Vanadium are a 4 piece Rock/metal outfit influenced by the likes of Iron Maiden, Megadeth and Machine Head. We fuse old school metal with modern metal creating a sound that is The NEW New Wave Of British Heavy Metal! A must see and must hear band!


Vanadium are a UK based metal band and evolved in Devon. A four piece band with influences of Iron Maiden, Megadeth and Machine Head! Formed in 2003 by Adam Martin the main songwriter and last original member. The band found its first lineup in Secondary school where they practised constantly in and out of school and writing their own material from the very start. Since then the band have been on a journey with many lineup changes playing many shows across the UK and recording several demos of their music which has come such a long way from the beginning and have really honed their sound. Now the band have really found themselves with a new lineup that feels and sounds so natural. Vanadium have evolved into a band with great passion and great potential that has a sound of it’s own and is going to prove to be a very necessary metal band in the music industry. Our sound is created with twin lead guitars, a really locked in rhythm section and a mixture of hard and soft vocals. The band can be demostrated on stage giving a very energetic and entertaining live show. We want to spread our music as far and wide as possible!


Vanadium EP
Conquered Earth EP
50.942 EP
Living Kills EP
Living Kills LP (Debut self released album)
EP-ic EP

Tracks that have been played and streamed on US and UK radio are:

Broken Man (EP-ic)
Save The Day (Ep-ic)
Mind Field (Living Kills)
Power Failure (Living Kills)

Set List

Typical setlist (All original material)

Thin Ice
Mind Field
Power Failure
The Fallen
Save The Day
Broken Man

Sets range from 30 mins - 60 mins depending on given time. We have alot of material to choose from!