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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2006

Los Angeles, California, United States
Established on Jan, 2006
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Searching for some new trance artists to take your musical experience to the next level in 2019? We’ve got you covered!
With the trance genre flourishing across the globe, it is easy to get wrapped up in the who’s who of the industry, focusing on established fan favorites as we chase the genre we love. While we all have our favorite’s, every once in a while it feels good to shake things up and explore new beats from artists that may have not been on our radar.

These are the tastemakers that will bring the genre into the future, bringing new flavors of sound to the table and reinvigorating our passion for the music that hits deep into our soul. To honor the up and comers that we feel will one day headline our favorite events, we have put together a list of artists that you are not going to want to sleep on. Did we miss someone? Let us know who you have your eyes on in the comment section!

Six Trance Artists to Watch in 2019

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Vlind may not be a name too familiar for many. Producing music since the early 2010s, the Mexican trance producer Juan Francisco Rendon, aka Vlind, continues to impress. Last year saw him step up his production game yet again with major releases on labels such as Outburst, Grotesque Fusion, Aerys Records, and Pharmacy Plus. The year prior included Perfecto, Black Hole Recordings, Who’s Afraid of 138?!, and more.

So why do we see Vlind taking off in 2019? To us, his productions are hitting the pulse of trance really well right now, and Vlind picked up his gig count last year. In fact, we won’t be surprised to see Dreamstate tap on Vlind’s talents again somewhere in the coming year as he played Dreamstate Mexico in 2017. Having rubbed shoulders with the who’s who of trance’s elite – Solarstone, Bryan Kearney, John Askew, Sean Tyas, and Mark Sherry to name a few – Vlind has the pedigree behind him to jump into the beyond and capture the spirit of 2019 with is blend of progressive, techno, and tech-trance styles.

The Stupid Experts Press 2018

The Stupid Experts
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After a momentous year on the trance circuit – including a performance at the incredible Luminosity festival in The Netherlands – The Stupid Experts are poised to shatter the glass ceiling and rise into trance’s elite. Made up of two gents from the Scottish Borders – Ally Brown and Dave Walker – who now reside in England, The Stupid Experts shook the foundations of the trance circuit with forward-thinking, deep, moody sounds that return the genre to an emotional position it lost years ago.

With releases on Pure Progressive, FSOE UV, FSOE Parallels, J00F Recordings, and Colorize, the duo’s sound clearly resonates with crowds who enjoy a bit more width to their sonic journey. Characterize the tracks as something groove laden with a darker atmosphere that captivates the mind for a sonic journey and you’ll find tons to love.

What could make 2019 even greater for Dave & Ally? Further catapulting their sound and style forward while sharing their hearts with the world. Whether it’s a cheeky bootleg like “Beachball” or an emotional new piece like “Alaya” or “For Alice,” it remains clear these two are not stupid when it comes to their musical talents.

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Hailing from London, Farius is a classically trained musician with a passion for delivering melodically driven progressive trance music. It all began for him in 2016 with his debut “London Sunrise“. Instantly he would turn the heads of some of the biggest players in the game including Above & Beyond (he was even invited to guest mix Group Therapy 261), Armin van Buuren, Markus Schulz, Ferry Corsten, and Paul van Dyk. In 2017 Farius would continue to rise, grabbing his very first Beatport Trance Top 10 spot with “Echo Chamber” released on Zerothree, a label that continues to sign off on his present studio productions.

The last two years have been a sweeping success for this dark horse, collecting accomplishments under Anjunabeats, Armada, and Vandit, all the while showing off his versatile musical abilities behind the decks at iconic venues such as The Gallery at Ministry of Sound and Concorde 2 in Brighton. But it doesn’t stop there. This past year, Farius took the job as the resident host for the bi-weekly series REALPROG Radio, using the platform to spread his beloved progressive sounds all across the globe.

With 2019 gearing up, Farius has landed some impressive live shows in Europe, the United States, and beyond, priming him to steal the hearts of trance/progressive fans and secure his spot as an artist to watch. In fact, he has already been hailed as one of the UK’s most exciting progressive talents in years, delivering music that creates special shared moments on the dance floor. With sweeping melodies that sit suspended over driving basslines full of weight, Farius knows just what we need to keep our emotions locked into each and every heavenly beat.

Sentinel 7

Sentinel 7
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Sentinel 7 is an American Psytrance producer from Denver, Colorado and from the looks of it, he may just be the next big act to hit the industry! Moving away from his 2015 uplifting/tech Tangle alias, the psy driven Sentinel 7 would come to fruition in 2017. Soon, he would begin to collect some massive affiliations that include United Beats Records, Dreamstate Records, Degenerate Records, Pharmacy Music, and Psytribe, all the while killing it on the production front. But what makes this artist any different from the talent currently dominating the industry? I am glad you asked!

