Val Nebbia

Val Nebbia


"Val Nebbia has a beautiful and powerful voice -- she can belt it out with bravado but even more impressive is her ability to get ultra-quet and bring a room to an intense hush." Her music is fascinating, her poetry dense and startling.


When singer Valerie Nebbia opens up her heart and her voice it's hard to breathe. Her voice is bigger than the most enormous venue and when she sings, she tells everyone's story. She explains the doubts and fears and hopes we wonder if anyone else has felt.
The Annapolis, Maryland native climbed over her three brothers' hockey sticks, GI Joes, and Nintendo controllers to reach for her father’s guitar and to speak the truth about home and good cooking but also about the blood and grit that is life.

Surrounded by the sounds of CCR, Simon & Garfunkel, Talking Heads, Brit-pop, and Neil Young, Valerie blended these influences with a healthy dose of Patty Griffin to form her own sound. The Calvin College graduate has emerged as a literate songwriter possessing introspective, gospel/spiritual, sad-girl/strong-woman, honest, gutsy, vulnerable artistry.
Can she sing? Yeah! This is a voice with power, finesse, and a blues edge that pulls at the proverbial heart strings until they almost break. But don't get too distracted by the voice of this angel. Valerie Nebbia has something to say.


Demo of five songs titled "Limp"

Set List

Original Songs (more than an hour):
The Smell of Cotton
Kentucky Ghost
Devil Has A Pretty Face
Humpty Dumpty
On The Way
Burning Tale
Desert-- The People Cry
Cover Up
Wooing You
Love Lost
No More Crying

Yer So Bad
Give Me One Reason
69 th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy)
Case of You
Boy Done Wrong
Long Ride Home
Millions of Christmas and Gospel Songs,most with original arrangements