Hamden, Connecticut, USA
BandPopAdult Contemporary

EV3: a melodic yet funky blend of rock, folk and eastern fusion with tight, well constructed songs, featuring extended live jam potential. Showcasing Vange Durst's jamfunk guitar playing, her blusey voice, & Michael Kurjan's textured keys, as Deb Piccolo's drums rock, & Kim Hoffman's violin soars!


Vange and Michael have been writing and performing music together for over 15 years, and have released 4 full length CD's. Vange has played with and opened for Annie Lennox, Maceo Parker, the Pointer Sisters, Debbie Davies and many others.
As a founding member of the popular East Coast band Sisterfunk, Vange toured nationally and internationally for 5 years, playing festivals and gigs
and winning the Hartford Advocate's Guitarist of the year award in 2005. Since leaving Sisterfunk, Vange formed the Evangeline Trio in 2006 with Michael and Deb Piccolo. The name morphed into EV3 and the trio started work on their CD "My Soul", writing and arranging tunes. Michael Kurjan is a Door's influenced Keyboard player who manages to play Bass and Keyboard and sound great at both! He loves to create mood jams and is very versatile and creative. Deb Piccolo was the drummer and co-founder of Swivel Hips, a very popular Connecticut band, and is an "in the pocket" , solid player with a great ear.
Recently the trio has included the very talented Kim Hoffman on Violin and Vocals, and she is a great addition to the live shows.
Vange, Michael and Deb have a great live sound and feel, and can jump from originals to covers without missing a beat. Their recently released CD, My Soul, has a mix of great jam rock and folk funk, and this is a band to watch and listen out for!


My Soul

Written By: Vange Durst

When you look at me
I see cold, cold heart
Set me free
When you talk to me
I see words on top and nothing underneath
Words on top and nothing underneath

When you look at me
I see all the pain buried down so deep
When you look at me
I see the child that died and was tossed out to sea
No don't be sad to look at me

My Soul, My Soul (10 times)
My Love, My Love (10 times)

Spread the Love

Written By: Vange Durst

How can you have a problem with me
When all I want is some integrity
How can I be a threat to your life
When all I want is my civil rights

That's why I'm singin’

Spread the Love (4x)
Cuz you know
Love makes a family (4x)

You know I got a reason to smile
I'm out I'm proud and I'm livin’ the life
You know you, you're just like me
You live, you love, you work, you raise a family

(Repeat chorus)


Written By: Vange Durst

Gonna let my love shine on
Bring it up
Bring it on
Let your heat go on and on
Let your lips sing my song

Close the door
Draw the shades
Let my eyes light your way
Your love so deep inside
Let me take you for this ride

Let your love

Laissez l'amour vivant
Dans le couer si vibrant
Tu vois m'esprit joyeux
C'est le meme pour toi toujour

Quand tu vien dans ma chambre
Je sens si incroyable
Chaque jour nous sommes ici
Sur la mer d'ecstasy

Let your love

Takes What It Takes

Written By: Vange Durst

And it takes what it takes
And it takes what it takes
And it takes what it takes
To give true love away

We had a love
It wasn't perfect, but it was enough
To heal the places
We couldn't heal before
And we had a love
That sometimes pushed
Pushed too hard
Pushed until we
Worked, worked the process through
And I still love you
I still love you
It's different now
But still it's true
No one can ever take
What we went through away
Cause I made you strong
And you made me safe
And it takes what it takes

(repeat chorus)

Light Come Down

Written By: Vange Durst

And did you see the light come down
And cover the greying dawn
As the passing hours move
Into another day
Can there be another way
To be in this amazing place
Not to be afraid
Not to hold on to the darkness inside

And I wanna get it right this time
Just want a little peace of mind
Just a little bit of D-Vine
In this gift we call today

And can I bring you home with me tonight
Can I hold you close
In my arms
Feeling the beat of your heart
Drumming like a rumba
Dancing round me into you
All the ways and wonders of love
Give them to me ....(coda above)

(Repeat 1st verse/chorus)

Love Is

Written By: Vange Durst

Can you feel it
All around the world
Can you feel it
When you hold your girl
Can you see it
Light as day
Can you take it
When it comes your way
And I say

Love is
All around you
And love is
Everything you do
And love is
Not watching the news
And love is when you sing the blues

Sometimes you wait for days
For an idea of the right thing to do
As you feel the pressure on the sense is gone
And you gotta do what you gotta do

Truth inside
It's more that just your foolish pride
Truth inside
It's the authentic you

Can you feel it......(repeat chorus)

And I heard of a way to make it better today
To get out the blues
You walk the walk talk the talk honey
‘Til you make it through

Truth inside... (repeat into chorus)

Save Me Now

Written By: Vange Durst

And I wanna run free with my heart on my sleeve
Opening the place that's been in hiding
Letting go of the past and the black and white
To live in the essence of now alright

Save me now
Won't you save me from myself

And I wanna get the time and the flow just right
Ever again and always in sight
Every day is another one time over
Another magic moment, magic moment gone

Save me now
Won't you save me from myself

You say you're gonna save me now
Gonna come down and save me from my past
You say you're gonna save me now........
Oh well, I guess I'm gonna
Gonna have to save myself

And I wanna dive into you
Take away the bad, bad man
I wanna sweeten that hurtin’ heart
Like only love candy, love candy can

(Repeat chorus)

Om Guru

Written By: Evangeline Durst/Michael Kurjan

Om Guru Om Guru
Deva Deva
Aja ki jai
Ananda ki jai


1995: Bering Strait (Vange and Michael)
1998: Sister Brother: "Alchemy" (Vange and Michael)
2000: Sister Brother: "Walking Miracle" (Vange and Michael)
2000: Swivel Hips: "Swivelicious" (Deb with Swivel Hips)
2001: Sisterfunk: "Pursuit of the Groove" (Vange with Sisterfunk)
2003: Sisterfunk: "Girl" (Vange with Sisterfunk)
2008: EV3: "My Soul"
Radio play:
WNHU: Wild Women Radio- 88.7fm
WPKN : Amazon Radio- 89.5

Set List

EV3 has about 100 tunes that we can play right off the bat, and we can do alot more if we have charts!
We have about 50 cover tunes; a sample being..

Take Me to the River
Knock on Wood
Me and Bobby Mcgee
Gimme Some Lovin
Let's get it on
Come to my Window
Ain't no Sunshine When She's Gone
Because the Night
Miss You
I Shot the Sheriff
Mustang Sally

A mixed cover and original set might be:

Gimme Some Lovin
Slip Away (Original)
Come to my Window
Alchemy (Original)
I Shot the Sheriff
Sisters are Doin it for Themselves
Come on Home (Original)
Can't let Go
Here Comes the Rain Again
Mustang Sally
Take me to the River

We have about 5 sets of music, and our sets run from 50 minutes to one hour.