Val Marshall

Val Marshall


Vibrant and passionate singer/songwriter whose songs are a mix of Americana /Alt country/Country rock with some Blues sprinkled on top.


Val Marshall started songwriting and playing at Open Mics and Festivals on her own in Hull about five years ago. She currently does regular gigs and festivals in the Leeds/York/Hull/Sheffield areas. Her first (self released ) CD came out in January 2007 and received air play on the Bob Harris BBC Radio 2 show , BBC Radio Leeds , BBC Radio Humberside and BBC Radio Lancashire.Val's 2nd CD called "LOVE'S GHOST" was launched on April 8th 2008 and has also had Bob Harris Radio 2 airplay . It is currently available on her website. Val's 2 CDs are also on iTunes under the name Val Marshall if you want to download some tracks . You can order both CDs in the UK from Smartchoicemusic , a BRILLIANT Americana online store ( or in the USA from . Val has supported the following artists in the UK: Pete Molinari, Great Lake Swimmers, Pete Rowan, Corinne West, Gina Villalobos, Deadstring Brothers, Ethan Daniel Davidson, Tom Hingley, Eleanor McEvoy,Clive Gregson , Angie Palmer and Rachel Harrington.


Love on the waves

Written By: Val Marshall

Won't you fly down here and stay with me tonight
And I'll bring you some peace from the storm
I've got your music , it's ringing in my ears
Come on down to Mexico where the air is sweet and warm
Down in Mexico we can find a secret place where..
We can walk the sand and while away the hours..
Lie in the sun and drink margaritas..
And make memories and love on the waves..
Oh we can on the waves
Won't you sing me that song about took my photograph..
You'd just loved me and we were at our best..
Or do that thing where you rub my shoulders in the Mexicano sun and then..
You know the rest..oh..I know you know the rest...
You've got your life up there and I've got mine..
Being apart it just adds to the spice
But when I'm with you well.. I want all of you..
Right down here tonight and don't think twice..
I want to be wit you and oh my baby...
I'll give you a love sweet and warm..
It'll be sweet and warm..

Through and through

Written By: Val Marshall

I know you suffered pain and lies,
I can see those shadows behind your eyes.
You said that it made you cold,
But let me tell you now, I know otherwise

I don't know what went on before
And the past is one thing that I can't undo
But I could warm your heart again
If you would let me get close to you.

You could know me , body and soul
And I'd wrap my love around you.

I'd put everything on hold for you,
To see you smile again.
I would put everything on hold for you,
To see you see you smile once again

'Cos now that you're in my head oh
You are in my head
And I want to wrap my love around you

I want to love you ,
Let me love you through and through
Won't you let me love you ,
Let me love you through and through... Oh...
Through and through...
Love you through and through..
Let me ..let me love you.

Love's ghost

Written By: Val Marshall

I thought I saw you standing by the road
You had your back towards the sun
But the canyon light played tricks on my eyes
When I looked closer , he was just anyone.
I travelled night and day through hills of green,
I don't see roadsigns or where I've been
I'm just wondering what are you doing now
Are you thinking of me somehow
I packed my bags and left that place
And I won't be back,there's too much to face
Too many tears and a broken heart
Don't you know you stole my heart
How we were was tearing me apart
Now there's a scar that anyone can see
Where you pierced the skin and got inside of me
You really got inside of me
You would hold my hand but didn't understand
That love need more than acting like strangers passing thorough a door,through a door...
I still think I see you walking in a crowd
And sometimes I'll call your name out loud
But then he turns around ,his back towards the sun
And when I look closer he's just anyone,just anyone,anyone..


Both Val's CDs are self-releases and are available to order at CDbaby: (If I had my time again) (Love's ghost)
Tracks which have been streamed or have had major BBC (UK) airplay are:
Love on the waves
If I had my time again
Cupid's butterfly
How long
John Winter's wife
500 miles
Through and through

Set List

I usually do two 45 minute sets but have sometimes done 3 x 30 minutes at the request of the venue. My set list would include songs from my CDs plus about 4 covers eg Neil Young: Old Man/When you dance/ Hurricane or The Dead's Walk me out in the morning dew/I know you rider / Friend of the Devil or Pink Floyd's Time or some British blues eg Free's Fire and Water / Be my friend/Get where I belong or Eagles Seven bridges Road or Lucinda Williams Jackson.