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"Meet Russia's Madonna"


"She's Sold 100m records - now she's coming our way.

Nyet! The Madonna of Moscow says our pop stars are rubbish. So Valeriya wants to show them how it's done. With 100m sales and Putin as a fan, she may have a chance.

With record sales of 100 million and countless awards for her music, she;'s probably the best-selling star never to have topped the British charts. But now Valeriya - Russia's answer to Madonna, who counts Putin among her army of fans - plans to change all that by trying to conquer London this week........" - The Independent on Sunday

"Ten years of domestic abuse...But now, Valeriya's a singing sensation"


"You may never heard the name Valeriya, but you're going to, as one of Russia's biggest singing stars is heading to Britain.
A true superstar in her own country, Valeriya's sold 100 million records, and her concert tours regularly sell out stadiums and arenas" - The Weekly News

"Come on over, Valeriya"


"A slim, blonde singer with a vulnerable look and an involved history may be about to burst upon us, as Russia's biggest cultural export since Shostakovich" - The Independent

"It's Stayin' Alive-ski"

Bee Gees star Robin Gibb has re-recorded the band's disco classic Stayin' Alive with Russian pop star Valeriya - minus some of the high notes.

She got the gig after laying down a cover of the 1978 chart-topper to send Gibb. Valeriya, who has sold more than 100 million albums in Eastern Europe, said: "I sent Robin a letter explaining how hard it was for us to get Western music growing up behind The Iron Curtain. But i loved the Bee Gees. Robin said: "She's Russia's top artist and really good" - The Sun

"Why Valeriya has Robin's backing"

There aren't many artists who could count on Robin Gibb flying 1600 miles to sing backing vocals for them. But the Bee Gee has become such a fan of singing star Valeriya, dubbed the Russian Madonna, that he and his wife Dwina jetted to Moscow just so he could lend his famous voice to a live performance of her version of his hit Stayin' Alive.

"We recorded a version of the song in London and became friends," Robin, 58, told us at the glamorous gig at Roman Abramovitch's MOST nightclub in the Russian capital. And the 58-year-old believes that the powerful vocals of Valeriya - who was launching her new English language pop album, Out of Contol - mark her out from Western singers. "It's very important to be able to do live performance. Some of the new acts in the UK today can't," he sighed. "A lot of people in Britain and America, new singers, don't sing live. It's the norm. If you got on stage 20 or 30 years ago and lip-synched, it would be horrifying. Today it's almost horrifying if you go on and sing live. Technology has allowed to make pretty good records, bur the truth is there are very few people who can get up and sing like that. She's got a strong voice." - Daily Express

"Russia's Material Girl"


"The pop star known as the Russian Madonna has sold more than 100 million records in her home country and is now aiming for the UK charts with her latest album. Here 40-years-old mother-of-three Valeriya talks about surviving an abusive marriage, finding new love and duetting with Robin Gibb" - You magazine

"Move over, t.A.T.u"


"Dubbed the Russian Madonna, Valeriya is launching a full scale Euro-Pop attack on the UK. In her homeland she's sold ten million albums (maybe even more) and has countless fans. But can she do the same here?" - Gay Times UK



"The Taiga Symphony" 1992

"Stay With Me" 1992

"Anna" 1995

"Familiya. Part 1" 1997

"The Best" 1999

"The first Internet album" 2000

"Sky-Blue Eyes" 2001

"Love land" 2003

"My tenderness" 2006

"Out of control" 2008


"Stay With Me" 1993

"The Taiga Symphony" 1993

"The Taiga Symphony & Stay With Me " 1997

"Familiya & Anna" 1997

"Strana Lyubvi (Love land)" 2004

"Nezhnost Moya (My Tenderness: Live @ Olimpiysky)" 2007


"Moya Moskva (My Moscow)" 1995

"Metelitsa (Blizzard)" 2000

"Riga - Moskva (Riga - Moscow)" 2000



With her unique talent and exceptional vocal abilities, Valeriya commanded the world's attention when she made her musical debut in the early nineties. Valeriya’s appearance on the pop-scene was marked «Singer whom everyone had been waiting for», which describes her best. Being recognized with the most prestigious accolades in the industry, in less than a decade Valeriya emerged as one of the most popular and widely acclaimed talents from Russia.

