the teaching aside and threw herself into songwriting and performing. The years spent perfecting her songcraft have resulted in her debut CD 'FROM THE HEART' - an earnest collection of 'heart on her sleeve' pop gems that run the gamut of country, alternative and sixties pop. ROCKWIRED spoke with VALERIE NICOLE over the phone. Here is how it went.

What are your thoughts on the finished CD? I think that it shows a lot of growth from the EP that I put out in 2007 in terms of my songwriting. I'm looking to record again in the near future but I think the CD at hand definitely shows my growth as a songwriter.

For the full interview, go to... - Brian Lush at

"March 2009: PA Musician Magazine Cover Story"

Valerie Nicole: Music is Her Life
by Rachel Rocks Cover Photo by: Meredith Kaminek

Valerie Nicole has had a busy couple years! At only 25 years old she has already graduated from college, recorded two CD’s and hired a full band! They sure have been busy years, but so far it’s all been worth it.
First lets go back to the beginning. She knew by the time she was in 6th grade that she loved singing. She sang in any plays and choirs that she could and was in the band. Her High School Band Director, Daniel Long, encouraged her to go to college for music and she did.
Valerie went to Elizabethtown College for Music Theory and Music Education. In her Music Theory class she had to write songs, and she soon discovered that is what her true passion is! She even had the opportunity to be part of a special composition class that you could only take with a recommendation from her professors. She started performing on her own in college at various open mics and basically anywhere they would let her play. She was part of a female acapella group I would’ve loved to hear! She graduated in 2005 with her bachelor’s degree and got hired at Woodmore Elementary School in Mitchellville, MD, as a music teacher.
As a music teacher she tried to get as involved as she could. She not only did her regular teaching, but she started many extra programs. She was in charge of different choral programs, a recorder group, percussion ensemble, and she even had a special concert for K-2nd graders. The most rewarding part of her teaching career was organizing and directing an entire musical. She had help from some other teachers, but she had to do all the auditioning, directing and all the fun stuff in between. The rewarding part came in when the parents came to the musical and they were so impressed with the talent of their own children. Hopefully she encouraged at least a few kids in the direction of music careers too. The whole time she was teaching she continued to write, but it was getting harder and harder to find the time to perform, so she decided to leave her teaching job and move back home to Birdsboro to persue her career as a singer/songwriter.
Valerie not only sings, she also plays the guitar and keyboard when she’s performing. She started by creating a demo that was only ever heard by her or anyone that demanded to hear it. Her songs are mainly written about love and heartache with a pop/rock feel to it. The first time I heard Valerie perform at our acoustic stage I was so impressed. Shortly after that is when Colbie Caillat came out with “Bubbly” and I couldn’t believe it…I just kept thinking in my head, that should be Valerie, and her song “Livin in the Moment”! I know one of the biggest parts in having a successful music career is meeting the right people and making the right connections, but sometimes it’s sad at who gets all the attention compared to who deserves it. After reading as much as she could and researching the best way to do it, she finally decided to create her first EP, “Soul Searching.” Her first attempt at recording landed her into the 2007 American Model and Talent Competition in Orlando, FL, she was awarded 3rd place in the singer/songwriter category. She also had her single "Can't Imagine" accepted by Indie Express to be on their Volume 1 CD in March 2008. This CD was distributed at Canadian Music Week as well as to press and radio stations in Australia! In the end she figured out that most of the talent competitions out there are scams. You have to pay so much just to submit, and you really don’t get much out of it. If you want to spend money on something, spend it attending as many conferences as you can. The Millennium Music Conference helped Valerie understand so much more about the whole “business” aspect plus so much more, not to mention all of the connections she made. Plus the added bonus of getting interviews on Jim Price and Crazy John’s radio shows was pretty awesome! She played our acoustic stage as much as she could last year and this year taking advantage of every chance she got to share her music! She also landed a meeting with A & R reps from Warner/Chappel music publishing. The meeting helped push her more to the next level and encouraged her to create her next CD, “From The Heart.”
Brian Potts from HCD Studios in Parkville, MD found Valerie on myspace and she decided to head down there for her recording of “From The Heart.” The first time around she didn’t practice first with her session musicians and she wasn’t really happy with the outcome, so this time she wanted to practice first with the musicians to make sure it was everything she wanted it to be. Brian was very accommodating and allowed Valerie a lot more choices than she got at her first recording. Playing with the session musicians helped her realize how cool it would be to have her own band, so she started auditioning members. Valerie had her whole band lined up in time for her CD release party on January 9th and it was a huge success.
Valerie’s new band members are, Fred Guiliano, on bass, and he has also taken up the role as music director. Andrew Horvath is on drums, and Keith Privigyi is on lead guitar. The guys had to learn about 30 songs in less than a month, for the release, but they did it and Valerie loves how rockin’ it’s sounding. It’s hard finding venues for just a singer/songwriter, but as a full band she’ll be able to book into a lot more clubs not only playing her originals, but also covering all the favorites by Pink, Beyonce, Bon Jovi, Pat Benatar, Joan Jett, and so much more! Valerie does all of her own bookings which she enjoys. At some point she’ll be looking into management, but right now she’s just trying to get her feet off the ground and running!
Valerie wanted to make sure and thank her new found band members, she knows the future looks bright with these guys on her side and she can’t wait to see what happens. She also wanted to thank her best roadies any person could have, her Mom and Dad. They’ve never missed a gig and they are always right by her side helping her lug in and out all of her equipment! One of the biggest keys to a successful musician is lots of encouragement and support and she definitely gets that from both of them.
In the near future Valerie will be recording her first music video for her song “Misunderstood,” a song about love gone wrong! Her friend, Jed Widig, will be recording it for her and she’ll hopefully get it done and posted online soon.
In the next five years Valerie would just like to be doing more music! She wants to do another CD even on a more professional level, but obviously that requires more money. She’s also going to continue, publishing, licensing, and distributing her music. You can catch Valerie Nicole, with her band, March 7th at 6pm at the Ephrata Performing Arts Center, they’ll be opening for Josh Albright. You can also check her out online at or at
- Robin Rocks - PA Musician

