Great songs with a rock solid Bass lines and Thumping Drums. Punk Rock meets Bob dylan


Valusi formed in 2003, Playing gigs and recording Demos in various studios across Ireland. valusi recorded their debut album in march 2006. Valusi are a trio hailing from Galway. They are Cormac Lyons (vocals/guitar), David Landy (bass) and Declan Mannion (drums). Each started out in their respective bands as guitarists, but in 2004 the three comrades were drawn together to form Valusi They set to work writing and recording material in a derelict house miles from anywhere, anyone, anything. the band made their debut performance in 2005. After witch they went to another secluded spot in Kerry, to demo the songs that would become 'All the Way Up'. These gentlemen have are attuned to what sounds good. With influences ranging from Motown to Aphex Twin and Squarepusher, the band have an assortment of musical stimuli. Their eclectic musical tastes are evident in the music. Mannions drumming is fast and hard, basslines delivered by Landy are full and furious. The driving force of Valusi, Cormac Lyons ties this musical expos together with sweet but gritty melodies both on vocals and guitar. Lyrically he incites a strong narrative in all of the songs. Valusi are strong contenders on the indie rock circuit. They have just recorded their first album All the Way Up. in Sonic Eye Studios over three weeks in March. They will be promoting it in several venues around the country. see press for details.


All The Way Up (Silver Street Records) 2006

Set List

valusi`s current setlist is approx 1 hour long and contains songs off 'All The Way Up" and some cracking new songs too
On The Bloody Streets
Party People
Someplaces It Never Rains
Pusher Street
Endless Highway
Dirty World
Two For One
Sunset sun
Chocolate Eyes
Do What You Want To
Play It Cool
Lucy`s Love
To The Night