MontrĂ©al, Quebec, CAN

VALLEYS play pop songs...haunting, cinematic, avant-rock desert dreamscape sort of pop songs.


Valleys is an art-rock (or something like that) band from Montreal. It consists of Matilda Perks, Marc St Louis and Pascal Oliver. It's earlier incarnations occurred sometime around 2005 with Matilda and Marc writing songs here and there. They made some CD-Rs. Pascal joined in 2008 prior to the release of their first official LP entitled Sometimes Water Kills People. It was well received and the band toured the U.S. and Canada. The band continues to make it's unique brand of haunting, cinematic and avant-rock desert music on their forthcoming digital release Stoner EP (out November 9th, 2010 on Semprini).
Over the past few years VALLEYS has had the pleasure to play with Fleet Foxes, Yeasayer, Castanets, MGMT, Woods, Future Islands, Why?, Vetiver, Real Estate, Suckers, Lower Dens and Dear Tick.


Stoner EP (Semprini Records, 2010)
Sometimes Water Kills People (Semprini Records, 2009)
Split 7" w/ Freelove Fenner (Telepathetique, 2007)
Night War (LP 2006)