Energetic and charged full of emotions and rhythm with live shows that blow away audiences every time.


A striking blend of modern rock grooves, potent guitar work, Latin percussion and
soulful lyrics have made VALLEJO one of the most popular bands to hail from Austin,
Texas. Their music immediately hooks the listener right in, taking them on a rollercoaster
ride of musical beats and expressions.

Raised in the small Texas town of El Campo and than relocating to Birmingham, Alabama, The Vallejo Brothers were formed in 1990 by three brothers A.J. (Vocals, Lead Guitar), Alejandro (Drums), and Omar (Bass). The boys were introduced to music by the Latin sounds of Tito Puente, Herb Alpert, and Santana to name a few. Their influences have led this alternative band to have an eclectic sound of heavy guitar rifts with an edge of Latin rhythms and melodies.

The first door opened when the three brothers were in their early teens. “Our musical career was fueled when our parents bought us three trumpets back when we were in our teens,” says Alejandro. “Between the three of us we were all over our school’s music department - in jazz, marching band and symphonic band.”

In 1995, drawn to the “Live Music Capital of the World”, the group moved to Austin, Texas. Over the next five years, VALLEJO released two albums on TVT Records. Their album Shining Sun was released in 1996, followed by the 1998 Beautiful Life, produced by Vallejo and Neil King. While sharpening their performance skills with a non stop touring schedule, the group also added James “Diego” Simmons on percussion and most recently Heath Clark as an additional guitar player.

With the new millennium upon us, Vallejo headed into the studio to begin the recording of Into The New. Produced by Michael Barbiero (Blues Traveler, Metallica, Guns N’ Roses) and the Vallejo Brothers, the album was recorded at Arlyn Studio (Austin, TX) and mixed at Blue World Music in Dripping Springs, TX.

Now the band is back in the studio recording eleven new songs for release in Japan on Universal Records. The album will include a remake of the Wall Of Voodoo classic “Mexican Radio” The Vallejo Brothers have enlisted the help of Austin producer/engineer Carl Thiel (Bob Schneider, Monty Montgomery) to capture the high energy sound of Vallejo on disc.

“We’re out to have a good time,” says A.J. “We want to play music that makes you wanna get up and be alive.” A Vallejo show is an energetic experience, and the “tightness” of the band’s chemistry is apparent the instant the first note is played.

VALLEJO is primed, poised and ready.


Take a Ride

Written By: Vallejo

Here I go, a comin' thru your stereo
I feel the need to break away and get some things off my mind
I think I wanna go for a drive
I'll take the main street over to my house on the hills
Been loco livin' large kickin' back on a stack of my bills
I'm ready to fly
So come on and get ready 'cause we're takin' a ride

Oh no here we go, comin' thru your stereo
Freak show on the road, I'll see you in time
You're lookin' good and feelin' fine
So come on with me and take a ride

Well it's time to get busy, it's time to get paid
I'll take a trip down to Maui and maybe get leid
Eating good, drinkin' wine, all of the time
Feel like I'm livin' like a king and I'm loosin' my mind
Call me crazy anytime that you feel
You can call me on my phone in my automobile
Five five five six six eleven
I'll have ya home by seven

Oh no here we go, comin' thru your stereo
Freak show on the road, I'll see you in time
You're lookin' good and feelin' fine
And I can't seem to get ya off my mind
Oh no here we go, comin' thru your stereo
Freak show on the road, I'll see you in time
You're lookin' good and feelin' fine
So come on with me and take a ride

Rollin' down the highway, lookin' for a freeway
Tryin' to make a livin' doin' nothing, do you know what I mean
It's all about havin' a dream
Ring-ring-a-ling all in my ear
As I wake up in the morning and it's all that I hear
My heart starts racin' and I feel so alive
I shoulda known (shoulda known)
Yeah I was takin' a ride

Come on with me and take a ride...
Comin' thru your stereo


Written By: Vallejo


I'm goin' downtown
I'm goin' all around

Ripped up Scotty, saw him at the party
Tore up, floor up, drinkin' too much toddies
Seein' double, take a triple on the side
I'm feelin' oh so good

I took a quick trip back and I had to react
The echo of my voice as I spoke my mind
She's lookin' hot on the scene
Yeah, you know what I mean
I'm thinkin' down boy down boy

I'm goin' downtown
I'm goin' all around
I'm goin' downtown
I'm goin' all around

Yeah I'm cruisin' down the strip as I'm takin' a sip
With my dice hangin' way past my knees
I've got my drop down to the ground
Twenty inches all around
Lookin' for my bride to be
I see the druglord addicts on the side of the road
Kickin' back, pimpin' pills by the load
He's got some X and some V's and some Vitamin C
He's feelin' oh so good
Somebody take me downtown

Suzi's in Miami, she's from Alabami
Left for Cincinnati, it's too cold out there
I met her in Toledo, we rode thru Sausilito
One day, L.A., wanna be Banditos

I took a ride towards the setting sun
Headed Eastbound on 71
I went thru Austin, Houston, Dallas too
I'm feelin' oh so good
Somebody take me downtown

So Damn Beautiful

Written By: Vallejo

You'll never know the beauty...that you are
'Cause I can see the your star

And there's something that I wanna do
To capture this moment of you

I'm taking your picture
So I won't forget you
'Cause you're so damn beautiful
Just smile for the camera
So I can remember
That you're so damn beautiful

The mystery of life surrounds you...I know
But I just want to keep close

Now black or white it's all so clear
But I'm dying to have you right here

I'm taking your picture
So I won't forget you
'Cause you're so damn beautiful
Just smile for the camera
So I can remember
That you're so damn beautiful

And if I were to lose you
This would take me back to the way we were
And just one look is all I need from you
To get by...oh yeah

Into the New

Written By: Vallejo

Welcome to my room with a view
I hope you stay for awhile
Don't you go so soon
Take my vision as your ammunition
Shoot it up, let it go
Tell 'em that we're on a mission

I don't care if we break it
I don't care if you're good at faking
I just wanna be something in someone's eyes
Without being mistaken
So I break the mold
I search for the truth
There's gotta be something of us, maybe
Out with the old and into the new
I speak from the truth
I'm movin' on into the new

Into the new dimension with my feet on the front line
It's not like I'm getting much more time
Remember '99? It never was enough
We're gonna do it right, not gonna give it up

It don't matter if this world's gonna end right
It's not like you've got another life
It's only midnight, I came to live it up
We're gonna do it right, C'mon and give it up


(VMG Records)
Release Date: Nov 05, 2002

Into The New
(Epic Records)
Release Date: Aug 22, 2000

Interactive CD
(VMG/Art Attack Productions)
Release Date: Feb 10, 2000

Beautiful Life
(TVT Records)
Release Date: Oct 20, 1998

Vallejo (Shining Sun Cover)
(TVT Records)
Re-released Version Release Date: Feb 11, 1997

Vallejo (Sacred Heart Cover)
(IMI Records)
First Version Release Date: 1996

Sins EP
(Chapel Lane/VMG)
Release Date: December 1994; Re-released 1999

Set List

12-15 songs

Take a Ride
Rock Americano
Mexican Radio
Beautiful Life
Into the New
Just Another Day
Let it Slide
Shining Sun
I go on
Modern Day Slave
La Familia