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Written By: Vanessa Liftig

Step into the limelight boy
into the limelight boy
get the others and step into oh
into the limelight boy

verse 1:
You live twise as fast as you mean to
you aint no photofobic-
time to step into
fermilliar with the burn, well somethings on fire
this time it´s you, you know what you gotta do
Coming up north, gotta move, gotta keep it warm and the way that you´ll be moving soon them babys´ll be born
Up next the conservatives time to reform, if you know what I mean
You´re the jack with the bean, alright now..


verse 2:
Loosen my joints, bring my back down low
Moove it fast, moove it faster then you moove it real slow
Got you on your knees like my name was Monroe
You bet you´d be grounded if your parents ever know...
Girls lean back and watch em´
Aint you glad we caught em´
Make them moove their bottom
Say moove for your woman boy moove...


Say moove for your woman boy move...repeated