vanessa boyd

vanessa boyd


A mix of acoustic and electronic sounds, Americana meets Psychedelia Rock. I call it Original Femo Rock.


"I like the skillful pairing of exotic-sounding percussion with otherwise rootsy instrumentation. I’ve heard other DJs comment about that as well."

--May 07; Kim Clark, Music Director WNCW (Asheville, NC) 

It goes like this:
Viola to Piano to Guitar; add in Eukelele, Hajhuj and a new Synthesizer; write and sing.

Texas to Louisiana to France to Tennessee to Morocco to New York. Shreveport, New Orleans, the West Texas Desert, Knoxville, Asheville, Bristol, Galveston, Rabat, Lille, Brooklyn, Manhattan.

Rambling, traveling, musical theatre, festivals, busking, dives, restaurants and bars, clubs, theatres and houses.

The newly released Hunger is receiving regular airplay on independent radio. New projects are already underway in New York.

TIDBITS : Vanessa sang with a full orchestra & received a standing ovation from a 300 + crowd entitling her to a college scholarship in 1996 : She was a radio DJ for three years and Co-Program Director for one at KSCL : After learning the basic chords from her college roommate in 1996 she wrote her first song on guitar while attending CMJ in 1997 : Vanessa works as a Production Coordinator converting & recording sound files in NYC : She has a mailing list of about 1,000 people : She has played more shows than days in the year & given more interviews than days of the month : Vanessa has strong web presence & has dipped her toes in booking, promoting & managing ::
V2K, 244 Fifth Ave, Ste V207, New York, NY 10001


token comforts

Written By: vanessa boyd

a babe who's lost her swaddling clothes, can you take me to a home? wrap me up in care and grace, steep me in some warm embrace :: this sleeping bag's my token comfort, can you tell me where i come from? wrap me up in safe confinement, cover me so softly :: i have made it through another year, knowing only the vaguest sense of fear : whispering, none of this means, anything :::

non-existing girlfriend

Written By: vanessa boyd

i am the non-existing girlfriend, and i am loving you with my non-existing heart : i am the non-existing girlfriend, and i am touching you with my non-existing hands, i thought it was a healing touch, a warmth you could feel, but all along they were non-existing hands : i am the non-existing girlfriend, and i am loving you with my non-existing heart : i am the non-existing girlfriend, and i am talking with my non-existing mouth, i thought that you would care, that you wanted me to share, but all along, they were non-existing words : i am the non-existing girlfriend, and i am loving you with my non-existing heart ::

Full In My Lover's Arms

Written By: Vanessa Boyd

Has anyone here been lost
Let me tell you how I been lost
I got lost once on purpose
Deep in the hills of Granada
I found myself in front of a boy with a shotgun
I looked at him right in the eye
I hope he’s boy enough, he won’t shoot me face to face
I hope he’s man enough, he won’t shoot me from behind

Does anyone here feel strong
Let me tell you how I feel strong
Like Paul Simon said in Graceland
I slammed my car into a brick wall
And three months later I held up my chainsaw
Up above the bed we made
I chopped it down, chopped it down, I chopped it down
I chopped it down, so now it just sleeps one

Does anyone feel cold and hungry
Because I have been cold and hungry
But more importantly
I have been full in my lover’s arms


ep: hunger, 2007
her most recent album with the yes men is described as the genetically engineered child of Ben Harper, a lo-fi Joni Mitchell & Hüsker Dü :

1. hunger to be fed 2. move ahead 3. train 4. non-existing girlfriend 5. what happened

album: unkept woman, 2004
vanessa’s full-length album is a chronicle of a woman exploring her relation to culture, adventure, family, romance and independence : written mostly while living in morocco, it consists of 14 songs, 12 original

1. old dan tucker (public domain) 2. too late to call 3. token comforts 4. hell yeah 5. tell me child 6. same sky 7. maghreb winter 8. rock & roll (led zeppelin) 9. company 10. unkept woman 11. no lesson too late 12. friends of mine 13. storm comin near 14. you so cold ::

Set List

original music
45 min-1 hour set lists, have enough material to play a 3 set show without repeats