Val's Dog Tags and Leather ID Bracelets

Val's Dog Tags and Leather ID Bracelets


Personalized message on this very popular campus craze!


Here's a new spin on an old craft. Dog tags aren't just for the military anymore. Now you can wear it around your neck, on your wrist, your ankle, or even as a belly bracelet! You can put it on your gym bag, through the zipper of your jacket, or use it as a keychain. And here's the best thing of all - you can personalize it with whatever phrase you want!

Imagine a "welcome back" tag that says,

Welcome Week
If lost, return to
DORM #318

...or a tag like this for finals week:

If found asleep,
administer coffee & sugar
Finals 2004

If you can imagine it, Val can put it on a tag for you. It's perfect for fairs, festivals, registrations, back to school events, orientations, parents weekends, cookouts, Spring Fling, or any event where you need a really different, original, and personalized giveaway item.