VamoLá! Drum & Dance Ensemble

VamoLá! Drum & Dance Ensemble


Through vibrant processions, parades, and stage performances, VamoLá brings to life the celebratory spirit of carnival. While the emphasis is on samba —"the essence of the Brazilian musical soul"— VamoLá offers a rich array of other styles, including samba-reggae, maracatu, hip-hop and funk.


Through lively processions, parades, and stage performances, VamoLá brings to life the celebratory spirit of Brazilian carnival! While the emphasis is on samba—“the essence of the Brazilian musical soul”—VamoLá offers a rich array of other Brazilian music and dance styles as well, from the radical, hip-hop rhythms of samba-reggae to the elegant, powerful rhythms of maracatu. This exuberant drum and dance ensemble envelops the audience in driving rhythms, inviting the audience to join in and delighting viewers of all ages.

The drummers play the instruments found in a Brazilian batería (percussion band), from the deep heartbeat of the big surdo drums to the sharp riffs of the tamborims, and from the agogôs (bells), chocalhos, and caixas to the strong solos riffs of the lead drum (repinique). You’ll also hear the playful cuíca, famous for its distinctive, birdlike calls in samba.

Wearing colorful costumes—from glittery Rio-style fantasias to earthy Afro-Brazilian styles—the dancers perform samba and other high-energy choreography, interacting with the drummers and the audience.

Since 2001, VamoLá has performed at major festivals, events, and venues, including:
Symphony Thunder at Benaroya Hall; Mardi Gras at Columbia Tower Club; Bumbershoot; World Rhythm Festival; BrasilFest; Brazilian Carnival; NW Folklife Festival; Ethnic Fest; Out to Lunch Concert Series; First Night New Year’s Gala; Hispanic Seafair; Rainbow Festival; Festival Sundiata; Solstice Parade; Trolloween; Pride Parade and Festival; Winter Solstice Feast; Fiestas Patrias; Cinco de Mayo Seattle; Dia de los Muertos; Grande Fiesta Latina de Halloween; Central District Festival; Fremont Fair; and University District Street Fair.

VamoLá also performs at corporate events, including launch events and seasonal parties for Microsoft Corporation, Vulcan, and PemCo; at private clubs, such as Re-bar and Rock Salt; at black-tie fundraisers for museums; and at benefit auctions for Artist Trust, Lifelong AIDS Alliance, and First Place School. VamoLá also presents interactive performances and workshops with local and visiting Brazilian artists.

We’ll help you create an unforgettable experience!

Set List

Our typical set is 45-90 minutes. We can perform stage shows or as processions and parades. The stage is best to exhibit our varied choreography and repretoire. Below is a typical set list. We feature Samba styles of various "School" of Samba in Rio de Janeiro as well as style from other parts of Brazil. Each piece has a specific choreograpy.
Viraduro (Samba Rythm )
Macumba (Samba with Funk)
Manguiera (Samba)
Maracatu (Northeastern Afro-Brazilian Rhythm infused with hip-hop)
Camp Reggae (Samba-Reggae)
6/8 (Afro-Samba)
Ile Aye (Afro-Samba)
Macio's Reggae (Samba-Reggae)
Slow Samba
Super Fast Funky Samba