Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

Vandevander released 5 singles in the last year following a 15 track EP trilogy. 9 of these songs are in global circulation in over 130 commercials including VW, Jeep, Toyota and The Summer Olympics as well as CBS and NBC prime time programming and multiple other networks. Live, it's 3 piece fire!


Have you heard us? We've been here:

“1000”- Elementary Super Bowl Ad, (CBS), American Idol (FOX), 21 Jump Street Featurette, Street Food International (Travel), Deck Wars (HGTV), Late Night Olympic Wrap (NBC), This New House (DIY), Restaurant Impossible (FOOD), NYC 22 (CBS), Right This Minute, Street Foods International (TRAVEL), Season Pass, Jam Joyn, Big Break (GOLF), Unique Sweets (COOKING), World of Whitetail (VERSUS), Bringing It Home (ABC/FOX), Triple Rush (TRAVEL), Tough Enough (USA), Turf War (DIY), Foodcrafters (COOKING), Bath Crashers (DIY), Weeds (Ad-TVGUIDE), WWE Raw (USA), 2011 Nascar Sprint Cup Series Chase Preview Show (ESPN), Books (CSPAN), Diners, Drive Ins and Dives (FOOD), Man Eater (LIFETIME), 10 Most Fascinating People (ABC), Antonio Treatment (HGTV), Guy's Choice Awards 2011 (SPIKE), The Rock 'N' Roll Dreams of Duncan Christopher (GRAVITAS VENTURES/VELVET BLUE MUSIC), The Layover, Big Break Atlantis, Tinfoil, Newspaper, Sweater,Walmart FY13 Nascar Driver Web Video, Cool Sculpting "Diet" :60 Radio

“The Curse”- Royal Purple Driver SF, Winchester’s White Revolution (VERSUS), Triple Rush, Foodcrafters (COOKING), Guy's Choice Awards 2011 (SPIKE), Bath Crafters (DIY), 40 Most Shocking Breakups (VH1), Heet Seekers (FOOD), Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations (TRAVEL), Season Pass

“Devil Man”- Nascar Hall of Fame Biography (SPEED), Big Break (GOLF), Deck Wars (HGTV), Elk Fever (VERSUS), Winchester’s White Tail Revolution (VERSUS), World of Whitetail (VERSUS), Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations (TRAVEL), Triple Rush (TRAVEL), Foodcrafters (COOKING), Right This Minute

“The Birth of Death”- Triple Rush (TRAVEL), 40 Most Shocking Breakups (VH1), Elk Fever (VERSUS), Season Pass, Restaurant Impossible

“The Getback”- 40 Most Shocking Breakups (VH1), Color Your Car (TOYOTA.COM)

“Burning For Love”- Love At First Byte: The Secret Science of Online Dating (CNBC), Triple Rush (TRAVEL), 40 Most Shocking Breakups (VH1), Penn State Football Story (FOXSports), Jam Joyn, Season Pass

“To the Fool, the Thief”- Triple Rush (TRAVEL), Inside the PGA Tour (GOLF), Jeep Trail Rates Series, Bath Crashers (DIY), Season Pass, Baggage Battles, Elementary, Volkswagon CLIO Awards Commercial

“I’m On Fire”- Volkswagon (CLIO's Global Advertiser of the Year 2012 Ad), Elementary (CBS), Ford/Quicklane: Quicklane Daytona 500 (Digital Feature), Triple Rush (TRAVEL), Superbowl Attractions, Bath Crashers (DIY), 10 Most Fascinating People 2011 (ABC), Face Off (SYFY), Jam Joyn, Baggage Battles (TRAVEL), Bank of America 500 Recap (SPEED), CM MWR Darlington Highlight (SPEED),

"Wildcat"- Books (CSPAN), Jam Joyn, Season Pass


The Great State Of Emotion EP
The Great State Of Denial EP
The Great State Of Redemption EP
The Great State Of The Colony DVD
The Wicked Dance, single
Don't Wake The Monster, single
Beat Of The Redeemed, single
The Son Of Rock N Roll, single
Small Price To Pay, single

Set List

Black Magic Lover
The Curse
The Getback
Hollywood Heartbreak
The Birth of Death
Sleep With My Scars