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Vanilla Presley

Austin, Texas, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012

Austin, Texas, United States
Established on Jan, 2012
Duo Comedy Hip Hop




"ASF Hot Seat: Vanilla Presley"

Vanilla Presley is the comedy hip hop duo of stand-ups Patrick Sirois and Lane Krarup. For those with a pretty low tolerance for bad comedy rap, rest easy, VP not only bring the microphone thunder but also the hilarity. At their show on Wednesday, not only will Vanilla Presley open the show with a performance, they’l be coming back on after Tastemakers and freestyling a rap based on Tastemakers’ set. Pretty sweet. We got Lane Krarup to answer some questions.

You guys are both seasoned stand-ups. Were there any nerves when you took the stage to rap?

Lane Krarup: We both actually started rapping before we did stand up. We found our time doing stand up has really helped our rap performance in terms of timing and presence. We’d encourage all stand-ups to rap, but for their safety, never to challenge us.

What is your writing process?

Lane: We’ll pick a topic that is funny and interesting to us, and see if it is broad enough to write an entire song about. Then we’ll write down everything we can think of about it, come up with a funny angle, and hammer away at it until we’ve got something that’s catchy and funny.

What can we expect from your ASF show?

Lane: A show that is entertaining, musical, and funny. If you come to see us you’ll get to see those three things and nothing else!

What are you looking forward to about austin sketch fest?

Lane: We’re really looking forward to freestyle rapping about the performances that are a part of the show we’re on. Our favorite thing is to rap on the spot about something that’s happening in the moment.

Vanilla Presley will be performing with the Tastemakers and Vanessa Gonzalez’s “I Don’t Know Words” on Wednesday, May 21st, 8:30pm at ColdTowne Theater. BUY TICKETS HERE - Austin Sketch Fest

"Vanilla Presley Competes With ROT Rally this Friday"

Comedy Rap in Austin
Lane Krarup loves rap music. So much so, that when he started performing at Charlie Hodge’s Monkeyshine Monday Showcase, he asked Charlie if it was cool if he used the band, Sweat and Lotion, to play some beats as he rapped. Of course Charlie said it was cool.

The next thing anyone knew, Monkeyshine Monday was playing host to the occasional Comedy Rap Battle. Comedic rappers like Ryan Cownie, and Pat Sirois came together and competed for the crown of Comedy Rap Champion. More often than not, Lane Krarup walked away with the title.

Lane eventually teamed up with Pat Sirois to form the comedy rap duo, Vanilla Presley. “We work well together,” Lane told me over the phone, “Pat came up with the name and design for our logo. He’s also good at writing lines and conceptualizing. I come in with my freestyle skill and the ability to refine the idea that Pat came up with.”

Lane Krarup and The New Movement Theater

The Wisconsin native has been dabbling in freestyle rap since the tender age of 14. Four years ago, he made the epic move to Austin, after a brief stop in Dallas, and launched his comedy career. A year and a half ago Lane started hosting a show for Chris Trew called The Never Ending Comedy Contest at the New Movement Theater. The success of the Never Ending Comedy Contest, along with the growth and popularity of comedy rap battles, lead Lane to start the Comedian Rap Battle showcase at the New Movement Theater.

This Friday, at 10:30, Vanilla Presley will be putting on an intimate show called Vanilla Presley: A Night to Remember at the New Movement Theater. The event blends stand-up comedy, rap, and a dash of improv. Assisting Lane and Pat in the hi-jinks are Kat Ramzinski, John Buseman, and Rob Gagnon(who is pulling hosting duty).

Though Rob Gagnon is hosting, that doesn’t mean he won’t be joining in on the action. In fact, rumor has it that his alter ego “Glen Gibson Christian Comic” will be making an appearance. He is also planned to be in a skit with John Buseman as they take direction from Vanilla Presley.

I know what you’re thinking; this show involves a lot or rap performed by comedians. I can guarantee you, it will be good. How do I know? I have personally seen Vanilla Presley perform. I have heard Lane Krarup leave the competition in the dust at Monkeyshine Monday, and I have heard Kat Ramzinski destroy a room with her standup. Rob Gagnon and John Buseman are no slouches either. Both have been featured at Moontower Comedy Festival and in showcases around town. - Comedy Wham


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Vanilla Presley is a comedic rap duo comprised of Austin, TX stand up comics- Pat Sirois and Lane Krarup. Both began their creative pursuits in rapping well before they began telling jokes on stage. When fellow comedian Bob Khosravi asked for a song to go with his monthly themed story telling show, The Mission- they realized they could combine the two genres, forming the celebrated rap duo Vanilla Presley, as it is known today. With a catalog of songs ranging from King Kong and Godzilla falling in love to the strange world of sex dreams, Vanilla Presley combines  hilarious concepts with  polished, well-crafted raps. Whether you're listening for a good laugh or a good rap, VP is sure to satisfy.

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