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A passion for music in all its dimensions, as much from an experiential perspective as from an artistic point of view has the profound unifying force that goes beyond socio-cultural divides. VAMPIRE VULTURES, a neo-romantic/pop punk/gothic-rock band from London and Rome came together to express taboo depths of self that border on narcissistic levels of self-torture.

On the first mini-album entitled SWEET BLACK, listeners can participate in a deeply sentimental embrace of the the dark side in an effort to co-create counter to the current of socially accepted boundaries.

The band consists Andrea Latini on guitar and Melissa Klatsia on vocals. (With Andrea occasionally providing male vocals on certain tracks.) The two main members of VAMPIRE VULTURES came together during the recent period of economic struggle. Both sensing an immediate connection and desire to communicate inner yearnings relevant to the turmoil of the times. Andrea Latini was raised in a suburban Italian town, the youngest son of a modest and well educated hard-working family. Melissa was the product of divorce and grew up in difficult conditions in the north of England, Melissa recalls of her childhood, "It was a constant struggle to divide my time between my mothers home in Macclesfield and my father's family from Greece as well as trying to pursue my own life's path."

The music collaboration came as an inspiring salvation faced with the everyday realities during the global crisis. Andrea recalls, "The intention with previous band projects was never to forge a career. Rather, it was a means to unleash the tensions experienced as a male youth in Italy both politically and socially. The current project is spurred from a need to express a true inner voice and bears the markings of a release from anger and a journey towards hope." Both Andrea and Melissa share a passion for the gothic-rock and California punk sounds emanating from artists and bands such as Avril Lavigne, The Goo Goo Dolls, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Good Charlotte and Aerosmith. "Avril Lavigne has been a huge inspiration for me growing up as a female strongly in tune with my masculine identity and yet harbouring an innate female fragility. Avril has the courage to stand up alongside the boys and truly be herself. To put it simply, she has balls."

In these initial stages of musical collaboration, Andrea and Melissa have already completed a 5 track mini album. The musical composition, songwriting and production is all there own work. Confidence is building and ideas are rife. More studio work and a series of European concerts are planned for the future of the band. There is also discussion about releasing the material digitally through i-Tunes and Rhapsody and a deal with a major recording label in order to initiate a stadium rock tour is the ultimate ambition of the band.

The SWEET BLACK mini-album is a tribute to the decadent play of inner emotive forces in conflict and striving for external recognition. The band make no denial of the sadness inherent in their music, played out by both melodic guitar solos and fragile vocals. The style of the music is undeniably untempered by changing trends. It is the proof that despite altering tastes and fashions beauty doesn't doesn't have to be compromised. A slight variation in sound can be heard from track to track, but the overall tone remains the emblem of post-punk.

VAMPIRE VULTURES is reaching out to touch the fans of which it does truly that - touch. The intention of the music is to revive some of the passion lost amongst inspired souls that have lost their faith in magic. In Melissa's own terms, "We want to fan the flames of a Promethean light that burns at the heart of even the most profound inner darkness"