Valium Stallion

Valium Stallion


Pop/rock legitimized by a stout infusion of progressive sensibility/musicianship. Performed with flair by Seattle's take on the "Power Trio."


Valium Stallion comprises 3 musicians, Doc Solammen, Simon Hilsman and Woody Russell, set resolutely to the antiquated business of writing, recording and performing music. Meriting mention is the dubious, if not altogether distressing fact that the aforementioned are, to a one, formally trained musicians—each trying desperately to hide his inability to apply eyeliner and execute choreographed stage jumps behind adroit playing and thoughtful composition.
Formed in the spring of 07 by Solammen, Hilsman and a favorable confluence of ambition and circumstance, Valium Stallion’s initial incarnation more closely resembled a military boot camp than it did a rock band. Daily rehearsals, many spanning entire afternoons and evenings, were the norm. The zeal with which Doc and Simon approached their nascent undertaking was necessary insomuch as the lads’ influences and styles of play run an admittedly weird gamut encompassing progressive rock, funk, baroque, classical, show-tunes, opera, Devil-worship, whale song, sign language and mime. Assisted in their endeavor by a tasteful dash of MIDI, Solammen’s proclivity for melody and Hilsman’s forward thinking approach to matters rhythmic, Valium Stallion found themselves ready, in the high summer of 07, to expand their ranks. The time had come to take on a guitar player.
Enter Woody Russell; guitarist of consequence and final component to the triumvirate that is Valium Stallion. In Woody, Doc and Simon had found a musician whose technical merit was matched only by his professionalism and easy demeanor.
And then there were three…
As a musical commodity, Valium Stallion appeals to fans of the progressive, F.M. radio rock of the mid 1970’s to the early 1980’s.
Naturally, you’ll need judge for yourself…



Written By: Doc Solammen

Grinding through the gearbox
Between birth and dying
Sanctified, the miles scream by

The gimlet days and pain pills
Lay the backdrop of regret—
But one forgets and slides back Smoothly into vice
And learns to rest
Between the rounds
Or when he meets
The waiting ground
To contemplate those falls on down
From his own height

What I've learned
I keep forgetting
What I've seen
I don't believe
What I laughed at once
Has since become my truth
And of plans
Permit me state
That they were never
Mine to make
And though I theorize
I dare not try conclude...


Written By: Doc Solammen

I’ve seen life
Through two sets of eyes
And come to realize
Both brandishing the blade
And staring down the knife
That it was you
Then it was me
But now it’s both of us, you see
So the blood you let spill
Try not forget; it’s mine
And the course we set
Adjusts itself with time

I’ve seen life
I’ve felt the broken pieces
Shifting 'round inside
Though the face and form you showed
Said everything was fine
So the mask remained in place
Till you’d forgotten your own face
And the blood I spilled; I can’t forget was yours
And the course I set
Came close to rocky shores

I’ve seen life
And of all its splendid scenes
The single great surprise
That the universe devised
Was your providing me--
The means to gracefully accept
With neither outrage nor regret
That the life shone bright might burn with little heat
That though occupied, such lives are not complete

I’ve seen life
And my vision’s gotten better
With you by my side
The weight of things much greater
Brought to bear on pride
And begin to comprehend
An expression without end
Till the faces we’ve forgotten cease to be
Till I look at you and my life’s all I see

I’ve seen life…


Written By: Doc Solammen

I never asked for
Never wanted yet received
Insights and opinions
Pertaining to the few beliefs
By which I define
What’s the world’s
And what is mine

Fearful of silence
Dying for the final word
Frequency gridlock
Static, oh, this shit’s absurd
Tired, we’re wired
Arcing, sparking to the switch
White-knuckled, hard driving
Burning in the digital ditch

And so I go
I go to try and find the silence
To claim the soul
That in youth I gave away
Become again
One with universal silence
A laughing ghost
At the far ends of the day
Where the old night fades away
In the dawning day’s embrace
Forever haunting that place

