In the true spirit of DIY, Texas's VALEYRA is self releasing their record "The Great Ambition" and staying true to themselves and what they love, VALEYRA has put up their boot spurs and picked up their gear to tour tour tour. 4 years deep its time for the payoff. Fans of rock and party here we come!


Drive. Drink. Dream. For a band who practices in a barn in small-town Texas, could there be a more appropriate mantra ? Fueled by their DIY ethics and pride in their free-wheeling southern roots, post-hardcore quintet VALEYRA has managed to make some early waves in their career without the luxury of a big label or management.

"It has been an uphill battle," admits drummer/vocalist Ryan McWhorter. "It seems like if you're a band that's not signed, it's a lot harder to get people's attention."

The band has had its share of success already, boasting tours alongside The Sleeping, A Day to Remember and Secret Lives of the Freemasons. In a town of 400, however, starting and maintaining a band certainly isn't the typical chosen path for young adults.

"Colton and I were raised in a basketball-loving kind of town and they didn't like how we were spending our time on music instead of basketball or any kind of sport," said McWhorter.

"When you look like we do in a town where we live, going to your local Chili's or Wal-Mart with tattoos and whatnot, it can be a spectator's sport," adds vocalist Aaron Allen."A lot of the older folks don't seem to get it or want to understand it."

While these interactions inspired the song "How's Your Heart," the band has encountered some curious music fans and has built positive relationships with those who "get" them.

"We get a lot of support from friends here," says Allen.

"We definitely put a lot of hard work into building a fan base around Fort Worth," adds guitarist Rowdy Pope. "Touring is the only way to make it and we all learned that really quickly. It's brought us all closer as a band and as brothers."

The unusual backdrop, however, helped fuel the southern-infused attitude found on THE GREAT AMBITION, the debut full-length from VALEYRA.

We took six months [prior to tracking] to sit at home and write," says Allen. "We tracked in Atlanta with Russ.T Cobb. We got in there and everything started flowing together so nicely."

"We stayed half a block from a bar that helped us through tough times and create our sound," adds McWhorter. "I'm really excited to see what comes of the record. I think once it's out there people will catch on to it and really dig it."

The music has already gotten the attention of some influential people. Popular music rag Alternative Press recently selected VALEYRA as unsigned band of the month.

"Hopefully '08 will be our biggest year," says Pope. "We're trying to push this album as much as humanly possible and just get our name out there. If it were up to us we would tour constantly, but almost constantly is alright by me, too."

Look for VALEYRA to hit your neck of the woods this summer. The band promises it will be a party.


How's Your Heart

Written By: Valeyra

while you're waiting for the weekend
i'll be waiting for my day back home

well i guess your right
when your dreams are just as good as mine ever were
so yeah maybe you'll watch me fall

and now i got this far without your face
im leaving lines that you cant trace
now we're golden
your face wont hold a place
and whats left you cant erase
and now we're golden

well i guess your right
when your dreams were are just as good as mine were now werent they good
your gone
your mind
and im wondering

with my habits hard to break and
im staring at my faith
and now im golden
while your holding on to nothing
im singing for something
and now im golden

while your waiting for the weekend
i'll be waiting for my day back home

back home wish you could
back home i wish you werent so wrong!

( this song is basically just a big eff you for anyone who say you cant do what you want to do and you wont amount to anything, this applies to anyone doing anything they want to while others say you cant)


Valeyra - Valeyra E.P. (2006)
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Valeyra - The Great Ambition (June 13, 2008)
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Set List

The set list varies night to night and tour to tour. It depends on the bands accompanying and the material necessary. Right now the focus is promoting the new record.