We made this pick due to his innate ability to bond the trippy rhythm of psy with memorable stylistic detail. From the bizarre rising twist of “Clown Town” to the gritty alienistic flair of “Carbonize” to the beautiful ebb and flow of “Katana“, Sentinel 7 pulls out all the stops when it comes to delivering music with a little something extra special. In a world dominated by tracks that seem to churn out from a dance music factory, you can tell that Sentinel 7 takes his time in crafting the perfect tunes to set the dance floor on fire.

Seeing him for the very first time at Dreamstate SoCal 2018, it was clear that he is truly something special. With Dreamstate adding a supreme notch on his belt of achievements, Sentinel 7 has been making his mark on some very special events across the country that include Khromata Nights, Impulse Campout, Decadence, EDC Las Vegas, and Sacred Earth Festival, just to name a recent few. So keep your ears plated firmly on this one because he is an artist that you have to see live and in action!

Ganesh at Dreamstate SoCal
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Who doesn’t love a great comeback story? We do, which is one reason we are diggin’ Ganesh and his music. The Portland-based artist first sharpened his chops in the underground LA scene. In the late 90s and early 2000s, Ganesh was a formidable DJ, heating up the local venues with his hard sounds. He has a penchant for the harder styles and at the time dabbled in the UK hard house and Nu-NRG sounds. After years in the scene, Ganesh took some time off to focus on his family and now he has come back better than ever!

2018 was a massive year for Ganesh as he has graced the stage of multiple multi-genre and trance-focused events. We’ve heard him play anything from psy to hard and a bit of acid trance at massives such as EDC Las Vegas, Dreamstate SF, and Dreamstate SoCal. It is clear that he has not forgotten his root as we have seen him play at local venues such as Academy LA, Intricacy at Garage Gallery and The Underground in Seattle.

Why exactly do we think that 2019 will be his year? He’s already started the year off spectacularly with a biweekly radio show called “Infectious Radio” on Ascension.FM and a spot on the lineups for Beyond Wonderland SoCal and EDC Mexico. If that wasn’t enough, we are predicting that 2019 will see a resurgence in hard trance, and since Ganesh has been one of the key players in that scene over the past few years, we know he will be on top when the masses flock to that style!

Vangar at Avalon

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Vanessa “Vangar” Garcia is a mainstay in the Los Angeles scene. This classically trained artist has played at venues such as Exchange LA and graced the mainstage of Avalon Hollywood. She is also very active in the local scene with classic trance nights with Subterranean Dwellers, Framed Entertainment and more!

Vangar first explored the underground scene in 2006 and was inspired by the parallels between her classical training and electronic music. She burst onto the scene as a solo act in 2006 and the rest was history. Though she had a stint as a duo with a hardstyle artist, she has mainly remained steadfast as a solo artist with love for 140 BPM.

2019 will see the LA artist reaching new heights! Not one to wait for the lineup opportunities to come to her, she often creates her own headlining experiences through her Sensory Sessions events. After attending a few solo and collaborative Sensory Session events last year, we would definitely attend more as each one brought great energy, crowds and visuals. Similarly to Ganesh, Vangar will also be hosting a radio show as she will be bringing her, “Sensory Sessions” to This year a Sensory Sessions takeover at ExchangeLA is already planned and we can’t wait to hear what other events are in store for Vangar in 2019! - EDM IDENTITY

"Interview With Vangar – Specializing In Hard-Hitting 140BPM Trance!"

Vangar is among the fastest rising young talents in the trance scene today. Specializing in hard-hitting 140 trance, this Los Angeles native is a skillful crowd-mover most known for her relentless bass lines. Her most ardent fans may know her as Vanessa Garcia, but most will know her for her Sensory Sessions podcast. She is usually soft-spoken and forever five-feet tall, but despite her small package, her sound is sized for the massives. She likes to tell the story of that audience member who approached her after a show one night, only to realize that, “Oh, wow, you’re a girl!” – which goes to show how hard she can bring it, harder than most of the boys.

Give me the run down on how you got into electronic dance music / trance music and becoming a DJ/Producer.

I use to listen to dance music as a kid but got heavily into it right out of high school. A friend of mine invited me to an event in 2006 and after attending so many after that, I learned so much about the culture I was hooked. I started wanting to dig deep into the music. I started searching more about the artist and different genres. I discovered trance from local heroes like DJ Thee-O, Kristina Sky, Rj Van Xetten also known as X-Phactor and DJ Anthrea to name a few. From there I formed friendships with most local artists to get some background in the music culture and how I could get the knowledge to becoming a DJ/Producer. I even promoted for events to support to the scene. In the meantime, I practiced djing and built my music collection over the years which help be find my sound.

You have a few productions already! Who are some of your influences?

