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Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | SELF

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | SELF
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"Moving On Magazine EP Review of "It's not about murder...""

Vancouver's hardcore punk rock band has been spurring out their music for quite sometime, and I must say for hearing of them for the first time, has really impressed me a lot. Their music is something, it sort of reminds me of Pennywise and Rage Against The Machine (From the Evil Empire and Rage Against The Machine albums) combined into one band called Vancouver Killing Spree. It's Not About Murder... is VKS's EP, and it's really good. My favorite song off of the EP is probably Poor Impulse Control 320, slightly because I am a sucker for a fast song with a sick bass line, also it's a really good song. If you're totally into the hardcore punk rock music, definately check out Vancouver Killing Spree, you'll totally dig them.

Words By: Sarah Etoile - Moving On Magazine

"Abort Magazine Live Show Review of Jan 15th @ The Eldorado"

Live Review – Vancouver Killing Spree with Third Lit and Sinister Black. Friday, January 15, 2009 at The Eldorado – Vancouver, BC.

Perfection on a Friday night is no easy task, but beer, babes and punk rock helps keep it all in perspective… as long as Vancouver Killing Spree is in the mix. Tearing it up at The Eldorado last Friday night, the likes of Third Lit, Sinister Black and “VKS” provided an excellent opportunity to showcase some top notch local bands whilst swilling a beer with your favourite Chiquita.

The punk community is probably the closest knit group of individuals in Vancouver. Showing support and a positive focus can’t always be easy in a city that seemingly doesn’t give a shit about you. A near packed house at The Eldorado Friday let it be known that you can try and knock a good group of people down, but you can never EVER knock them out.

Friday night was started by Sinister Black and their truly unique sound. Something hard to label, but easy to enjoy is always welcome, so thank fuck for that. Equal parts punk and metal served up with a “fist in your face” delivery made Sinister Black well worth checking out. Its good to hear an independent, local three piece not trudging over the same tired musical grounds.

As diverse as they are catchy, Vancouver’s Third Lit presented an excellent set of well penned compositions echoing Monster Magnet as much as Rancid and Nomeansno as much as Fugazi. Third Lit’s sound will stick with you making them well worth checking out both live and on disc. Another distinct voice on the Vancouver Punk scene for sure.

Does imbibing several beers make everything a little bit better? Fucking rights it does and Vancouver’s redeemers of all things Punk took that point and delivered it proper. Vancouver Killing Spree is the latest local punk outfit making a decent noise in Vancouver both live and on disc. Taking tracks from their latest disc It’s Not About Murder and dropping them HARD on the heads and ears of the diligent, local hardcore community gave visage to some sort of punk perfection reserved for the very few. Sincerely appreciated by all in attendance, Vancouver Killing Spree will undoubtedly be your new favourite band very soon.

Strengthening the scene with yet another excellent lineup, thanks goes to The Eldorado for bringing together Third Lit, Sinister Black and Vancouver Killing Spree for a fucking wicked show.

By Grimm “One More Fuck” Culhane - Abort Magazine

"Interview with Kristina Mameli"

Vancouver Killing Spree proves it’s really not about murder
by Kristina Mameli, the Skinny

