Vandana Jain

Vandana Jain

 New York City, New York, USA
BandAlternativeNew Wave

Vandana Jain's band is associated with the indie underground and DIY community in NYC playing all analog electronic-synth-pop-post-punk.


Raised in India and educated in London, Vandana Jain has collected an eclectic tapestry of both musical and aesthetic influences over the years, all of which find a place in the music. Everything from Portishead to Pink Floyd and the EDM/IDM rave scene in London lend to her unique layered style of glitchy beats, electronic swells and heavy synth melodies that lay beneath Jain's emotive front and center vocal play.

"Through the metaphysical resonance, it's almost as if your brain is transported into a musical k-hole, but you won't mind it at all." Logan Brendt, LadyGunn


Anti Venus - debut full length October 2013
Vandamner EP 2012