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Complimentary Feedback

Valery Kuchin
. Song Title Oriental Love
Style Rock

Not sure what it had to do with the music or style.

Overall Comments:

Valery - Hi there and thanks for sending in Oriental Love. It had a great Stones-y groove and electric rhythm guitar sound a la Street Fight.fn!J~Man· I-Iwlf--expectecLt~ hear Mick Jagger after the intro!

Drums were excellent as well, with a tight punchy sound and strong performance. Loved the interjections of the Leslie sounding guitar. The guitars worked very well in a minimalist way.

181 Good music in verses

o Verses could be stronger 181 Good music in choruses

Choruses Gould be stronger
Verses/Choruses sound too similar
Memorable "hook"
Hook not obvious enough
No stated melody, per se. More implied by the chord voicings ..


D Intro too long

181 Well-written structure

Good sectional contrast
Not enough sectional contrast
Could use a bridge
Moved well from section to section.

First line makes me want to hear more
Good use of imagery DRhymes well
Communicates emotion to listener
Lacks focus
Too abstract
I don't understand it
Too predictable
Too many cliches
Awkward phrasing (see comments below)
Vocal does help to sell song
Vocal does not help to sell song
The viola (?) added a cool touch to the arrangement, as did the fiddle later. The electronic bleeps were another fun touch. I wasn't quite sure about the breakdown section near the end, which seemed to lose some steam & was happy when the guitars reentered. Great stuff, Valery!
No lyrics involved. There were some spoken bits near the end but I couldn't tell what they were saying.
Overal.1 Bating .- .--.~- ,-- .. _-.............,._ .. _-.--,
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weaknesses, and do not determine whether or not the song is forwarded.
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As a student I payed on a guitar in a college music band during three years. After college I stringed
the guitar on a wall and founded my own business.
It was a lot times ago. But in 2006 I suddenly got a desire to make music again. Now I have nine
albums with more then 80 songs.