Vanished Clan

Vanished Clan

 Austin, Texas, USA

There are things in life that go beyond the unusual, past the expected, and far above what is thought possible by tangible objects; when events like this occur... be prepared.


"Extravagantly laced with awesome and glittered with intensity, Vanished Clan surpasses all preceding notions and beliefs to properly justify themselves as not just a band, but also an experience."

The extreme melodic compositions of guitarist Jesse Berkowitz, truly bring the tunes to life and take the listener into a whole other world. From beginning to end, there is not only a journey taking place, but combined with drastic dynamics, and cunning musicianship, the end product is a maximum sensory blowout. When new addition Giuseppe Ponti enters the picture, he brings along a hefty, distorted, low end, to top things off nice and groove with the drums; which introduces drummer/percussionist mastermind, Marc Henry. Enthralled by these new tunes, Marc jumped into the project eager to add a completely new layer to the already amazing compositions. Together they cranked out tunes on an entirely different level, and began to develop a writing style of their own, as a band. As the group became more relaxed in writing, and performing together, it became most evident in their tremendous live performance.

With the release of their first EP in Spring of 2011, a collection of their newest goodies, Vanished Clan continues to grow as musicians, artists, and people.