Oh, for the mornings
That I’ve spent in quiet dread
Ruing debuting my tired act
How in its stead
I’d love nothing more
To play the king
And not the whore

Oh, how I asked for
Wanted, needed yet received
Neither consolation
Compensation nor reprieve
For and from the times
Life it seemed a string of crimes

Stick up, pick up
Thrust my hands into the air
Hoping my groping
Fingers find some purchase there
By which I can haul
Myself far above it all


Written By: Doc Solammen

I can see
The measure of contempt
In which you’re holding me
For all these mediocrities
A vibrant son
A still-born, grown man become
Whose words, unheard, his silent requiem have sung

Looking back
Over all the wasted years
These eyes of mine
Have witnessed through a veil of tears
Sincere regret
That strung between each passing breath
An empty pause
A moment lost
A glimpse of death

And now
The days yet remaining
Like blood from between
My clutching hands raining
Of moments flown
Of years elapsed and decades lost
Of cruel effect
Superceding placid cause

Now I feel
The tentative denial of a last appeal
Of mercy that I’d hoped to steal
Reprieves conceived
To stay the executing hand
Of triggers pulled
And blades brought down at my command

Unnerved, withdrawn
A criminal marched out at dawn
I’ll wait, grow old
Behind my cigarette and my blindfold
I’ll stand up straight
Enmeshed in the affairs of states
Which I, alone,
Oversee and populate

Seasons of Life

Written By: Doc Solammen

Meanwhile, down the line
In gray classrooms they’re doing time
And what they’re learning of life
They learn on Saturday nights

Credentialed and qualified
Hired, retired, worked and died
They’re always just getting by
Through the seasons of life

Try, apply and fail
Cynical, criminal, probation, jail
Another season of life
Another twist of the knife
Rehab and relapse
Grinding ride on a peddled ass
Through a season of life
And a shift to the right

Tragedy takes handfuls
Boredom takes the rest
All in preferential
To folded and depressed
Church and state
Love, work, debate
Unraveled, undermined
Crossing up the wires
There’s tension on the line

Reworked points of view
Shell out, sell out, make it through
Neither black neither white
A dismal season of life

Center’s where they stay
Vision, decision gone to gray
A final season of life
Leaning into the knife
The little shift to the right
The turn away from the fight
A thousand Saturday nights
Just a will left to write…


Written By: Doc Solammen

I saw the red blood blossom
In a miniature bouquet
I admired what transpired
Then I put it right away

Floating in the darkness
of an endless, opiate sea
Well, it seems I've found the answers
That, intact, I couldn't see

With fluid grace
The dream displaced
An ages old belief
Triptych depicts a mystic
Girded round by common thieves

We looked straight on
Both he and I
A heartbeat from the grave
And felt ourselves forgotten
By a world we came to save

I'm burdened by the knowledge
That the effort I expend
Is a gruesome convolution
Plied against a certain end

The notion that an ocean
Filled with time
Lay out ahead
It's the folly of the living
It's the future of the dead

Reality is shaky ground
Perspective starts to blur
I'll tell you which way up is
When I'm absolutely sure

Ideals I held sacred
In the springtime of my youth
Fail before the gale of
The coming winter's truth

One cannot know the future
Without knowing paradox
To see the road destroys the choice
And to that road we're locked

To see tomorrow's sunrise
To know tomorrow's evil
Narrows the events that pass
To the ones that we believe will...


EP, titled, "With It & For It," released Fall, 09. EP reserved for intra-industry promotional puposes. Copies available upon request. Streaming radio airplay of two tracks. The single, "Gearbox" has recieved airplay on KISW, Seattle's principal rock, FM radio station.

Set List

Set lists range from 8 to 15 songs. Our longest set is one hour.
Erudite, Seasons of Life, Thorns, Turns of the Earth, High on the Wire, Ashes to Ashes, Toro, Bongo, Eradicator, Gearbox, Long Haul Driver, Full Step, Corners of My Nights.