Lou Reed and Neil Young on a Bender at Howlin Wolf's House. Real rock and roll.


Vanderuilte hails from the hollers of Lincoln Co., West Virginia. This Appalachian expatriate found himself in Portland, Oregon by way of chance in the middle of 2002. Vanderbuilte was born 2003 out of necessity. In the beginning it was a one-man drunken revelry, alternating between hysterical accapella gospel hymns and guttural death blues banged out on his guitar between gulps of gin and soda. Somewhere along the way Vanderbuilte became a full-fledged country rock band. The same sweet longing for home and cries for forgiveness are now robed in rhythm, rock, country and blues.


Full Length to come out in August/sept. on newly formed BLUE DEATH Records.

Set List

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