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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Madison, WI based-group Vanishing Kids has scooped up the 80's revival ball and delivered a slam dunk."

On its latest disc, "The Selfish Mirror" (Failed Experiment Records), the quartet presents a wash of distortion, synths and hypnotic vocalizing that recalls such 80's ground-breakers as The Cure, Killing Joke and The Cocteau Twins (not coincidentally, the disc was produced by Martin Atkins PIL, Killing Joke fame to name a few.)But it isn't back-catalog referencing for these cheeseheads. The group's original songwriting manages a delicate balance of goth, post-punk and pop that can be attributed to its years of gig-playing and rehearsals more than to any limey in pancake make-up. - The Art Voice

"The Vanishing Kids"

"Martin Atkins captured the group at their most accessible, and gave The Selfish Mirror a full, polished sound by layering vocals and playing up vocal harmonies. The album is eual parts despair and synthesized beauty, making The Cure's Disintegration an obvious point of comparison, although its sound also owes much to Cocteau Twins' moody dream-pop and My Bloody Valentine's lush shoegaze. But more so than their influences, all three vocalists' personalities shine through." - Core Weekly

"Vanishing Kids go retro"

"Their songs are a pastiche of well-chosen influences, from The Cure and The Smiths to The Pixies and Cocteau Twins, yet the retro slant never seems forced or affected." - The Isthmus

"Vanishing Kids"

"Vanishing Kids rock it. They're tight recorded, they're tight live, and they house my new favorite guitar idol ever, Nikki Drohomyreky, who plays odd, dark note progressions, with skill and ease. The quartet is surprising, because they play familiar sound--murky, thick, and deceptively elaborate, goth-ISH rock with spikes--yet their actual melodies are unpredictable. And, you know, they have this on-stage presence--aloof; not pretentious, but worldly."

- Portland Mercury


'The Selfish Mirror"(2005) produced by Martin Atkins(PIL, Killing Joke, Nine inch Nails, Ministry) engineered by Steven Seibold(Berlin, Information Society, Damage Manual). Released by Failed Experiment Records out of Chicago, IL and nationally distributed by Rykodisc.
'Invisible Home EP'(2003) Self released 3 song ep on cd and limited edition 12 inch vinyl split with Three Bags Full.
'Rest the glove that wears you down..'(2003)Self released full length cd recorded @ Jackpot! Studios-engineered/produced by Larry Crane(Tape Op, Elliot Smith, Sleater Kinney, Cat Power, Stephen Malkmus)
'Vanishing Kids' (2002) Self released, self-titled 7 inch vinyl record.


Feeling a bit camera shy


Tidal waves of distortion, feedback, and delay, colliding into crashing drums and thunderous bass lines -Vanishing Kids are a force to be experienced. Intricate to dreamy guitars, dancey synth hooks and interweaving male/female voices can also describe their unique sound . VK is influenced by 80's new wave, 90's shoegaze, post punk, metal, dance, new age, cabaret, and goth music. Thematically vanishing kids comes from the idea of fleeting youth and painting your own picture.
Vanishing Kids formed in the summer of 2000 when Nikki Drohomyreky and Jason Hartman discovered an excitement for one another's artistic ideas. They quickly recorded a three song ep in Madison, WI and headed west to Portland, Oregon. VK spent three hardworking years in Portland, playing lots of shows, and self releasing several works including: A 7" record and full length CD, "Rest the Glove that Wears you Down" both recorded @ Jackpot! Studios by Larry Crane (Elliot Smith, Sleater Kinney, Stephen Malkmus, Tape Op Magazine). They also recorded 3 songs that has been released as a 12" split record ("invisible home ep") with Madison underground treasure, 'Three Bags Full' on the flipside.
Currently VK has relocated back to Madison, WI, and the group is composed of Nikki Drohomyreky (vocals, guitar, bass, keys) Jason Hartman (vocals, guitar, bass, keys) Travis Marks (bass, keys, vocals) and Ben Farringer (drums). They've signed with Failed Experiment records out of Chicago, IL and have recently released, "The Selfish Mirror." The making of this record was the most artistically exciting yet, as it was produced and recorded by the infamous Martin Atkins (PIL, Killing Joke, Pigface, Ministry) and Steven Seibold (Hate Dept.,Information Society, Damage Manual, Berlin) at the Mattress Factory Studios in Chicago, IL. They have furiously been touring the nation ever since, and have begun production for their third full length release due out in the fall of 06'.