Van Davis

Van Davis


'Instrumental music with a lot to say' as performed by a high-energy trio from NYC. A rock-funk-jazz hybrid that combines infectious melodies, deep grooves, adventurous improvisation, and a sense of humor.


VAN DAVIS is a high-energy trio from New York City with a sound that straddles the worlds of rock, funk, and jazz. Their infectious melodies and deep, distinctive grooves give a nod to progressive rock, jazz fusion, metal, classical, and bluegrass, producing a hybrid that is both complex and fun. The band is known for their adventurous improvisation within intricate, well-composed songs. Guitarist JAKE EZRA explains, "We're always throwing curve balls at each other and having musical dialogues. I never view our songs as totally finished. I always encourage the band to take chances and try something new."

The story of Van Davis began in 2002 with Jake Ezra's desire to start an innovative instrumental band with the rock bravado of Van Halen and the free musical experimentation of Miles Davis (hence the moniker Van Davis). Immediately onboard was drummer PATRICK CARMICHAEL, who wowed Jake with his relaxed precision and funky, fun compositions. Bassist JON PRICE rounded out the trio, bringing his in-depth understanding of groove and improvisation to the project. The band's 2003 self-titled debut CD was hailed as "a funky, very live-feeling CD that runs the gamut of whatever the guitar can do" (Mike Brady, proGGnosis).

Van Davis' passionate following has packed renowned NYC venues including the Knitting Factory, 55 Bar, Arlene’s Grocery, and CBGB. While onstage, the band members share their humor and spontaneity as well as the technical proficiency their fans have come to expect: "Ezra's collection of pedals and effects is used to add stunning color to the music, and his manipulation of the wah pedal is perfect. The rhythm section moves from jazz to blues grooves effortlessly, and touches on a harder rock vibe without missing a beat… " (Matt Mrowicki, Chorus and Verse).

The band's forthcoming CD "HAVE YOU SEEN THIS BAND?" captures the evolution of Van Davis' sound. The cover art portrays the faces of Jake, Jon, and Patrick on a milk carton as if they were "missing." In truth, the band is now finding what they’ve been looking for: a way make "instrumental music with a lot to say" accessible to a global audience. With a steady stream of new fans falling in love with the band’s sound, Van Davis is poised to become a permanent fixture in the instrumental groove-rock scene.


Have You Seen This Band? (2006)
Van Davis self-titled debut CD (2002)

Set List

Original compositions include:
One Question At a Time
Monster Patrol
Funkin' Bumpkin
We're All Human Or Whatever
Monkey Chips
Crunchy Funk
Cuckoo's Nest
In Your Face, Space Coyote
In or Out
Even If

Occasional covers include:
Augusta's Ankle (Jimmy Herring)
Rockit (Herbie Hancock)
Fred (Allan Holdsworth)
Cherub Rock (Smashing Pumpkins)
Are You Experienced? (Jimi Hendrix)

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