Despite its rather aggressive moniker and sound, the gentlemen of Vancouver Killing Spree are amongst the most honest and genuine you’ll ever meet—which, combined with a love of music and endearing band dynamic, shines through both on stage and on record.
The Skinny recently sat down with frontman and guitarist Brad Anderson, bassist Jesse Weymer and drummer Jamieson Cleary at their jamspace.
It all began very organically. Anderson and Cleary decided to part ways with the bassist of their previous project, Muskellunge, and change gears musically. Emerging from a Northern Saskatchewan mine just in time, Weymer moved back to Vancouver. An old friend of Anderson’s, he was an instant fit. “He’s one of the best bass players I’ve worked with ever,” said Anderson.
“Awe,” chimed in Weymer. “I’m going to get all misty eyed.”
From there, the trio played a few shows as Muskellunge.
What’s a Muskellunge you ask?
“A 90-pound North American freshwater-fish that eats ducks,” revealed Anderson.
“And rumoured to eat babies—but no one’s ever proven it,” said Weymer, providing the colour commentary.
The trio wrote a song called “Vancouver Killing Spree” and were amazed by the crowd’s reaction to the somewhat ferocious title. “It felt right,” said Anderson. “It’s kind of the opposite way people usually go—a band named after a song.”
“There was no way we could’ve kept calling it the same name because it wasn’t the same thing at all,” added Cleary.
Though the title was originally meant to reflect on the senseless gang violence prevalent in the city, it changed once adopted as the band’s name. “Whatever you do in life, you’re killing it,” said Weymer of the drive to do your absolute best daily.
Musically, the best description of the band comes courtesy of an anonymous Myspace fan: “It’s not punk, it’s not metal, it’s not rock, it’s not roll…it sounds like all those things got in a knife fight and punk and roll won.”
“[Jamieson’s] into punk, my influences come from metal,” said Weymer. “And Brad…he really likes Celine Dion.”
“The woman has an amazing voice,” Anderson justified. “I don’t necessarily like her music; I only listen to it when I’m alone in the dark crying in a corner. She’s good.”
“I should’ve said Brian Adams,” Weymer joked. “I’m really sorry…”
VKS released a five song EP called It’s Not About Murder… in October. “We just really wanted to have something to be able to give to people and show off what we were doing,” said Anderson.
“Here’s a CD, give us a show,” mused Weymer.
“So we decided it was important to put out an EP,” continued Anderson. “Otherwise we probably wouldn’t have. Personally I prefer full-length discs, but we had no idea how long it was going to take.
“When we write songs, we’re very meticulous about it,” he said of the care that goes into crafting each track. “We don’t like to just throw something down and call it done. It’s more, find something that really inspires us and then let it mature.”
“Loud” Chris DeMarcus took the recording helm, while Dave Denofreo was responsible for the morphed photo art. “He did everything short of actually coming to our houses in the morning and making coffee,” said Anderson, offering a tongue-in-cheek note. “Chris, if you’re reading this, please make sure next time we come in and do some work you’ve got some coffee made.”
Most of VKS’ music stems from a bass riff that either Weymer or Anderson will bring to the studio. “I really like playing when I’m smoking on the back of my deck,” said Weymer. “Some of it I can bring into the studio, some of it I just sort of leave on the deck. Whatever I feel at that time, I try to carry that with me.”
“Then I generally take the roots of what he’s using and I do something completely different,” smiled Anderson. “I like dark sounding music, so if there’s sort of rising progression that he’s working on that sounds…chipper, I take an axe to it and build a guitar riff that makes it sound like it’s falling down the stairs.”
“There will be no happiness in our music!” said Weymer.
“A lot of the stuff that I write about is inspired by things that generally make me unhappy or piss me off. It’s a very big outlet for me,” said Anderson. “If I didn’t have music, I’d…I don’t know…”
“Be a mass murderer,” interjected Weymer.
“I’d be a mass murderer.”
At times, Anderson’s lyrics are intensely personal. “I usually just put down exactly the words that are on my brain that fit well into the spaces and 100% of the time they’re reflective or metaphoric of something that’s going on in my life,” he said.
Cleary is responsible for linking Anderson and Weymer’s thoughts together, which to some might seem daunting. “It’s easy,” he said, “because there’s so many options. It’s just kind of easy for me to play the way I want too; I don’t have to play it a certain way ‘cause none of us really play anything by structure.”
“That’s something I really like about playing with these guys,” said Weymer, “it’s just no holds barred. I’m allowed to do whatever I want.”
“It’s never good unless you’re playing your heart out,” added Anderson.
Vancouver Killing Spree begins its tour at the Bourbon May 13th, an anniversary of sorts.
“Our first show as Vancouver Killing Spree was at Pub 340 on May 13th of last year,” said Anderson. “This year we’ve played on February 13th, March 13th, almost every show we’ve played has been on a 13th…we need to break that mould, so we’re going on tour.”
“Expect intensity,” said Cleary. “That’s the bottom line.”
“Come out ready to have fun,” said Anderson. “Come ready to throw out your inhibitions and get covered in beer if you like that kind of thing. If not…I’d take a couple paces back.”

