At times minimal, At times chaotic. We cut and paste and otherwise conjure the ghost of the South onto the popular brain.


Benjamin grows up playing gospel music for the dancingest folks in the bible belt. Nicholas grows up privy to the mysteries of sound and a trillion neurons. They meet on a giant snowball hurling through space whistling the first melody that random matter ever wrote. And all of the nuns agree. Vanity will incite you to question your existence, make love to the ugliest person you know, and sell all your earthly goods so that you may follow them.

Set List

Sets can last anywhere from 45 minutes to 3 hours depending on the venue. We have about 2 hours worth of original material and an inexhaustible reserve of other people's material from old gospel songs to jazz standards.

Our material:

One Tall Psyche
Get Home
Setting Sun
Get Out My Bed
He's a Cat
The Preacher's Girl
Might Long
Lovey Sinners
America the Ubiquitous
But I do
Burn Me Black