Starting out the dj/producers that got me hooked into trance were Ferry Corsten, Sean Tyas, John O’Callagan, Bryan Kearney, Simon Patterson, Roger Shah, Thomas Bronzwaer to name a few. Other artists that continue to influence me today are Triceradrops, Maria Healy, Orla Feeney, Kristina Sky, Shugz, Allan Morrow, Liam Wilson, David Rust and the list goes on so many to name.
Tell me about the remix competition you entered for Sean Tyas’s Track “Matter of Time”.

As you know Sean Tyas is one of my biggest influences so getting a chance to remixing one his track is a huge deal to me. When I saw the announcement I immediately jump to it. I saw the post a bit late so I only had about 4 days to really work on it. I downloaded the stems and went straight to work on it. The excitement of working on that remix gave me all the energy I needed to get it done in time. With very little sleep I cranked it out in those 4 days. Even though I didn’t win the competition, it was the best experience. I got to see myself pull through a crazy deadline and actually produce a full track in that time. I loved every moment of it. It’s my best work to date. So my pretty proud of the outcome.

Where can we see you play next?

My next gig is actually a big one for me, a milestone in fact. I’ll be making my debut on the mainstage of Avalon in Hollywood on Aug. 4th opening up for Damaged Night with Jordan Suckley and Sam Jones.

Finally we are starting to see more females getting noticed & booked at events. I always supported and tried to push event planners to give them a chance. Honestly, some of them who I know throw down better sets then the top names in the scene :). What are three things that could help the scene move forward in this direction?

Yes, it’s very exciting to always see females, any chance I get I support as well. It’s one of the reasons why I started hosting events. Instead of asking promoter to book, I started booking myself.

1. Invite the idea! The most important thing we need to do is to push and inspire other women to believe that there is a chance to be in the industry. I know the interest is out there. We need to set the motion to invite the idea to get women to follow in their dreams too.

2. Support, support, and support! If you see a female artist out there doing great things then support them as much as you can. Sadly we need that extra push!

3. End the stigma! Give women a chance, we need to learn from the techno scene haha. So many great women in techno. We can have that in Trance too - Mr. Trancemovement


Still working on that hot first release.



Vangar is among the fastest rising young talents in the trance scene today. Specializing in hard-hitting 140 trance, this Los Angeles native is a skillful crowd-mover most known for her relentless bass lines. Her most ardent fans may know her as Vanessa Garcia, but most will know her for her Sensory Sessions podcast. She is usually soft-spoken and forever five-feet tall, but despite her small package, her sound is sized for the massives. She likes to tell the story of that audience member who approached her after a show one night, only to realize that, “Oh, wow, you’re a girl!” – which goes to show how hard she can bring it, harder than most of the boys.

But key to her success, in addition to her impeccable taste and powerful style, will be her extensive training in classical music. Foundation came early for Vangar when at age eight, she excitedly demonstrated her natural skills on, as her parents recall, any instrument she could get her hands on. Formal lessons soon followed with the violin when she joined the school orchestra. It was there, through the chills she’d get from all the instruments being played together, that her lifelong passion for music was born.

It wasn’t actually until 2006 that Vangar had even discovered dance music. Finding herself at her very first underground party, she was quickly taken by the sounds of “EDM” and drew immediate parallels to her orchestral background. It soon became clear that simply attending these parties and watching these DJ’s spreading good vibes with their music wasn’t enough. She needed to become a part of it somehow…

And so she began her mission to explore the art of DJ-ing. Vangar dedicated herself to countless hours of studying genres and honing her craft, and over the course of a year, managed to assemble a respectable collection of trance, hard dance, and hard techno. In May of 2009, she landed her very first gig at Abstrakt Desert, which became a major turning point in her life. Bringing the enormous crowd to their feet was reward enough, let alone all the new fans thanking her for a killer night. But the true reward was that she had found her calling that night – to bring people together with music. If there was a question about it before, there was none after.

From that point on, Vangar was on her way to becoming one of those DJ’s she admired so much. In 2011, Vangar diversified her act profile when she befriended fellow SoCal native Hardstyle Informer and the two fused their compatible styles into a duo act known as The Machines. Under that outfit, Vangar has played with the likes of Arnej, Lange, Alex M.O.R.P.H., Norin & Rad, Andy Whitby, S3rl, Klubfiller, Darren Styles, Dan Stone, Johnny Yono, and Mr. Pit.

In 2013, Vangar sought to expand her technical knowledge of audio engineering by enrolling at Citrus College’s degree program. In 2015, after graduation, Vangar resumed her focus as a solo act, both as a producer in the studio as well as a DJ in front of a crowd. Today, she looks ahead at her busy calendar, eager to add to a long list of venues that includes Exchange LA, Avalon, Circus Disco, Heat Ultra Lounge, Florentine Gardens, Belasco, The Complex, The Lexington Bar, The KT Bar, and The Cave. Having recently performed alongside Astrix, Mark Sherry, Orla Feeney, Kristina Sky, Origin, and Aizen, Vangar is quickly gaining recognition throughout the scene.

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