The band tours throughout BC and Alberta in May and has been shortlisted to play Calgary’s Sled Island festival. Watch for a full-length album later this year. - The Skinny Magazine

"Absolute Underground EP Review"

The Vancouver Killing Spree is in its early stages. Only few have been killed so far, but hopefully they will be killing for years to come. The EP features five rock gems with ‘Thatchie Magoon’ and ‘Poor Impulse Control’ being the standout tracks. Guitarist/vocalist Brad Anderson’s vocals slightly resemble a young Chi Pig, while on guitar he shreds cool riffs half the time and keeps steady rocking the other half. On bass, the lines slapped out get groovy, and the drums are as solid as they need to be; not going over and beyond what needs to make the music rock hard. It’s punk rock with a groove. Who will their next victim be? To find out you’ll just have to stay tuned to the Vancouver Killing Spree.
-denis maile
- Absolute Underground

"CiTR Discorder Magazine EP Review of"

Vancouver Killing Spree has recently released their five-track EP It’s Not About Murder… The band is comprised of Jesse Weymer, Jamieson Cleary and Brad Anderson. VKS mentioned a fan reviewing their music on Facebook by saying “It’s not punk, it’s not metal, it’s no rock, it’s not roll, it sounds like all those things got in a knife fight, and punk and roll won.”

This description definitely sheds light on the band’s sound. Another way to imagine what they sound like is to transport yourself to the now-deceased Calgary bar The Castle and to picture a room full of black tee shirts and blue jeans, hands waving in the air avoiding the inevitable point that they spill their Pilsner or Kokanee while sweaty bodies jump and smash around.

Drum fills and heavy bass dominate this punk album, while the lead guitarist pays heed to the power chord. The lyrics, sung by Anderson, have filled a space somewhere between political and love poetry. More than anything, though, it sounds like the three of them are having fun. To get a full grasp of this three-piece punk band, you’re best off seeing them live. Vancouver Killing Spree is playing the Bourbon, March 13. Go forth and listen!

Review by Sarah Charrout - Discorder Magazine

"Abort Magazine EP Review of "It's not about murder...""

CD Review - Vancouver Killing Spree
Self-Titled EP

Not many local Vancouver bands will remind you of S.N.F.U., Bad Brains, Fu Manchu, The Dayglo Abortions and Minor Threat all rolled into one. Don't hurt yourself trying to think of any, its just not going to happen. There is an anomaly though, and thank fuck for anomalies. A new power trio is on the scene and they're on a spree, a Vancouver Killing Spree.

All bullshit aside, Vancouver Killing Spree plays pure punk rock, fast and loud, with a twist. That twist is some of the sweetest bass noise to be heard since John Wright strapped on a four string, plugged that fucker in and kicked it with his boots on.

"Poor Impulse Control" and "Ball Peen Hammer" both work beautifully as perfect riff laden examples of punk rock fury with in-your-face bass. "Hollinger" out S.N.F.U.'s S.N.F.U. (nice grammar) while" VKS" is the whitest Bad Brains song you'll ever hear (yes that was a compliment).

Punk rock has been constant for years. Local bands like The Rebel Spell and The Jolts are keeping it real, and more power to them, but what punk rock really needs is something to shake up the status quo. A kick in the balls is always fun or a murderous rampage would be good, or better yet, a Vancouver Killing Spree.

By Grimm "Ball Peen" Culhane - Abort Magazine

"The Aural Kinetic EP Review of"

Holy crackers! What can you say about Vancouver Killing Spree? Their name is kinda goofy, their first EP "It's Not About Murder..." has a goofy title, and their press/band photos are also kinda goofy. Get past that and what do you have? A band that can step up and play some goddamn punk-metal. Seriously, it was with some trepidation that I first hit play on my mp3 player, only to have my head removed by the rumble-ass bass intro that, within seconds, turns into an assault of power guitar and wicked-quick drumming. The band play fast and with a lot of heart, and we would say that comparisons by other reviewers to seminal 80's punk band Bad Brains are well justified. Like the Band Brains, this band plays at an exceptionally fast tempo but remain tight enough to start and stop on a dime.

The entire EP is solid with very few missteps. In fact the only detractor is that the slap-bass in Poor Impulse Control and VKS sounds to us more like Seinfeld than Red Hot Chili Peppers. Other than that, It's Not About Murder... is bang on. This EP is destined for repeated spins. Favourite track: Thatchie Magoon simply for the way it kicks off the disc by reaching back and smacking that pre-judgemental look off your face.

