Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA

Brave, eccentric and chemically unstable- Vangough is a sunrise of melodic cocaine for your ears.


Oklahoma City based powerhouse VANGOUGH may be named after a post-impressionistic artist, come from a conservative bastion of the U.S. and draw inspiration from a variety of exotic musical styles; yet driven by the explosive, cutting edge vision of guitarist and lead vocalist Clay Withrow, the band's incisive and infectious songs and intense energy requires adjectives far beyond words that describe mainstream artists. So here's an opening attempt: committed to drawing listeners into their melodies before totally upending the tea table, they spit fiery madness by drenching your ears with a purple sunrise of melodic cocaine.

Originally formed around Withrow's well-received 2007 solo debut and evolving over two albums, Vangough - whose current killer lineup includes drummer Kyle Haws and bassist Jeren Martin - combines the groovy attitude of southern metal stalwarts and the quirkiness of contemporary art rock with melodies and textures inspired by music from all over the world. Their often times vintage sound harkens back to the forebearers of progressive rock, giving them a slightly retro feel while retaining the freshness of a forward thinking contemporary band.

With their newly completed second album, the grandiose "Kingdom of Ruin", VANGOUGH have taken their conceptual visions another step ahead. The story of The Rabbit Kingdom is about a man who is stepping through the veil of two realities. One of his human life and the other a land where rabbits rule in an idyllic forest kingdom. Receiving a platitude of critical acclaim including "Best of 2011" from Unprogged and perfect scores from a variety of publications, "Kingdom of Ruin" has become an important landmark on the current music scene and a staple for future progressive bands.



Written By: Clay Withrow

Hello good morning stranger
Have we ever met you look familiar
Do you recognize my face or
Did I dream we met in some cosmic cafe?
Give me wings help me fly far away
Into dreams where I am not afraid
We can live in the sky high above
Pain and loss where it all floats away.
Can we not hope for peace during war?
Is there love shining through anymore?
Let us hold what we find dear in life
Shafts of light warm our hearts as time moves on...

Help me find you again. I need your light. Your light!

I need some honesty.

Come here son I'm your friend till the end. All these years I was here standing by but you left in the blink of an eye leaving me all alone in this home.

Show me you understand.
I need some guidance tonight.
I feel your honesty.
We know your tragedy shines through the dark into the morning light.
Show us your willing to break through the bonds that keep our hearts apart!


Written By: Clay Withrow

Turn my eyes I can live without the shame
I can see who is to blame
Tell me who will suffer
Faced with choices and held to suffer
I run for shelter but find you waiting

Take my courage, test my limits
Set my fire and burn me under

Held without a doubt, judged on your behalf!
I won’t judge you, but you will judge me!
How could you say, how could you know!
I would dare to speak, cause such suffering?

Drained of all my wanting to give back to you
My faith is gone I’ve suffered too long in your kingdom
Games you’ve played have left me drained and all I’ve gained
Is another song about my pain and suffering

Father see me and forgive me please
Did I falter did I not get on my knees?
Forced to live with all your corruption
Sacrificing till your will is done

Held without a doubt, judged on your behalf
I won’t judge you, but you will judge me!
Should I just feel your shame
Or should you face this blame?

I see so clearly your hypocrisy
Time relentless time is all left behind

Drained of all my wanting to
Bring the world to you

Choke Faint Drown

Written By: Clay Withrow

I’ve seen loved ones held underwater
See the store lights fade from her eyesight

Breathe my love and swim to dreams
Dry your tears away and leave this pain

See the store lights turn to star lights
Through her eyes as waters rise
Hear my calling from beyond the light into the light!
Underwater I can see her face!
I will make her feel your pain!

choke, faint, drown- die!
An eye for an eye!

Watching you has made me see
What hate can breed so perfectly

Dark minds feed – I can see the hate within you
Run, hide, die – I will be the hate that kills you
I will be the light that heals you
I will try!

Now she is gone!


Manikin Parade - Album - 2009
Kingdom of Ruin - Album - 2011
Acoustic Scars - EP - 2012
Untitled - Album - 2013