Valeriya was the first Russian artist to team with top professionals in the music business to record and release her debut album in English. Recordings of «The Taiga Symphony» (1992), written by Vitaliy Bondarchuk and Richard Nyles, took place at the studios in London, Munich and Moscow and attracted musicians from «Pink Floyd», «Dire Straits», «Pet Shop Boys» , and Pavel Kogan's Moscow State Symphony Orchestra. Her first holiday single «Merry Christmas to the World» was released in 1995 as a soundtrack for legendary English movie director Ken Russell’s picture «Alice in Russialand».

The same year Valeriya recorded her folk-infused album of Russian romances «Stay With Me», released by «Olympia disk» UK company. Valeriya’s video for the romance «Flowers» was recognized with prestigious accolades including 5 international awards, «Post Montreux 92», «Anigraf 92» and «Generation 92» among them.

In 1992 Valeriya won international song contests «Bratislavskaya Lira» and «Jurmala-92», for «Viewers' Choice», and gave her first TV-performance.

Valeriya was born in Atkarsk, Saratovskiy Region, and with mother, Galina Nikolaevna Perfilova and father, Iuriy Ivanovich Perfilov, both academic musicians, she was destined to become an artist. In 1992 Valeriya was awarded professional’s degree at most influential Gnesin Academy of Music, being taught by the greatest Russian masters of vocal singing- professor Iosif Kobzon and Gelena Velikanova, both of them carrying «Narodniy («People’s») Artist of Russia» honorary titles. The same year Valeriya won prestigious TV-contest “Morning Star”.

With the 1995 release of album «Anna», Valeriya was picked «Person of the Year» by Russian Union of Journalists. «My Moscow» single was released in December 1995. Two years later the next album «Familya. Part I» placed her at the top of the charts again.

The talent and proffesionalism of the brilliant artist made the heads of Gnesin Academy of Music invite Valeriya to teach especially gifted students of the academy the vocal techniques, which she did in 1996-1998. Since 1999 Valeriya is a member of International Union of Musicians.

In autumn 1999 Valeriya continued her success with a series of award-winning hit singles: «Metelitza», «Riga-Moscow», «Ti Gde-to Tam» («You are somewhere there») from «The Best of Valeriya». In 2000 «Metelitza» won Hit-FM radio award «Stopudoviy Hit ot Hit-FM» for «Song of the Year». «Riga-Moscow» won the prize of Russian Sound Recording Industry «Record- 2001» for «Radio-Hit of the Year».

Valeriya has always been to date with the latest tendencies, a vivid example of which was the release of «First Internet Album» in 2000, compiled from songs selected through the Internet, where the album presentation itself took place.

In 2001 the singer wins «Popov's Professional National Radio Broadcasting Prize» for «Radio-Favorite of the Year». Release of «Glaza Tsveta Neba» («Sky-Blue Eyes») album went along with two gala concerts at the State Central Country Hall «Rossija».

2001 marked a turning point in Valeriya's life. At the zenith of her fame Valeriya suddenly breaks the contract with her manager (who is also the singer’s husband and the father of her three children) and leaves show-business as she claims for good. Shocking facts of violent behavior and unfair attitude of the ex-manager and husband towards her were revealed. Since then till now Valeriya’s name never left the headlines of Russian press, her private life has been in the full glare of publicity. Rejecting all business offers from major Russian record-labels and managers, Valeriya together with her three children leave for her native Atkarsk. For more than a year Valeriya, who was left broke by her ex-manager, lives there a very low-key life, totally devoted to bringing up her children.

It started to seem Valeriya would keep her promise to never come back. Her chances of continuing the same successful career without the powerful manager are considered deem.

But Valeriya's destiny ordered otherwise: two years later famous Russian music manager Joseph Prigozhin, the president of «NOX MUSIC» record label, arrives in godforsaken Atkark and makes Valeriya an offer of a recording contract, and it was destined that Joseph soon became the one and only man in Valeriya’s life. The whole country watched the development of their romantic relationship. Soon this story comes to a happy-end as the couple ties the knot. With Joseph Valeriya finds her family happiness, he also helps