Vancouver Killing Spree can be found on MySpace and Facebook and play The Bourbon in Vancouver on November 20th.

Band photo courtesy of Protomesh.

Author Ian Explosivo - The Aural Kinetic

"Wildy's World EP Review of "It's not about murder...""

Vancouver Killing Spree - It's Not About Murder
2009, Vancouver Killing Spree

Vancouver’s aptly named Vancouver Killing Spree takes Punk back to its roots: big and loud. The power trio with filial roots that stretch to Bad Brains, SNFU, Fu Manchu and The Dayglo Abortions rocks hard, laying riff over riff and heavy beat over heavy beat. Vancouver Killing Spree’s debut EP, It’s Not About Murder, puts it all out there; whether you like them or not, Vancouver Killing Spree will disarm you with honest Punk Rock.

Vancouver Killing Spree opens fire with Thatchie McGee, a flying-off-the-rails rocker full of frenetic guitar riffs. Wasting no time, Vancouver Killing Spree flies right into Poor Impulse Control, a high-octane ride full of funky bass work, more of the same frenetic guitar style and an almost Punk/Industrial intensity. Ball-Peen Hammer descends into guitar-driven Noize, with guitarist Brad Anderson shredding for all he's worth. Hollinger digs further into the Punk underground, relying on relentless drum beats, scathing guitar and repetition to deliver a message that isn't entirely clear. Vancouver Killing Spree closes with their signature song, VKS, vacillating between Punk and Thrash guitar styles, but letting the bass player loose on a funky solo mid-song.

It's Not About Murder is music for a mosh pit, but the lack of subtlety or real musical sense limits the market considerably for Vancouver Killing Spree (not that I think they're the least bit concerned about that). If you're looking to give yourself over to some heavy Punk rock for a little while, this is the perfect EP. If subtlety, musicality or pithy nuance are your game, don't come knocking.

Rating: 3 Stars (Out of 5)

Posted by Wildy
- Wildy's World


Debut EP - "It's not about murder..."



Vancouver Killing Spree puts a new twist on good old punk. A fan put it best when describing VKS’s unique sound: “It’s not punk, it’s not metal, it’s not rock, it’s not roll . . . it sounds like all those things got in a knife fight and punk and roll won.”

The group played their first show at Pub 340 in Vancouver in support of local hard-core punk band Third Lit. Shortly thereafter in the summer of 2009 VKS recorded their first EP at Harbourside Studios with Producer/Engineer “Loud” Chris DeMarcus and was featured as Music BC’s band of the week July 29th - Aug 5, 2009.

The EP was released in October 2009 and the song “Poor Impulse Control” debuted at #10 on the Headphonica chart in Issue #13 of Abort Magazine. Abort’s Publisher/Editor-In-Chief: E.S.Day was quoted in the Best of 2009 edition of “Absolute Underground” citing Vancouver Killing spree as the best new local band of 2009.

Anderson, who writes the band’s lyrics, says “I tend to write very metaphorically, focusing on the words that are inspired by the music. Top priority is the sound the words make in relation to the music and the thoughts it inspires.”

Taking inspiration from real-life events has served Anderson well. “Ball-Peen Hammer” was written “after Jesse busted his junk and had to wear a catheter for two months.” A more sobering incident led to the song “Hollinger,” which is named after the culprit who stabbed Brad’s brother to death in Calgary in 2008 outside a karaoke bar.

Weymer is a Port Hardy native who was described by Abort Magazine as putting out “some of the sweetest bass noise to be heard since Rob Wright strapped on a four string, plugged that f**ker in and kicked it with his boots on”.

The band has since completed a Western Canadian tour, featuring dates in Calgary, Vancouver, Nelson, Victoria and Nanaimo in May of 2010. Since then Shawn Sheers has been introduced to take on percussion for the group and will be introduced live in the coming months.

If you are looking for “A band that can step up and play some goddamn punk-metal” (The Aural Kinetic, 2009) keep an ear to the ground for a show in your town and go pick up the EP “It’s not about murder…” through iTunes, Napster, amazonMP3, etc or nag your local indie record store to stock up.


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