Wooster, Ohio, USA
BandRockHip Hop

VanGard is a beat and bass driven mix of rock and rap music. Our lyrics focus on not conforming to the ways of the world and living our lives for God.


The basement lights went on and the moisture from cracked walls hit the faces of three brothers. Starting out with an old mixer and one blown speaker, VanGard started to create music. Moving from the basement in a matter of months the Kaufman brothers went on to win a large talent contest at Mount Vernon Nazarene University. Now VanGard is lining up concerts, preparing for the release of their debut album, and are looking forward to an exciting future.


Give Up Ur Life

Set List

Intro Song
Wide Eyed
Heaven Bound (Cover)
Give Up Ur Life
Drugs + Sex

Sets- 1
Typical Show Length- 25 minutes

Covers- Heavenbound by Dc Talk (1989)