Valhalla Hill

Valhalla Hill


Valhalla Hill is a rock/pop band from Seattle, WA releasing its debut album in the summer of 2009 seeking a target audience of college-age/young adults. It is built upon brooding, hook-laden songs frequently featuring accordion, harp, multiple guitars and 3 and 4 part harmonies.


Valhalla Hill formed in 2008 when the Rory Corbin Trio realized that "3" was not enough. With the addition of bassist Jeremy Siegel the songs became brooding, pulse-driven explorations into the pensive and morose nature of Corbin's songcraft. This shift gave virtuosic pianist and multi-instrumentalist Isaac Waring further territory to amaze with his deft improvisations (see "Breaking Point"). Joey Roberts' understated drumming anchors the foursome with a foothold in the realm of rock to keep the songs from floating away into the nether of emotional whimsy.


Valhalla Hill, Self-Titled (forthcoming, summer 2009)

Set List

Grace For My Brother
Any Other Way
Here's To The Afterlife
One Less Lover
Meet Me By the Bridge

Set times range from 30-60 minutes


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