"March 2009: From the Heart CD Review"

Valerie Nicole’s 2007 debut EP, “Soul Searching”, introduced a young artist sharing her budding creative talents and aspirations. The four-song sampler conveyed a sense of innocence and a warm, girl-next-door charm. The Birdsboro-based songstress has honed her talents and done more soul searching as a songwriter and lyricist; Valerie’s artistic growth is reflected on her first full-length CD, “From The Heart”. Singing, playing piano and acoustic guitar, Valerie explores a variety of styles, moods and themes over the disc’s ten tracks; smoothly blending pop, folk, rock and country flavors along the way. Lifting and dropping with ease, Valerie’s voice is bright, clear and soulful; and she effectively wraps her voice around each melody to convey the intended mood. A song about love gone wrong, “Misunderstood” starts the album off on a serious tone, finishing with a flurry of layered vocal harmonies. The moods are brighter on the happy and romantic “Livin’ in the Moment” and “From the Heart,” the bouncy “Meant to Be,” the bluesy and dreamy “My Turn,” and the upbeat and hopeful “Live Your Dreams.” Valerie evokes a slightly spiteful emotion with “Naïve,” erupts with a more agitated tone on the rocking protest song “Wake Up,” and utilizes cello to paint darker colors on the abusive relationship study “His Love” and the disc-ending, Tori Amos-flavored “Demons,” about reaping what you sow. Although more fleshed out by the backing corps of drummer (and producer) Brian Potts, bassist Garrett Long and cellist Geoff Knorr; “From The Heart” still displays a nice simplicity, as the arrangements are basic and gently support Valerie’s voice and melodies, with layered vocal harmonies adding accents and emphasis. “From The Heart” is a clear step forward for Valerie Nicole, and successfully documents her maturation as a singer, songwriter and artist. (To obtain this CD, visit Valerie Nicole’s website, —reviewed by Jim Price - Jim Price @ PA Musician Magazine



*The Final Fall (Jan 2011): Good Girls Finish Last, Holding On To Hope, Please Don't Wake Me, So This Is Love, Why Do I Fall?

