Vanessa's Entire Heart

Vanessa's Entire Heart


It will haunt you.


Some people have talked about a certain quality of her voice or about the strength of her songwriting but Vanessa Hanson’s greatest strength is something else, something darker. There is intensity to her music, balanced by a delicate kind of beauty, but it’s her internal chaos, an organic otherworldly irreverence that breaks through our consciousness and drops the floor for us in the silence. At her heart there is something bestial, a feral, psychedelic power that speaks through her. We’re never quite sure, but she’s the bridge.


Vanessa as recorded and released music as Antler, Ptarmigan, Vanessa Hanson and The Unsung.

She is releasing her debut tape as Vanessa's Entire Heart July 16th at The Press Club in Toronto.

Set List

Set lengths vary depending on the circumstances and requirements of the show.
Here is a typical set lists for a three act show at a Toronto venue (approx. 30min)
2-Hilton Falls
4-Apple Heart
7-Hold On My Heart
8-Not Being Your Star

All songs are by me.