*From the Heart (Jan 2009): Misunderstood, Naive, Livin in the Moment, From the Heart, Wake Up, Meant to Be, His Love, My Turn, Live Your Dreams, Demons

*Soul Searching EP (2007): Can't Imagine, Fed Up, You Never Really Loved Me, And She Sang


*Indie Express Volume 1 (March 2008): Featuring "Can't Imagine"

*Canadian American Sizzlin' Hot Summer Radio Singles (June 2009): Featuring "Misunderstood" and "Livin' in the Moment"



For booking: Contact Valerie at or call 484-529-4841.

It all started with Valerie Nicole, who always jokes that she practically came out of the womb singing and knew at a very early age that music would be a significant part of her life. As a kid, she listened to The Beatles, Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, and Aerosmith (her mom's favorite bands), which were a definite influence on her appreciation of music. Involvement in numerous music groups throughout her entire primary, intermediate, and high school years soon followed.

Her passion for music led to her decision to study music in college, where she received formal training in music theory, ear training, sight singing, and composition.

After graduation from Elizabethtown College with a degree in Music Education in 2005, she spent a few years teaching general/vocal music in the elementary schools, but decided teaching was not for her. So, she read everything and anything she could about the music business and jumped full-force into pursuing a career in music. After competing at the 2007 American Model and Talent Competition in Orlando, FL, she was awarded 3rd place in the singer/songwriter category. She also had her single "Can't Imagine" accepted by Indie Express to be on their Volume 1 CD in March 2008. This CD was distributed at Canadian Music Week as well as to press and radio stations in Australia! She has been featured in local eastern PA newspapers and radio stations such as The PA Musician, The Reading Eagle, Ticket Magazine (Montgomery Newspapers), Berks-Mont News, and WCHE 1520 AM.

Valerie Nicole writes and sings her own original pop/rock material and plays acoustic guitar and keyboard. She has been touring eastern PA and NJ since January 2008, including special showcases at Musikfest, Millennium Music Conference, and SS Cape May. She now performs solo acoustic shows, and sometimes acoustic duos with Keith Privigyi on lead guitar. Her new album "From the Heart" was released on January 9th, 2009, which has opened up several opportunities for Valerie. She was nominated in the Best Female Vocalist category for the 717 Music Awards held in Harrisburg, PA this June.

Future projects in 2011 include a new marketing campaign, the release of new singles, a college radio campaign, getting into the college market, and tv/film licensing opportunities.

Valerie Nicole has been booked at over 75 venues in the last three years... these are some of the most noteworthy venues. For a full list, go to

American MusicFest - Harrisburg, PA
Best Buy LIVE - Oxford Valley mall, PA
The Bitter End - New York, NY
Cape May Singer Songwriter - Cape May, NJ
Carley's Ristorante and Piano Bar - Harrisburg, PA
Carney's - Cape May, NJ
Chaplin's Music Cafe - Spring City, PA
Chile Pepper Food Fest - Bowers, PA
Crocodile Rock Cafe - Allentown, PA
Elizabethtown College - Elizabethtown, PA
Ephrata Performing Arts Center - Ephrata, PA
FirstEnergy Stadium (national anthem @ Reading Phillies games) - Reading, PA
The Gap Store - Born to Play national event - Wyomissing, PA
Goggleworks - Reading, PA
Greater Reading Expo - Reading, PA
Harrisburg Civic Center - Harrisburg, PA
KatManDu - Trenton, NJ
Kildare's - Philadelphia (Manayunk), PA
Kutztown Folk Fest - Kutztown, PA
Kutztown University - Kutztown, PA
Millennium Music Conference - Harrisburg, PA
Mid-Day Cafe - Reading, PA
Musikfest - Bethlehem, PA
National Vigil for Hope Event - Scranton, PA
Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen Fine Craft Fair - Richboro, PA
Rutger's University - Piscataway, NJ
Starbuck's - Wyomissing, PA
Steel City Coffeehouse - Phoenixville, PA
St. Peter's College - Jersey City, NJ
Sovereign Center (National Anthem @ Reading Royals games) - Reading, PA
Women's Show @ York Expo Center - York, PA